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Joelle Ogletree, Former French Teacher at Glen Rose High School-Accused 5 years ago of sex with students

19 August 2007 at 11:56:41 AM

Article in the Austin American Statesman about the scandal that hit town regarding Ogletree, who was accused 5 years ago of having sex with a couple of high school students.

A month before the trial prosecutors offered a deal: If Ogletree pleaded guilty only to public lewdness, she wouldn\'t have to go to prison or register as a sex offender, although she\'d still forfeit her teacher\'s license.

"I urged her as strongly as I ever urged anyone to take that plea bargain," recalls Bruce Beasley, her lawyer.

"Take it," her husband, Doug, urged. "We\'ll sell everything; we\'ll move."

She decided one afternoon as she lay on her living room couch after a long cry. "I had this feeling wash over me, of pure peace," she recalls. "I told them \'no.\' Because I didn\'t do it."

The trial began that Aug. 16. What the jury didn\'t know was that Sam already had confessed at a church camp that he\'d fabricated his story of sex with his teacher. According to a deposition, he said he\'d felt pressured by school administrators, whom he estimated had interrogated him between 10 and 20 times.

Matt was the first to testify against Ogletree. Under questioning, though, his stories changed. Details about the alleged encounters were added, forgotten or altered.

Although the paper only put first names, they mentioned a Chayce who works for the family\'s real estate company. That must be Chayce Wilson, son of Glen Wilson. (Wrote about him before and that land fill debacle at the western end of Barnard St.) (Here\'s the link to the City of Glen Rose proceeding about that plat.)

Chayce, then 15, was the first to speak out.

Starting the previous spring, Chayce said, Ogletree had begun dressing "very vulgar" in class. Later, he added, she\'d lured him into her empty classroom to watch her strip.

(Because they were minors at the time, the boys who accused Ogletree of molestation are identified in this story by first names only.)

Chayce\'s friend Matt was next. Ogletree had asked him to help move a piano at her house the previous summer, he said, but when he showed up, there was no piano, and Ogletree was alone. "She started coming on to me," he told an investigator. "Reluctantly, I gave in."

In the following months, the boys spilled more details of alleged sexual encounters — in and out of the classroom — to investigators.

Matt said he recalled an incident at a student camp out at the Ogletrees\' house. Chayce said he remembered a time in the middle of the school day when he and his teacher ended up on her classroom floor, kissing and groping. He claimed four incidents in all.

In May, Sam, the son of the former mayor, said he and Ogletree had sex at her house when he\'d stopped by to drop off a paper for her husband, a chemistry teacher at the high school.

Turns out that Sam was lying

The trial began that Aug. 16. What the jury didn\'t know was that Sam already had confessed at a church camp that he\'d fabricated his story of sex with his teacher. According to a deposition, he said he\'d felt pressured by school administrators, whom he estimated had interrogated him between 10 and 20 times.

Matt was the first to testify against Ogletree. Under questioning, though, his stories changed. Details about the alleged encounters were added, forgotten or altered.

The next morning, prosecutors suddenly asked the judge to end the trial, claiming that Ogletree\'s husband was intimidating Matt by glaring at him through the courtroom door as the boy testified. The judge agreed and declared a mistrial before Chayce could testify.


Sam, who graduated from college this year, declined to discuss Ogletree, other than to confirm that he\'d retracted his allegations. Matt was voted Glen Rose\'s prom king and moved away. He could not be reached for this story.

Ogletree\'s friends have speculated why students might make up a destructive story about their new teacher: perhaps teenage boasts spun out of control. In a letter of support submitted as part of Ogletree\'s license hearing, one of the boys\' teachers described them as "liars, cheats and plagiarists."

But Chayce, who returned to work in the family real estate business after attending Bible college, says he told the truth. "It happened," he says. "I don\'t know if it happened the way I said it did; it was very unclear to me. I didn\'t write down in my daytime planner, \'I messed around with my teacher today.\' I tried to forget it."

