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Robertson County, Texas-Oil and Gas Swindle O Day Or How To Steal Mineral Rights

20 May 2007 at 8:30:48 AM

A faithful reader sent this in. Synposis: Woman dies, and her half ownership in oil, gas, and mineral royalties was to pass on to her descendants. But they didn't get them, Velnon, a limited liability partnership filed in Hearne, did. Who was in Velnon? Bryan Russ Jr (who is also, coincidentally, city attorney!) and James McCullough. The company Velnon was represented by a law firm that included (can you guess? I'll bet you can) Russ and McCullough. Here's where it gets weird. How was it that Velnon could take over the rights? Because they said they had a deed from Deminimus Management, which then transferred a 90 percent interest to Velnon. But look at this.

The petition based the claim on a deed issued by Deminimus Management - a limited liability partnership also run by Russ and McCullough - to Velnon. The deed, filed the same day as the petition, transferred a 90 percent interest to Velnon, but doesn't explain how Deminimus acquired the royalty interest, the lawsuit states.

"The apparent purpose of the Deminimus Deed was to create some colorable claim to the royalty interest to permit the plaintiff and its cohorts to perpetuate their fraud upon this court and the Erwin Heirs," according to the motion for a new trial filed on behalf of the family.

Velnon then sold the royalty interests to Flare Royalties. Can you guess who owns Flare Royalties? I'll bet you can.

The claim was recognized in January 2006, the same month Velnon sold the royalty interest to Flare Royalties - another limited liability partnership owned by Russ and McCullough - for $78,350. That same month, the Palmos, Russ, McCullough & Russ law firm was awarded more than $5,000 in fees for the sale, court documents state.

What's also creepy in this story is that one of the REAL heirs to this land had gone to Russ for legal advice after her mother died.

Roberts said she first learned there was an existing oil lease on the land in 1998. Roberts found the paperwork after she and her sister were given power of attorney for their mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

The 47-year-old - whose father, Henry Erwin, was a cousin of Elizabeth Warren - said she and her sister went to Russ for legal help with the oil and gas lease. The pair wanted to know if the lease was valuable, and Russ told them there were too many heirs for it to be worth anything.

Right. Except worth something to Russ et al.

"As far as I know, none of us have signed over our rights because we didn't even know we had them," Roberts said. "That's just straight up dirty, right there."

Roberts said Russ and McCullough thought they could take advantage of her family because they thought most of Elizabeth Warren's relatives were no longer living.

"I'm sure the dirty [expletive] thought we were old and dead," Roberts said. "But guess what? We're not."

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1 - kenneth lunsford   8 Feb 2009 @ 12:28:00 PM  This is fraud and I am the one that work on this case for 2 years before i took it to my law firm.

2 - kenneth lunsford   8 Feb 2009 @ 12:32:48 PM  If some one needs help to get there property back let me know i can help. Mc cullough And Russ will get there day

3 - Anon   8 Feb 2009 @ 8:51:09 PM  Somebody needs to straighten out Booger County. Was the judge involved in this bad situation?

4 - Ms. Anon   9 Feb 2009 @ 3:26:26 PM  I'm sure Judge S_ _ _, was apart of yet another under-handed scheme. He's pretty good buddies with all of the lawyers of PRMR.

5 - Anon   9 Feb 2009 @ 11:02:38 PM  Excuse me--I'm a little slow on the draw--what does PRMR stand for? I know of much foolishness with Judge S---, local lawyers, O&G operators, etc. Being ruined. BTW, what other scheme? You're right, local lawyers are in cohouts with J S---.

6 - salon   10 Feb 2009 @ 7:45:52 AM 

Sent in by reader-link to article from the Hearne Democrat- a Bryan attorney is challenging the Russ-McCullough mineral rights ownership

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
7 - Justice   21 May 2009 @ 4:24:39 PM  Has anyone seen this yet? Look at kbtx dot com and kwtx dot com. Or you can google search Brian Russ Racketeering. Robertson County Public Figures Named in Federal Racketeering Lawsuit

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