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Parental Concerns about HPV-but Not From a Religious Issue

5 February 2007 at 6:21:33 PM

Peter Stern of Dripping Springs wrote me in regard to my last HPV post in which, in the heat of the moment after reading yet another male viewpoint saying that mandatory vaccines for females in just fine, I called a Butt Out timeout. He wrote:

Usually I agree with you on the issues you present and certainly you're entitled to your opinion ------
 Regarding Perry's invasion of our right to privacy and other constitutional rights with regard to the HPV issue you state that:
 "I'm more than annoyed at all these men who are mandating what females should do, and henceforth, until men routinely take birth control pills themselves or mandate the HPV vaccine for all 12 year old boys and up, butt out and let's just hear WOMEN argue this out. "
While I comprehend what you really are stating, it gets lost in the emotion of the moment and may not be clear to your readers.
As a good father with 2 daughters I believe my interest and "say" merits consideration.  I already sent you my article on this Perry mandate nonsense and you know I stand against it. 
I really don't think it should be reduced to a man vs. woman issue.  I believe it's an issue of intelligence, clinical reality, political motivation and profit-killings.  Clearly, this is another special interest Perry empirical mandate on ALL our rights --- not just against women --- but in this instance they ARE the ones with most to lose!
I know Peter read my other posts on this matter and knows I also consider the main issues to be
  1. Perry acting as King over the Legislature and creating mandated LAW without any type of consent from the governed.
  2. As long as there are deep pockets with Big Pharm that contribute heavily to governmental officials, the question of whether mandates are done from true altruism will be around, forefront and center. (Plus, although I have not yet confirmed it, I read that Perry's stock portfolio or trust fund includes a hefty portion of Merck stock-so who profits?)
  3. A close reading of the Gardasil documentation shows that some of the premises being pitched by Merck are flawed and anyone that blindly agrees with the marketing pitch without some reasoned thought and questions is being, kindly, short-sighted.
And I will bend my butt-out missive IF someone has daughters, as Peter does. I think I have been pretty clear that I see this not primarily as a male-female issue, but as per the points above. That said, *because* it only involves females, any discussion of vaccinations, especially that involve mandatory actions, should be done by those with some *skin* in the game. I'm not going to launch into a longer entry about women and Big Pharm, except to say, again, that women are far more often used as the ones that bear the responsibility for sexual actions, and a unique perspective-*because* it happens to them. I know I'm not the only person who wonders out loud why Merck chose to target 12 year old girls and not boys-could it have been that parents would have dug in their heels faster had all children been involved but it's more *normal* to put out medications for girls? (I noticed that Gardasil hasn't been tested very long, and didn't even test for genetic mutations, etc.). The rate of cervical cancer is low in this country and that's due to regular pap smear testing and related additional testing. Cervical cancer can have other causes than HPV, and Gardasil's literature says as much. Seems to me that education to let young girls know about pap testing and perhaps some kind of help for those who can't pay would be better than lining the pockets of Big Pharm. (And I am not saying parents who want to vaccinate their daughters shouldn't do it, of course they can, but that ought to be, as Perry even said BEFORE he was elected, a family decision). But you can't talk ONLY about the prime issues of Perry and Merck's contempt for the public without realizing that male-female issues do play a part in it, even if not the main issue. Saying that I do not believe that bringing up that part of the issue reduces it to a male-female issue, but rather adds another layer of discussion complexity, where it is NOT simply The Religious Right Against True Health.
Here's what Peter himself said about the issue. I would only argue that I believe Abstinence only training does a disservice to youth; abstinence, of course, ought to be taught but as part of a number of realistic ways of avoiding pregnancy.  
Governor's Mandates: Trans-Texas Toll Corridor and Now HPV Vaccinations
The Governor's New Clothes
Gov. Perry stands before his post-reelection mirror, pats his hair in place, thinks of special interest mandates and admires his newly designed, hand-made invisible clothing.
Good grief!  They could make a fairy tale out of this!
Only a handful of voters believes that the governor is "playing with a full deck", while the remaining 61-percent of reality-based voters know better and didn't vote to reelect Perry.
Okay, "King" Perry mandates that all 6th grade girls must be vaccinated due to the HPV vaccine for sixth-grade girls, "because sexually transmitted virus can cause cervical cancer."
So now the Emperor of Texas is trying to tell everyone how to raise their kids?   Instead of "his supreme lowness" mandating the vaccine, shouldn't it be offered as a viable option?
I have 2 daughters and 1 son.  I'm telling the governor to take his mandate and shove it "where the sun don't shine"!  No way would I have my girls get these shots if they don't need them, and I certainly don't need the governor or the state to tell me how to raise my kids.  BTW, isn't it illegal for Perry to mandate this?  There is no epidemic as far as I'm aware.
BTW, doesn't this mandate help the health care / pharmaceutical industries, e.g., Merck, et. al.?  a.k.a., Perry campaign contributors?
This is directly from medical handbooks on the topic:
Vaccinated girls still need cervical cancer screening.  Three reasons: First, the vaccine will NOT protect against all types of HPV that cause cervical cancer, so vaccinated girls will still be at risk for some. Second, some girls may not get all required doses of vaccine or not get them at the right times, so they may not get the vaccine’s full benefits. Third, girls may not get the full benefit of the vaccine if they receive it after they’ve already acquired one of the four HPV types.
The governor and legislature have shown Texans that they can't even resolve urgent 10-year old issues, so now some of them are going to tell all parents how to raise their children?  Like toll roads, property taxes, and other issues, no INDEPENDENT study has been taken that proves these vaccinations are needed!
Like any legitimate community health concern, the primary precaution is education.  Parents and community members should be reviewing educational options to teach young girls what can happen if/when they are sexually active.  Let's face it, in our contemporary society we should be preaching abstinence due to all the sexually-transmitted diseases and infections individuals are in danger of contacting.  Not just girls, but all members of our society are at-risk and require the education as a public service.
Yet just like all those other political issues, this is another greedy special interest ploy using fear tactics to make profit-killings --- only this time it's at the expense of our daughters re: the pretense of maintaining their health.
Governor, where does it end?
Fortunately, some intelligent officials are communicating to the governor that this is NOT a good mandate.
Beware, Texans, this merely is the first chapter of "Mr. Goodhair Goes to Washington".

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