But he never testified under oath.

Ogletree says that though she still hears the occasional whisper as she travels about town, she intends to stay in Glen Rose.

"Why would I leave?" she says. "I didn\'t do anything to be ashamed of."

UPDATE in JUNE 2008-Dr Phil showing the 2 programs again. for those who are coming here via a search engine and want to look at the court transcripts, TEA transcripts, in order to see what could not be possibly covered during a short television show, click THIS link.

and a short Youtube video


One more update on the civil case- the 10th court of appeals ruled against Ogletree in her breach of contract case.  (Feb 2010). Note that she has already been cleared of the criminal charges and is presumed innocent.  Except to gRISD, which continues to ignore the premises of our cirminal justice system. Video from Nov 23 2009

P.S. To see all the articles we\'re written here about this, including posting transcripts of court cases, GRISD school board meetings, etc. click here.

P.P.S. Update October 2010, with Video- Texas Supreme Court denies hearing Ogletree's appeal (civil case)

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1 - erathwomen   29 Aug 2007 @ 8:03:44 PM  I know her and I didn't believe these allegations for even half a second.  Why the boys lied I don't know, but she would never do anything like this.  I'm proud of her for sticking to her guns and not giving in.  She's a credit to teaching, to women, to mothers.

2 - skb21   30 Oct 2007 @ 4:11:13 PM 

I know all 3 boys in this case.  One of which is my cousin.  I firmly believe she did it! She did it, she did it!! (Edited for personal attack innuendo-salon)

I completely back the Administration's decision to ban her from all Glen Rose Schools. (edited for personal attack innuendo-salon).

3 - joe   30 Oct 2007 @ 5:53:17 PM 

I don't think she did it. If it is your cousin you should go give him a Madea smackdown for ruining someone's career.

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4 - txsunshine82   30 Oct 2007 @ 10:42:30 PM 

I thought your cousin was the one that confessed at church camp he lied about it.


5 - salon   31 Oct 2007 @ 3:09:40 PM  The issue here isn't with her and her husband, it is with the 3 boys who made comments. Again, she was never found guilty of the charges that we are talking about here in a court of law, the TEA exonerated her and gave her back her teaching certificate, so it's a little smarmy to suggest other personal, rumour innuendos that have nothing to do with the facts of THIS case. Why should someone be banned from schools when it's not only never been proven that she did anything wrong, when in fact at least 2 out of the 3 accusers recanted or their testimony was not found credible, AND the TEA didn't believe it.
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6 - U_Cant_B_Serious   1 Nov 2007 @ 6:48:39 PM  Any shred of credibility Chayse may have had went out the window with his comment, "I don't know if it happened the way I said it did; it was very unclear to me..."

Please! Guys can tell you in excruciating detail their best football/basketball/baseball game from high school well into their 60's and 70's. The same with their first sexual encounters (particularly if it involved an older woman). You don't need to write it down in a dayplanner to recall what happened.

Certainly appears that this young man has been caught up in a lie he perpetuated and has decided its easier to continue to make claim in spite of independent polygraph, than to own up to his lie.

It's a shame that he decided his ego is worth more than this woman's reputation. Disgusting excuse for a man!

7 - yankeefan   2 Nov 2007 @ 9:26:29 PM  If anyone saw Dr. Phil today, Joelle was cleared hands down. The boy who previously disappeared showed up on the show and took a lie detector test. Joelle took one too. Guess what-she passed, he failed!!!

The school system didn't get agressive until she sued them for putting her through this whole ordeal.

They are just saving face at this point and are worried about the huge judgement against them that is iminent.

The boy wrote a poem about the so called event and distributed it around the school. These testosterone filled adolescents started a brag session that got out of control. Everyone is trying to cover themselves against liability, rather than revealing the truth.

8 - psburton   2 Nov 2007 @ 10:37:44 PM  Just finished watching the Dr.Phil Show and was searching for more info on the story. Happy not to live in any small towns from Texas.

