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Wanna-Be Texas Speaker McCall's Daddy was Pardoned by Bush in 2004 for Savings and Loan Scandal

27 December 2006 at 10:12:33 AM

While I was reading about low-key Brian McCall of Plano, I read that his daddy used to be mayor of Plano. Well, I didn't know his Daddy was also heavily involved in the scam on Texans, the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 70's. And Bush pardoned him for that in 2004. (Talk Left references the DMN of Oct 11, 1996)

Former Plano Mayor David B. McCall Jr., one of the most prominent civic leaders in Plano's 115-year history, on Thursday pleaded guilty to bank fraud, federal prosecutors said. Mr. McCall, 72, is the second former mayor of the city to admit guilt in the case involving more than $ 25 million in fraudulent loans made in the mid-1980s.


He has agreed to pay $ 379,000 restitution to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. He also faces a maximum $ 250,000 fine and a 5-year sentence - 10 years less than he might have faced had his case gone to trial Nov. 25 as had been expected. In a U.S. District Court in Beaumont, Mr. McCall, pleaded guilty to making, and causing to be made, false entries in the books and reports of the failed Plano Savings & Loan Association. The charge was in connection with a $ 3.1 million loan to McKinney - Highway 380 - Skyline Joint Venture, which used a tract of land in Murphy, Texas, as collateral on the loan in 1987.

Federal prosecutors said the land's value was inflated by about $ 1.4 million - substantially more than its worth. Mr. McCall knew about the inflated figure, officials said. "It's the government's position that it was Mr. McCall's intention to keep the information from the regulators so they wouldn't close the bank," said assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Savage, adding that the developers eventually defaulted on the loan. "These transactions alone may not have caused the failure of the bank but they contributed to the failure.

"If it had not been for this transaction, there is every possibility that the bank would not have lost as much money as it did," Mr. Savage said. "The reason that should be a federal offense is because the taxpayers ultimately paid the tab."

McCall pleaded guilty after a codefendant serving a seven year sentence agreed to testify against him:

Last month former Mayor Jack Harvard, 49, of Plano pleaded guilty to related charges and agreed to be a government witness against Mr. McCall. His sentencing was postponed until after Mr. McCall's trial....Mr. Harvard, who was mayor of Plano from 1982 to 1990, could get up to two years in federal prison and be fined up to $ 250,000. He has already been sentenced to seven years in federal prison and been fined $ 973,309 after being convicted last year of breaking federal banking laws while he was chairman of Willow Bend National Bank.

Mr. Harvard and Mr. McCall were indicted in August 1995, along with three other men, on federal bank fraud charges involving a series of loans totaling more than $ 25 million. The 11-count indictment alleged that the defendants created a web of transactions designed to transfer troublesome loans from one institution to another. The purpose, authorities say, was to hide difficulties from bank examiners and relieve borrowers of the need to repay the loans. In September, two real estate brokers pleaded guilty to bank fraud in connection with the same case.

From LAWeekly -2004 (notice that Bush knew Brian McCall's cell phone number?!)

The former mayor of a small Texas town lies on his deathbed when his son’s cell phone rings. “Brian, this is George Bush. How’s your dad?” The president was calling out of genuine concern for a genuinely decent man. David McCall was mayor of Plano when it was a place of its own rather than a Dallas suburb. A Texas town he once said “had more Cadillacs per person than anywhere else in the state. A first-class, high-class town.” He moved there after he got out of the Marines, went to work as a high school teacher, basketball coach and football announcer. He bought a Plano insurance agency, joined the Sunrise Rotary Club, attended First Baptist and, in 1956, was swept into office by a 276-60 vote. Then he put together a group of investors, bought controlling interest in a local bank and was twice named Plano’s “Citizen of the Year.”

He also was a white-collar criminal. That’s why the president was calling.

