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Who Made (Or is Still Making) the Decision Not to Clear Joelle Ogletree's Name?

7 November 2007 at 9:21:47 AM

Yesterday one of this blog's commenters asked who the principal of the Glen Rose High School was at the time that Ogletree was fired and another commenter said it was Harris; I'm assuming that is the Jeffrey Harris mentioned in this article from Tarleton in 2002. I wondered, also, who the vice-principal was, as well, since he was mentioned in the original article.

The vice principal who first investigated Ogletree is married to her former baby sitter. ...On Oct. 1, 2002, according to school investigation reports that are part of Ogletree's court records, a teacher who overheard students gossiping about Ogletree called the vice principal, who contacted the sheriff's deputy assigned to the school.

Who was that? Tommy Corcoran. Interesting to note that he has been sued before in the 249th district for a paddling incident in Alvarado School District. The article reference, from the FW Star-Telegram in 2000, has Corcoran as the vice-principal of the high school in that particular year.

In the suit filed in 249th state District Court in Cleburne on Tuesday, Joshua Watson and his parents seek an undetermined amount of money for damages and to cover ongoing medical treatment and mental and physical anguish since his paddling by then-Vice Principal Thomas Joseph Corcoran.

"As a result of defendant Corcoran's abusive and coercive assault with a wooden paddle on the plaintiff, Joshua Watson, Joshua suffered severe bruising and busted blood vessels about his buttocks and legs, pain and suffering, post- traumatic stress disorder, and extreme and severe physical and emotional distress."

The suit also names former Superintendent Benjamin Colwell and former Alvarado Intermediate Principal Joyce Evans as defendants because it says they were negligent in not properly training and supervising Corcoran.

I don't know what the upshot of that lawsuit was.

The superintendent of the school system at the time was John Bailey, who went to Katy School District in September 2005, and the job became Wayne Rotan's.

But in a taped school board meeting, Superintendent Wayne Rotan said he still believes Ogletree is guilty.

Wonder why that is? He wasn't even superintendent at the time. Wonder if he read the TEA report? It looks to me that he has only been at GRISD for the last year or so. He was in the Forsan school district for 8 years until 2004.

The 35-year-old West Texan is expecting to ink a deal with Barbers Hill ISD trustees on March 29 to replace the district's retiring superintendent, Dr. Tim Sonnenberg.

With a little less than two years of experience as a superintendent, Rotan was picked as the lone finalist out of a field of 40 candidates. He survived two rounds of cuts before the Barbers Hill ISD board chose him as the top pick.

But then he resigned from Barbers Hill in 2005, after what, about a year?.

Barbers Hill ISD Trustees Monday night hired former Liberty Interim Superintendent Dr. Hugh Hayes as their interim superintendent while they search for a replacement for Wayne Rotan, who submitted his resignation during that same meeting.

The Barbers Hill School Board has named Dr. Greg Poole as the lone finalist for the position of superintendent.  Dr. Poole, currently serves as an executive principal with the Caney Creek Schools.  He will succeed Wayne Rotan, who left in December to become Superintendent at Glen Rose. (April 2006)

The accusations happened in 2002. But Rotan didn't become superintendent here until at least December 2005/ or early 2006. One would think he would recuse himself from commenting on a situation he had no firsthand knowledge of.

He's not alone. "I believe the teacher put one over on us," says the Education Agency's Jones. "For the rest of my life, I'll be mad about it."

What the A-AS article failed to mention is that Jones was one of the two attorneys that tried to convict Ogletree in her TEA hearing... and lost. Not only does it seem irresponsible for him to be making these types of comments now but it smacks a bit of sour grapes, don't you think?

Who sits on the school board now? Marilyn Phillips, Mike Davis, Kelley Snodgrass, Wade Busch, Kevin Taylor, Tom Lounsberry and Brady Brown. I wonder why they upheld the decision from the superintendent not to allow Ogletree to volunteer, again, from a man who wasn't superintendent at the time and thus would have no firsthand knowledge of her guilt or innocence. And especially when, to go back to the A-AS article one more time, about that original criminal case.