9 - cauthx5   2 Nov 2007 @ 10:54:02 PM  These boys just ruined her life. I think she is innocent. She has never been found guilty; so who would believe that she is guilty? Their stories don't add up. Every time they talk about the time it happened; their stories change. Chayse and Matt need to get a life and stop trying to ruin someone elses life!!!

10 - klbloom1   3 Nov 2007 @ 10:57:22 AM  Just finished watching the Dr. Phil episode. One thing the show didn't point out was a motive for these kids to smear this teacher and the teacher did not seem to provide one either. I also thought it rather bizarre behavior for a teacher to be handing out the cryptic notes to the student which he said she said had sexual connotations; why she would be riding a student around in her car; and why she would invite them over to her home.Seems there is alot of smoke here for no fire.

11 - salon   3 Nov 2007 @ 11:32:06 AM 

Well, consider that it's a TV show! Remember how Ogletree showed the 80 page TEA (Texas Education Agency) hearing in which not only was Ogletree given back her teaching licence but the boy's statements were found to be *fabricated*. If you really want to understand this more, I suggest you go read the entire, publicly avaiable transcript of the hearing.  (Another way to get to the transcript is by searching on the site, put in the keyword Ogletree and choose this.


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12 - U_Cant_B_Serious   3 Nov 2007 @ 4:42:40 PM 

I think the motive is fairly obvious.  These "kids" likely started out telling stories amongst each other, each attempting to outdo the other.  She's a young, attractive woman and no doubt the fantasy of more than a few of the students.  Eventually an adult gets wind of the stories and starts to inquire.  They're caught in a lie and are not likely to embarass themselves or their prominent families within the community by confessing to making up the stories.  While most people caught in a lie will eventually come clean, there are those who are so narcissicistic as to feel their self-image cannot survive such a confession.  (OJ Simpson anyone?)

The fact that Ms. Ogletree doesn't offer up a motive during the Dr Phil show is likely due to advice from her attorney to not speculate about their motive.  Dr. Phil kept asking about her lack of anger towards these kids, probably more because it would make for better tv than demonstrate and indication or her guilt/innocence.  She's doing exactly what he eventually tells most people in disputes to do, focus on those things you can to manage/solve the situation and leave the emotions at the door.

Slightly off topic, but the hilarious part of this show was when Dr Phil asked if it was ok to bring out Matt so she could face him on national tv.  She hesitated and Dr Phil pushed asking why she wouldn't want to do that.  She said she didn't want it to be a screaming match and Dr Phil says, "won't happen on my show." Then he repeats basically the same thing.  Then he throws to commercial break and the tease before break is for a Dr Phil show next week and the group of people are shouting and pointing fingers at each other as Dr Phil sits there.  Too funny.

13 - salon   3 Nov 2007 @ 6:09:25 PM 

Heh. Yeah, that made me laugh, too. I mean, Ogletree obviously didn't know Phil was going to have one of her accusers facing off with her, sitting within spitting distance and I thought it was very classy of her to be concerned that she not be expected to react Jerry-Springer style. And Ole Phil Says "Won't happen" as he cuts to break and 2 seconds later, there's mama and daughter in law shouting at each other about whose baby this kid is. Yuh-huh. And Mr. My-Show-Is-Restraint-Personified sure did want to see a big cat and dog fight. Maybe he's used to people who cannot control themselves.

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14 - mimi   4 Nov 2007 @ 5:51:10 PM  Salon and U-Can't-Be-Serious BRAVO for your sensible rationale. Hey, has anyone sent the T.E.A. document to the Dr. Phil show? Those writing in could find out the entire,TRUE story then.

