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1 - jmucci   28 Aug 2007 @ 1:26:56 PM  I would just like to say, good for Joelle! I wish her and her family the best. I can say, from growing up in GR, it's about time the school district and the town in general realize that there is justice and they can't just bully someone.

2 - salon   28 Aug 2007 @ 3:27:17 PM  I'm with you. Since it's been established that at least one of the kids involved wasn't telling the truth, another never testified under oath, and there were inconsistencies with the third, good for her for wanting to completely clear her name.
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3 - joe   28 Aug 2007 @ 5:51:35 PM  Well I think that if you fire someone you better have a damn good reason...and the word of 'a wilson from glen rose' isn't worth much these days. She was wronged and justice should prevail!
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4 - erathwomen   29 Aug 2007 @ 8:40:49 PM  I hope she takes them for everything they've got!  She should sue the kids, their parents, the school board, the principal, everyone.  Go Joelle!

5 - lshef   28 Oct 2007 @ 10:40:43 PM  I believe that by dragging the name of Glen Rose through the mud, and our excellent school district, she should never be rehired!
Really, get over it!
She is doing nothing but shaming our town at this point, 5 years later

6 - salon   29 Oct 2007 @ 8:47:07 AM 

So you don't believe that if people are wrongly accused and their name is dragged through the mud, they should have an opportunity, in court, to clear it? It's easy to say Get Over It.

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7 - beinformed   31 Oct 2007 @ 11:52:05 PM  It is our town that is still shaming her after 5 years! The state of Texas ruled that she is completely fit to be a teacher and have her own classroom. The school district says she can't even participate with her child's school as a volunteer.

8 - joe   1 Nov 2007 @ 12:14:20 PM 

Hey lshef, why?
Was she convicted of a crime? No.
Was she wronged by the school? Yes.
Are you a perfect example of what has happened to her reputation from these LIES that were spoken by these boys? Yes.
Why would you want someone who was wronged not to have a chance to clear their name? What if it were YOUR name being drug through the mud for this or some other reason? Would you want someone saying 'get over it'?

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9 - truthseeker   1 Nov 2007 @ 12:46:02 PM 

My comment was apparently one you chose not to print.  I will try and tone it down, but all I see you printing are comments that support your opinion.  Don't you think people need to know both sides?  If you talk to her (and I have many times) she will tell you that she wants to hear everything and anything people are saying. She is even calling people, wanting to know what is being said. She keeps bringing up the fact that the school won't let her volunteer.  She was Kindergarten room Mom and she is at the school for every activity.  Which is great and I think she should be allowed to experience that with her daughter. She is the secretary of the PTO!  How much more can they let her do before she stops saying they won't let her do anything?

Let's face it.........you either believe her or you don't.  I honestly don's know who to believe!  She could clear her name and some people are still not going to believe her. Going on the Dr. Phil show (in my opinion) is not the way to clear your name.  It just brings it all back up again.  As for her children (and I love them both), they are too young to know anything about this, but she chose to tell them what was going on.  It would not be hard at their age to keep it from them.  And I think Dr. Phil would agree with that!

10 - salon   1 Nov 2007 @ 1:02:17 PM 

As I mentioned on another post, I am not going to post comments that engage in character assassination, and smear another person. Now that you have toned down your original comments, this has been posted. (Let me reiterate that anyone that wants to get smarmy, call Ogletree by a name or title that she has not been convicted of, etc, cannot do it here, and it's not because I necessarily believe PERSONALLY she is guilty or innocent, but because it's unwarranted smearing). Here's a link to my post today which you can compare and see that I agree with you on several points. And I likewise believe that regardless of how any of this turns out, there will be those who believe her ... or don't and I don't expect an appearance on a talk show will convince all that watch one way or the other.

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11 - pharper   1 Nov 2007 @ 1:20:56 PM  It seems to me that she wasn't found guilty of any crime, she got her teaching license back...what's the problem here?
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12 - salon   1 Nov 2007 @ 1:29:11 PM  Exactly the point I was making in the Innocent Until Proven Guilty post. I just will not tolerate people accusing Ogletree of labels that she has not been judged guilty of. Again, IF the DA thought she was guilty and believed he had a case, he would have brought it again. He didn't. That makes her innocent of charges until/unless a court finds her guilty. Not only was she not found guilty, but a judge ordered TEA to give her back her license. Do I KNOW her and KNOW personally one way or the other? Nope. But if you believe in our country's system of justice, you will not only give her the benefit of the doubt but also refrain from the smears.
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13 - lshef   1 Nov 2007 @ 1:34:35 PM 

My earlier post was one of frustration...Maybe "get over it" was a bit much.

