Rrrroooowwww! Vitter's Wife's Hooker Dress


Rrrroooowwww! Vitter's Wife's Hooker Dress

17 July 2007 at 12:08:07 PM


Update: Those photos that I originally put up aren't on the internet anymore, but you can find them through THIS google search.

Laughed my head off reading this from In the Pink Texas about David Vitter\'s Wife\'s Dress, etc. entitled "Behind Every Man is  a Woman in a Bad Dress".

I watched part of the Dog N Pony on C-span and wondered why Vitter\'s Wife was Dressed Like a Hooker? That faux animal print skin dress was the pits. I figured maybe she didn\'t feel very sexy after finding out that her hub had been screwing prostitutes, so she ran out to Walmart and grabbed the first clingy, low cut v-neck dress that looked like a wild animal that she could find. "Here I am! I\'m Sexy! I compete with Prostitutes" her dress screamed.

After blowing up the dress, I reconsider that maybe it\'s Just Plain Fugly.

Anyway, here\'s also what I thought was weird. Wife was complaining that all the news people were camping out in front of their house (um, because your husband was HIDING in there all week and had claimed he was the model of Republican Family Values... hello!) and that she wanted to get back to normal or some such, with hub going BACK to Washington and her staying with the kids in Louisianna.. sans Bobbit penis, I guess. But I don\'t get why a spouse, ANY spouse, would go stand up there next to cheating husband or wife if you really didn\'t want publicity. And frankly, HER speaking up about her hub makes him look like a little wussy. "I\'m shoving you out of the way and Will Not Be Ignored, demmit!".

That\'s why I didn\'t watch the whole thing. Just writing about this makes me feel all smarmy. What ever happened to people not dragging (or, as seems to be the case with the Mrs here, not volunteering to get her 15 Minutes O) their families into the seamy spotlights of their own creepy doings?


The Triumphant Mrs. Shows Vitter and the Public Who\'s Boss.

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1 - joe   17 Jul 2007 @ 12:11:55 PM 

I think with the speech she gave, she might as well be one. She should have not shown up and not commented on anything. If she doesn't like the press showing up at her door and her church, maybe her husband should preach moral values and then get a prostitute making himself a hypocrite. The press only follows these hypocrites because they are hypocrites...maybe he should resign and the press will then leave you two to finish enjoying your wonderful marriage together.

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2 - SomervellSally   17 Jul 2007 @ 2:14:02 PM  Don't want to sound like a Republican here or anything, but alas, reminds me of Hilary saying " I ain't just another woman saying I'm standing by my man, like Tammy Wynette" Ouch ....alas Repubs and Demos have their moments. And yes, my first thought was, my gracious lady, look in the mirror, I thought you were his madam when you got up there or something.
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3 - salon   17 Jul 2007 @ 2:24:06 PM  I agree. I don't like to see ANY spouses up there Showing Support For the Straying. I cringed when the Clintons did it. I cringed when I saw that wife of the guy who outed himself as gay in MA or someplace (can't remember his name but I was thinking She didn't KNOW he was gay????), cringed when I saw the clip of that preacher, Haggard, with his hapless wife sitting next to him in the car, shortly before he told the world he was gay. At least in that last case, the wife was ambushed along with her husband in the car; I just don't get why anyone and I don't care WHAT poltiical party it is, it's more of a privacy issue, would go up and stand with the mate. Let that person take responsibility all by his or her lonesome.
Latest Blog Post by salon -Audio- Somervell County Water District Meeting - April 20, 2017
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