15 - salon   4 Nov 2007 @ 11:53:10 PM  Mimi-hate to sound cynical, but I doubt Phil gives a hoot about the real evidence... he's off on some new shouting match with troubled families. Wouldn't be a bad idea, though, to get a userid on the message board and post the link.
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16 - thisiscrap   5 Nov 2007 @ 4:08:58 PM  You know I watched all of this - I am from Texas and I am going through something similar as this poor woman, some crazy little girl has said that my son did some pretty terrible stuff to her, crazy thing is my son isn't the first, I think he is like #4, just this is the first time they have gone all the way to the authorities and not just spread ugly rumors, we have had to hire an attorney, my son now has a probation officer, this is a kid who never was even in the principals office before this year. And get this the "alleged" incident happened in April of last year, she told the first person in May of last year, her parent's in June of last year and they pressed charges in August. Our legal system is WHACK.... more power to her for standing up for what she knows is the truth....

17 - whitkat   5 Nov 2007 @ 8:00:12 PM 

If what happened was so bad for these boys, why did 1 include playing I Never in french class as one of his favorit high school memories?  Seems like he would want to leave it alone instead of bringing it up again as a senior.





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18 - joe   5 Nov 2007 @ 8:11:23 PM  was that in the yearbook or something?
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19 - beinformed   5 Nov 2007 @ 10:31:11 PM 


How can anyone know someone's motive,  that could only be pure speculation. Most of us can come up with some plauseable reasons, only the boys know for sure.

As per your other concerns, I  hope you checked out the official findings on the webpage suggested by "salon".  If there had been a finding of something "crossing the line", although not criminal, her license could still have been revoked, or at least she could have been given an "inscribed reprimand" on her certificate.  She wasn't.


20 - mimi   6 Nov 2007 @ 10:53:46 AM  Who was the principal who informed Mrs Ogletree she was fired?

21 - whitkat   6 Nov 2007 @ 6:57:29 PM 

joe - I don't remember if it was the yearbook or the paper


mimi - I don't think he is there was Harris



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22 - Kylie   21 Nov 2007 @ 8:52:05 PM  These are some sad little boys and maybe one day they will get this back three fold what they have done. They have not only distroyed this woman but her family as well. I dont know how they can sleep at night knowing what they have done.

23 - mcarapella   24 Nov 2007 @ 10:51:22 PM  Kylie-

Those little boys have not destroyed Ms. Ogletree or her family. I saw her on TV. She may be a bit shaken, but she and her family are far from destroyed. It's certainly taken a toll on them--but living the lie those boys are living will take a far greater toll over time than their teenage fantasies will ever take on the Ogletrees.

This kind of nonsense is not uncommon at all--and the administration should have been able to handle this problem. The fact that they couldn't perform a reasonable investigation to prevent this from spiraling out of control is totally unacceptable and they are the ones who should have trouble sleeping. It was THEY who clumsily stumbled into the tangled world of high school gossip and rumors and, I dare say, proved themselves more gullible than your average teenager! It was they who first legitimized the story and ultimately fed it until it grew into the laughable tall tale we now know. God-willing, the implausibility of their story will help the Ogletrees achieve a swift and certain victory in their suit against the school district and force much needed change in the way that unsubstantiated (not to mention implausible and impossible) accusations against teachers are handled in the future.

24 - salon   26 Nov 2007 @ 8:31:26 AM  Confidential to Tstoner. I'm not posting your comment because everything you mentioned is discussed in the Administrative Law Judge report (see comment #11, above). I have to assume you haven't read it yet, since some of your assumptions are not correct; take the time to read it and you'll wonder no more.
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25 - salon   27 Nov 2007 @ 8:44:15 AM  Kylie-I agree with you with one exception-they are now adults. When they went on the Dr Phil show, they did so as adults. But not grownups.
Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
26 - kylie   28 Nov 2007 @ 8:15:19 PM  its just a pitty that as adults they cannot step up to the plate and admit they are wrong. i myself had a problem with a teacher but was scared to speak out. i will always wonder if what he did to me he has done to someone else. i thought no one would believe me and its people who lie that make it hard for someone its really happening to.