My point is this,

I don't care to have an opinion of guilt or innocence.  It does not matter to me.   I believe that the negative publicity and any "talk" about town, was brought on by Joelle herself.  Seeking that is what has made the controversy grow and is in no way helping this womans reputation, (which is what she is after). 

Had this all died 5 years ago, I believe there would be a level of gained respect for her.  That being said, it is now like starting from square one. 

I do not think that this is a good thing for either our town or our school.  Do we want our administrators using their time to negotiate deals with Joelle Ogletree or do we want them to use that time promoting a healthy relationship with our teachers?  Do we want our teachers caught up in a controversy over one of their own, or do we want them to focus their energy on educating our children?  Regardless, it is affecting both!

I am not taking away from the fact that, yes, she feels like she has been wrongfully terminated, but...In a school system, would all parents not want the same to happen again in the same situation.  Maybe not in the same way that it happened here, but I think that we would all want the same result. They are there to protect our children first!  I know, as a parent, if my child was in a classroom where the controversy surrounding the teacher was that of  inappropriate conduct, I would most surely make sure that my child was not subjected to that. 

As far as the families involved...I pray for them.  They have been through enough as well.  We have all lost sight that no matter what, they were kids!  Mistakes were obviously made somewhere, and by at least one party in this situation...and only God knows which one.


I do not believe any of us are here to judge Joelle or the students.  That is not any of our place, but she is, in fact, asking us all to do that.  By going on the Dr. Phil show, (among other avenues), she is asking us to form an opinion.  I choose not to.  Once again, it does not matter to me!   But it is exhausting my energy to continually hear about it, read about it, and see it on T.V.   There is no way in this small town to get around that.  Don't we all just want what is best for the kids?  Is a lawsuit against our school district going to accomplish that?  Are we all willing to pitch in our tax money to pay for it?  Who is going to stand up and say, "Move to Glen Rose, America's Dream Town, if you have a problem here, just take it to DR.PHIL!"

Once again, I use the phrase....Get over it! Not to Joelle, but to the entire town!


14 - truthseeker   1 Nov 2007 @ 1:36:29 PM 

Exactly pharper, she was not found guilty, AND she can teach again but choses not to.  Yes, she has told me that she does not want to teach again.  So, why are we bringing it up again 5 years later?  Hmmmm 

15 - salon   1 Nov 2007 @ 2:05:43 PM 

If *Get Over It* is a bit much, why do you use it again in your last sentence? And *you* might not care if she's considered guilty or innocent, but she does. For whatever reason. And saying you're not judging her is highly disingenous. Of course you are. Or your whole "Get Over It" comment would not be made.

There's also an easy fix for feeling exhausted about hearing about it. Cut people off when they try to talk about it, change the subject, don't watch television shows or listen to radio programs that feature it. In other words, if it's exhausting for you, shouldn't YOU be the first to *Get Over it*?

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16 - pharper   1 Nov 2007 @ 2:20:37 PM  hey truthseeker, I see what you are saying but my take is slightly different. It's the fact that she can't even volunteer due to the school district. I think if the school district got together and said yeah she can teach here if she wants, that would be the end of it. I don't really get involved in the school district stuff much (except when I pay my taxes) so don't know the reasoning behind not doing it, but just seems like the smart fair thing to do.
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17 - SomervellSally   1 Nov 2007 @ 4:27:50 PM  Well, half of the Dr Phil episode has aired now locally and both sides of how much publicity something of this nature gets is now national fodder. We can thank both sides of the issue for this dilemma. Ms O.....sometimes you have to go for the $$ to cover your expenses when you are falsely accused....that I agree totally on. Your personal reputation is another matter......no $$ can fix that one way or another...right or wrong. Alas, personal character is earned. Having been personally slandered by a total untruth this past year, the broadsided slap on your life is devestating........but you go on and let your TRUE character win out in the long run as to the truth........reaping what one has sown is true of the just and the unjust........in time TRUTH has a way of showing up.  Then there are the accusers.....one evidently who had got caught up in the thing told the truth and backed down on the accusations where he was concerned......that is history.....now there are two left........sounds like the boys are enjoying the attention unfortunately whether they are innocent victims or not.......today the attention is a reward ...........NO ONE WINS......not GLEN ROSE.....not Ms O...not the boys....NO ONE WINS.........
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18 - tamsam   1 Nov 2007 @ 4:44:13 PM  Being from there, having a parent as a teacher and knowing the boys - it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and drama of all the allegations. I love that town, but drama and gossip is what it thrives on. And I mean thrives - no one forgets anything, and they're sure to let you know it. Have I been guilty of it, sure...we all have. I didnt know whether to believe her or not, until she didn't take the plea bargain - and said she didn't because she wasn't guitly. She could have walked away right then, scott free. But she knows the truth and is willing to fight for it. It's one thing to hold onto high school gossip...but it's entirely different to not be able to grow up and admit that you've been lying. You know - you can admit you're lying or just go along with it. Those boys need to take some responsibility for the lives they've ruined...and knowing them...taking responsibility is something I've never seen them do. Shoud she sue - absolutely - if I were 200K in debt I would too...PLUS the last 5 years salary.