Matt was the first to testify against Ogletree. Under questioning, though, his stories changed. Details about the alleged encounters were added, forgotten or altered.

The next morning, prosecutors suddenly asked the judge to end the trial, claiming that Ogletree's husband was intimidating Matt by glaring at him through the courtroom door as the boy testified. The judge agreed and declared a mistrial before Chayce could testify.

Beasley says prosecutors made the unusual request because their case was falling apart.

"The level of investigation I observed was comparable to what you would expect in a traffic ticket case," he says. "If anyone had stopped to investigate it even cursorily, they would have found (the charges) not to be true."

Three months later, all charges against Ogletree were quietly dropped. Johnston/Somervell County prosecutors did not return repeated phone calls about the case.


  • All charges were dropped in the case. Again, the DA in Johnson County not only did not refile to have the case brought again (as is done quite often with a mistrial) but DROPPED THE CHARGES.
  • The TEA said that the accusations from the boys were fabricated and gave her back her teaching license.

It's long past time for the school board to do the right thing.

Update: The school board meeting in which the Level II grievance was heard was on September 24th. Mike Davis wasn't there for the vote and Marilyn Phillips abstained, but the vote went 5-1 to deny her grievance. Would be interesting to see the minutes from that meeting.

P.S. From the Baytown Sun on May 2, 2006

With three positions up for grabs, some of the candidates vying for positions on the Barbers Hill school board are taking direct aim at the current board by saying some trustees are culpable for strained relations with administrators because of the board’s tendency to micromanage the district’s operations.

Rumors have swirled in the community that discord with the school board was the catalyst behind former superintendent Wayne Rotan’s decision to leave his post fewer than two years after accepting the job

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1 - SomervellSally   7 Nov 2007 @ 5:15:05 PM  Regardless if the lady was guilty or not of these awful allegations, the due process for her termination of employment DID NOT HAPPEN and she is entitled to some "due process" now in the way of at the very least the rest of that school year's salary ! Any other place in the secular/business world and you MUST be written up and documented properly to be laid off. The school is not exempt from treating a person fairly. IF INDEED she had been convicted, that is another matter on how much/how to terminate her employment etc........but INDEED she was not! And in either case.....school needs to cough up at least the remaining year's salary at the very least.
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2 - salon   8 Nov 2007 @ 11:38:52 AM  I'd also add that she no doubt has had to spend a truckload of money fighting this-seems like it continues to punish her if she isn't reimbursed in some fashion for court and attorney fees. That is, of course, besides a HUGE apology from each member of the school board AND the superintendent. Or those people who so lightly take other's reputations should be voted OFF the island.
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3 - whitkat   8 Dec 2007 @ 7:33:58 PM  not sure if this is just coincidence or bad karma, but the previous ad at grhs, now the suspended ad at brewer,


also had legal problems in alvarado before he came to gr.

guess lawyers have to get their mercedes payments from somewhere.

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4 - salon   9 Dec 2007 @ 12:39:31 AM  First, updated the code on the page last week and the comments are a little funky. tracking it down, ignore the odd stuff like little I's, something is stripping out the formatting, etc.
whats an ad
heres part of that was said in the article. "officials from the white settlement school district said they “may” comment on why a football coach was placed on administrative leave.

parents protested the district’s decision to suspend brewer high school coach mark cunningham at thursday’s school board meeting"

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
5 - salon   9 Dec 2007 @ 1:26:19 AM  More on that Mark Cunningham. http://startelegramsports.typepad.com/high_school_confidential/2007/12/index.html
The Brewer High School football coach had been placed on administrative leave last week. His team finished the season 1-9.

The district hired legal representation but took no other action, district spokesperson Desiree Coyle said. She said the hiring of the law firm, Feldman & Rogers LLP, was related to the discussion about Cunningham.

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6 - John Musca   12 Aug 2009 @ 9:08:28 AM  How do I reset my password? Thanks

7 - salon   12 Aug 2009 @ 9:32:18 AM 

Assuming you're registered-go to the login screen and choose "Forgot password". Otherwise, you can certainly post anonymously or with whatever name you choose, all such submissions are moderated waiting approval.

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