27 - salon   29 Nov 2007 @ 8:58:02 AM  kylie. youre right, and im sorry you had a problem with your teacher. every teacher is not a saint, just as every teacher is not a predator.
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28 - kylie   4 Dec 2007 @ 4:29:20 PM  salon. i agree with you there are some teachers out there that are fantastic. they go above and beyond what they have to do. its an underpaid thankless job. we need to give credit to those who do the job well.

29 - salon   22 Jun 2008 @ 10:26:47 PM 

Update: Ogletree has got a court date for her case against GRISD.

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30 - matt uk   7 Nov 2008 @ 7:40:59 AM 

Are you watching the same episode of Dr Phil  ?  I live in the Uk and have just watched the Dr Phil episode concerning this case, and she is obviously guilty.  Why the hell would a teacher send those kind of notes to her students  ?

31 - salon   7 Nov 2008 @ 9:58:02 AM 

Ah. So that explains why there have been so many people from the UK the last day or so looking at this. Look at the picture link in the menu at left that has a pic of both Matt and Chayce. It will take you to a bunch of entries that have the scanned reports of the criminal trial as well as the ALJ/TEA hearing. The criminal trial was declared a mistrial, but the DA never filed charges again, instead it was dropped, with jeopardy. The ALJ hearing judge said that the evidence was fabricated. If you really want to know more detail than just an hour or two on a Dr Phil show, spend some time to read the evidence and explanations.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
32 - salon   8 Nov 2008 @ 11:38:27 AM 

In doing some disk cleanup, I have moved the PDFs that are the criminal trial and the ALJ reports. The new links are these.


Closing Arguments


JO's Dress

Matt B

Matt B Rooster

Matt Testimony Day 1

Matt Testimony Day 2


Money Spent

Notes and *I Never*


Sam F

2004 Criminal

Sleep Over

TEA/ALJ Hearing

Warren Matt Actor

Warren Poem Document


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33 - alex   8 Nov 2008 @ 4:34:36 PM 

I have just watched this am I have no doubt she is innocent!

34 - carl   25 Nov 2008 @ 5:41:00 PM 

I have watched Dr Phils show. I live in Belgium, I am Belgian, and I don't know any of the persons in this issue. However, I believe she's innocent and I hope that these out-of-control allegations will never have a similar effect in Europe. It is the responsibility of a school that it should be a safe place and therefore no malicious practices can be tolerated, but focussing on one person, thereby using "non-optimal" interrogation techniques on young kids is not done. This is also the responsibility of the school.

I can easily estimate that these young kids would admit anything and try to stick to their story. I can image the pressure of the one kid, who could not live with the lies anymore, but finally did the one right thing: tell the truth. 

When I realize how much money it takes to clear your name in the US, I can only shake my head and hope that a change in legislation improves this situation significantly.  

35 - salon   25 Nov 2008 @ 6:44:27 PM 

Amazing to me how familiar people are from around the world with this case. And you're right, the Ogletree family has spent a lot of money to try to clear her name, it's really a shame.

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36 - reedybaker   5 Jun 2010 @ 2:19:11 PM 

This is the trash that goes on in GR .....  No one has nothing to do but ruin people's lives.... If all the ole timers would move on , and some new people who believe in god , would move in..... They might have a chance.... Everybody  but  about 10 people there was nice , the rest are called white trash...... I would not put my dog in the hospital there for help....... But what they dont know they dont have to answer to anyone , but the man upstairs .... He knows there heart , I feel sorry for the teacher there ... i have never been there only to the hospital and to eat lunch .... what a joke ..... Football field was nice , lots of young  people i noticed have recently died , I hope and pray they where not drinking..... Karma is a ^&*()....... Old people get out and new people please come back and it could be a nice city , the view was beautiful....... Prayers need to be for this town and people , here in gatesville we are all praying for GR and the teacher that was wrongfully accused ....... 