19 - Marcos   1 Nov 2007 @ 6:25:43 PM 

I am a teacher.  False accusations of sexual misconduct are a great fear in my profession.  Students know that they can ruin a teacher's career with a false accusation.  Teachers who refuse to put up with bad behavior or poor classwork are the most common targets.

 The young man who recanted his accusations should have been run out of town.  The kid who failed the LD test ought to be whipped on the courthouse square.  The student who conveniently disappeared needs to be held responsible, too.

We had one of our students swear under oath to a district judge that students were using cocaine in the classroom while teachers slept and that students smoked pot in the hallways.  All of this was later proved to be completely fabricated.  People will tell big lies and repeat them many times until some of them actually begin to believe in their own falsehoods.

BTW, I've had relatives in Glen Rose for more than 30 years.  I am not at all surprised that some spoiled young men would do this and the district and life-time residents would back them up in their lies.  Glen Rose has long been known to be a town in which cold-blooded murder could be committed in front of the Courthouse in broad daylight and the shooter would be found not guilty. 

But that case from years back is for another day. 

20 - U_Cant_B_Serious   5 Nov 2007 @ 4:54:13 PM  Wow! It's one thing to be called a name in the heat of an argument or disagreement...or having someone belittle or criticize your work. But to be a teacher, entrusted with the children of your community, and be accused of the most salicious allegations possible..."get over it" just doesn't seem like a plausible solution when your reputation is still unfairly tarnished.

With all due respect, why wouldn't the "get over it" attitude apply to the other side as well? The school district could have just as easily said that and reinstated Ms. Ogletree. Then none of us would be commenting on this issue right now.

21 - Susan   16 Nov 2009 @ 1:15:06 PM 


Cold blooded murder is still being committed in Glen Rose and in August a helpless brain injured young man was murdered in the nursing home, the Sheriff's office and DA covered it up, buried the young man before the family was even notified.   I know what if feels like to have your name slandered to a whole town, being black balled for even being in it and all of it was untrue.  I hope Ms. Ogletree sues Glen Rose and has enough money to start a new life somewhere far away from the politics of this corrupt little town.   That is the only way I see you leaving the past behind and the horrible memories that haunt you.  God bless you Ms. Olgletree.

22 - ALASKAN TEACHER   5 Jan 2010 @ 8:31:31 PM 

Hi. I graduated in 1990, sub taught, did other jobs, made sacrifices to become a full time teacher (the pay is so low when you start teaching-at poverty level-so much that beginning teachers actually qualify for public (day care and other programs)  assistance in Alaska. I was pink slipped then rehired and moved to a different school. I was fine with that, but the other teachers hated me becasue a man and woman on staff , in my dept., were having marital difficulties and they the other teachers thought I would cheat with the man because I was (and still am) single. Within a year, the assitant principal upset me for over four hours-berating me-scraeaing at me-and then grabbed at me. People took sides-mostly his even though he was forced to leave on medical retirement. The way people have chosen to get back at me is start rumors and berate me even more! Police have even investigated me for sexual misconduct and there have been a host of other incidences. I have been constantly called on the carpet. Now, I have been wrongfully terminated-my classroom lesson ripped apart and turned into something else-saying I threatened kids. I did nothing of the kind. I was wrongfully terminated and I am fighting it! The rumors resurfaced at the same time. I hope that Joelle takes it to court and lets a jury decide so people can see her side of it publicly and not behind closed doors. My career is destroyed-reputation is everything. I know she is destroyed and I know how she feels about participating at her child's school becasue I, too, have a child in the district that I was terminated from. It isn't without consequences-my son is frequently stressed with stomach aches. When you hurt an employee-particularly a single mother, you damage their way to feedtheir family and you hurt their families physical and emotional security. People don't become teachers to be rich. People need to be held accountable for lies, gossip, and rumors. Teahcers are not movie starts-we are just people earning a living doing what we love to do and certainly not for money. If someone sues for a great deal of money it is so that they can live out their retirement years as they had planned their career and paid for college when they were young. And it is to punish the employer that takes falsehoods as fact and to keep employers from hurting others the same way. do not fault the teacher-fault the system that jerked around the teacher.

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