Pill Raises Chances of Cervical Cancer... Compared with Gardasil


Pill Raises Chances of Cervical Cancer... Compared with Gardasil

9 November 2007 at 9:38:20 AM

Have to talk about the ironies and discrepancies of female cancer articles. Readers know that I am against the vaccination of 12 year old girls with Merck's Gardasil, not for any religious reasons but because it looks like a big pharm kiss from Perry and others who have taken money from Merck. Merck, as I see in the news today, is going to have to pay $4.85 BILLION dollars for the lawsuits over painkiller Vioxx, so it isn't like Merck is some kind of humanitarian company.

But get this. Article talks about how taking birth control increases the risk of cervical cancer in woman.

International researchers reported Friday in the British medical journal The Lancet that women who took the pill for at least five years had nearly double the cervical cancer risk of women who had never taken the pill.

But that risk is small and outweighed by the fact that the pill reduces the threat of other forms of cancer, The Lancet report said.

Oh. So if it's BIRTH control we're talking about, the risk is small. But then, is a person DOOMED to cervical cancer? Nope.

But those same hormones can protect against other cancers such as ovarian and womb. And unlike cervical and breast cancer, there is no way to screen for ovarian or womb cancer.

"The small increases in risk for cervical and breast cancers are outweighed by reduced risks for ovarian and womb cancer," Green said in a statement.

Doctors said that as long as women are routinely screened for cervical cancer, the increased odds that come with the birth control pill should not cause concern. If detected early, cervical cancer is potentially curable.

Um. Wouldn't that be true also for 12 year old girls? In other words, is there something WRONG with cheap Pap tests for girls? Of course I know it's much more lucrative for Merck to sell gardasil and work with governments to make it mandatory.

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