37 - CoolBreeze   20 Apr 2011 @ 11:20:54 AM 

I originally made a comment under the login name "SKB21" back in 2007 at the top of this page and I am embarrassed that I did.  I understand how rumors in GR can get out of control and be completely baseless.  There was one about me one time, that I had committed suicide on the side of the road.  I had friends coming to check on me because of it.  Pretty sick, but I digress.  And a slew more, that are laughable to me.  At this point in my life, I believe Mrs. Ogletree was more than likely the victim of a terrible rumor that got out of control.  People love to indulge in the sensationalism that these sort of reputation-ruining rumors wreak. (even me, and I am sorry that I did) But, at least, I can apologize and act differently from here on out.  So if you read these, Joelle, I'm sorry I ever believed these things about you and I hope that you can reclaim your reputation and be able to live out your life the way you want.  God bless.

38 - humanbeing   21 Apr 2011 @ 7:59:23 PM 

Good comment from you, CoolBreeze. I'm sure Ms. Ogletree appreciates your sensitivity, your honesty and your humaneness. Thank you for being just a real human being.

Latest Blog Post by humanbeing -State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route
39 - j.ogletree   4 May 2011 @ 12:15:36 PM 
CoolBreeze/SKB21,  I just now saw your comment.  Thank you.  Yes, people indulge in sensationalism, and the worse it sounds, the more they want to believe it. 
I'm appreciative that you've shared these thoughts--that's very nice and refreshing.  Many who realize what they did (or what's far worse, what they continue to do) is wrong, just don't care about how they're affecting someone's life and that of her family--they just keep right on doing it anyway.  Good for you that you're not that kind of person.  Thank you again for your comment.

Latest Blog Post by j.ogletree -Chemicals in Sunscreen and Breast Cancer, a Possible Link?
40 - Angel   10 Sep 2011 @ 8:20:09 PM 

I'm so glad that Mrs. Ogletree was cleared in this. I just watched the show on OWN network, and shes a very brave a classy mom, and i'm proud to say I'm a 30 yr old single mom, and one day my 2 kids will be in school, and I hope and pray they have an amazing teacher such as her:) god bless her and her family

41 - Breanna   10 Sep 2011 @ 10:19:13 PM 

it's very sad that society can allow these kids to continue living in their fantasy world at the expense of somebody else's reputation. How does society expect these kids not only to end up as public liabilities but also be the kid who'll forever believe that they'll always be able to get away with telling lies and thus ruining other people's lives. These kids are pathetic and a disgrace to human kid. I must say i despise them and their families. I am glad I don't live in small town country arse America. Ms Ogletree I hope you and your family life is "kind" of back on track though I know it'll never be the same. Just always remember, these boys will oneday pay the price and it'll come when they least expect it. 

42 - Jane   10 Sep 2011 @ 10:30:38 PM 

I just saw this show and can't believe that the parents of all 3 boys didn't take their snotty kids out to the woodshed and beat the living daylights out of them. How sad that they have been allowed to ruin someones career. I would NEVER back my childs lies.

43 - DKer69   10 Sep 2011 @ 11:06:59 PM 

I am a 42 year old college student in Texas (small town) going for a new career change, and I just last semester decied not to go for a teaching degree as I originally started college to do because of this exact problem.  There have been cases in my area of small towns called the Golden Triange and because of my personality I decieded that I did not want my life ruined in the event I made some student mad and be accused of something like this.  It is better to take a different career path like Engineering instead of teaching and mentoring young minds than to wind up in prison because I give a student an F for a grade like a man in this area did. (God help the good teachers who put themselves into this career).

44 - Jonathan   11 Sep 2011 @ 12:48:23 AM 

Joelle, I know just what you went through.  Hope things are getting better for you.

My wife left public teaching in the middle of her first year under traumatic circumstances - a different sort, but horrible nonetheless.  In her case, it was a racial issue.  But, her idealism was quickly shattered and she opted for the private schools instead.    The public system did NOTHING but throw her under the bus and threaten her to keep silent just to save face with the community.  The public school system is broken beyond repair, and it is a reflection of an even larger societal problem in this country.

We're out of control, heading for lawlessness and anarchy, and the government does NOTHING about it.  In fact, they seem  to be encouraging it.

45 - Danielle   11 Sep 2011 @ 4:09:21 PM 

Crazy world...these students should be held accountable for  their lies and she (Joelle) should have been reinstated immediately after she was found NOT GUILTY.....end of story! 

46 - Annabelle   11 Sep 2011 @ 11:14:00 PM 

I just retired from teaching secondary English for over thirty years in a small town and just caught up with this case on the OWN network.  I have seen for myself how kids and an entrie town can get caught up in lying.   Administrators and school boards will not only look for a way to get rid of "the problem," but also kowtow to the moneyed and powerful, who may benefit in some way.  (For example, In a small town, the school corporation may have the most and best jobs available, no nepotism policies, and little state oversight.)   If you had a good American lit English teacher or American history teacher, then you would recognize Joelle's story is just another re-telling of plot of Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, set during the Salem witch trials but written in response to McCarthyism.  Although Joelle may be guilty of some bad judgment by putting herself in situations where she could be accused of improprieties, she is probably mostly guilty of being young, attractive, and entirely too innocent about the evil within the walls of every high school and the boundaries of a small town.  I hope she can get past this and find peace.  Justice and truth always pervail, but not always in within our timelines. 

47 - pstern   12 Sep 2011 @ 9:25:48 AM 

It's a dangerous world out there today.  The water is filled with sharks!

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
48 - Michelle   18 Jul 2015 @ 10:33:28 PM 

Dear Mrs. Ogletree (just in case you visit this page),

I saw your story on the Dr. Phil show, and it was clear to me, almost immediately, that you are innocent. I recently saw your episodes again, and I was repulsed by the Great Doctor's treatment of and attitude towards you. Every time you opened your mouth, you proved that your accusers were lying, yet Dr. Phil attacked you because you did not react on his show the way he thought you should. He was disgustingly condescending, and his implication that a victim of false accusations must display histrionics in order to be taken seriously is extremely dangerous. A victim may be undemonstrative because of shock, or because they have had to recount their story so many times that they have become numb to it.

Almost as bad was the fact that of your three accusers one recanted and the other two failed their polygraphs, but the illustrious doctor still did not seem to believe you.

I wish you the best going forward!

49 - Anony Mus   29 Jul 2016 @ 1:33:17 PM 

 I wonder what happened to Matt?  In my experience perpetuating a lie like that, somehow dooms your future.  Better to stand up and admit the wrong doing and humble yourself so you can once again be free.

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Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
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Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Calls Trump a Total Joke (Keene, Texas)
salon 10/22/2019

Here's Creep Trump Giving the Finger to Female Astronauts
salon 10/22/2019

Impeaching Trump- Is it acceptable for a president to pressure a foreign.....
salon 10/22/2019

Why are Paul Manafort's defense attorneys helping Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman today?
salon 10/10/2019

Money Laundering 101- Trump seeks to get rid of regulations on offshore money
salon 10/10/2019

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salon > Quick update on this, via Pacer-Click on pic to see larger (Turk Case Update- Telephone Conference Hearing Set for March 8 2019 )

salon > Lance Been awhile. Send me an email at with the names of who you're talking about, above. Also, the newspaper editor is no longer local, ie officed here, but the paper is run.... (What Happened to Jerry Jacene? )

LanceHall > I'd love to see the Hotel Guest books and see if Jacene's name shows up long before he officially *found* the tracks.  I'd like to know if the Visitor's Bureau has emails wit.... (What Happened to Jerry Jacene? )

LanceHall > I see the land or that part of it is now in the hands of Glen Rose's own Corky Underwood. Is Jacene still involved?   I had already informed the Visitor Bureau manager (who's.... (What Happened to Jerry Jacene? )

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