In 1996, David McCall pleaded guilty to cooking the books at the already insolvent Plano Savings & Loan, in a case that involved more than $25 million in fraudulent loans made in the 1980s. Another ex-mayor in the deal had turned state’s witness and was prepared to testify against ex-Mayor McCall. Both exes and three other men did time in federal prisons for a scheme that was common at the time: a daisy chain, moving bad loans from one institution to another to avoid foreclosure. George Bush was calling at what proved to be the last minute to inform David McCall that he was pardoned for his crime. The morphine drip was slowed and when he awoke he was told the president had pardoned him. Four days later he died.

LA Weekly asks the question we'd ALL like to know. WHY did Bush pardon David McCall, Jr?

Forget “Remember the Alamo.” Remember the S&L collapse. You’re still paying for it. No one knows the final tab, $300 billion to $500 billion in taxpayer-funded bonds to be retired in the future. More than half that was a transfer payment out of the pockets of taxpayers in the other 49 states and into insolvent S&Ls and bloated real estate deals in the Great State. Texas led the nation in failed S&Ls with 237, according to Robert Bryce’s Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America’s Superstate, due out in June. (California trailed Texas with a mere 101.) Just as Enron moved billions from individual portfolios and state teachers’ retirement systems into private bank accounts in Texas, the national S&L collapse was a net gain for Texas: $4,775 for every man, woman and child in the state. We should have sent thank-you notes.

The round-robin deed flip, in which a dozen buyers sell the same piece of property around a table in one day — each increasing its price so each buyer makes money until the final buyer defaults on the insider loan — was invented at Vernon Savings & Loan. As was the daisy chain. When it comes to plunder, as they say in Amarillo, Texas is the ne plus ultra. Maybe that’s why the city of Plano named a plaza after Mayor McCall a week before Bush pardoned him.

But why this S&L executive and not others? Just as Bush went to the head of the line when he enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard, certain people are handed “get out of jail” cards before others. Brian McCall is a Republican state rep from Plano who worked with Bush in the Texas Legislature. His brother is the name partner in a Plano law firm. Florence Shapiro, who called on the White House to ask for the pardon, is a former mayor of Plano who now serves in the Texas Senate. And is a protégé of Bush political adviser Karl Rove.

David Benjamin McCall and Nellie Hutchins had 2 children: David Benjamin McCall II, born in 1947 and James Brian McCall, born in 1958.

To be continued on next post because I feel like JUST BECAUSE one Republican is challenging another Republican to be speaker doesn't make the first one get a pass. And yes, I'm not saying that just because Brian McCall's daddy was a crook that Brian is also... but it's interesting that the articles about him don't seem to mention that about his daddy.

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Latest Blog Post by salon -Why are Paul Manafort's defense attorneys helping Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman today?
1 - E D L   20 Sep 2010 @ 4:47:21 PM 

Great background - is everyone watching now that there's been a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the "possible criminal" activity in the Collin County Texas District Attorney's office, who is the former Judge John Roach Sr.

His son, Republican State District Judge John Roach Jr, incumbent, hired David McCall III as his campaign manager.  McCall III works for the law firm Gay McCall Isaacks et al in Plano. This law firm shares adjoining offices/buildings with Senator Florence Shapiro's husband, attorney Howard Shapiro.  Small small world in the Republic of Texas house, don't ya think?

So President Bush called with such concern about David McCall II - wonder how the people who lost all they did in McCall's savings and loan crisis were similarly comforted by the President when enduriing equal devastation all under color of law?

McCall III and his colleague former Judge William Roberts are both contributors of record to various recently indicted Collin County Clerks, notably Patricia Crigger.

David McCall III was campaign manager for active visiting Texas State District Judge Nathan White Jr. in his failed re-election bid in 2006.

Governor Perry, Presidents George W and George H Bush, Judge White and so many others belong to the Sons of the American Revolution - wonder what happened to the Founding Fathers and the patriots who died to overthrow tyranny and end oppression by corrupt regimes for all of us?

Hope everyone answers fully with the right vote in November, 2010 to end these good ol' boys and what they join, with their female counterparts to keep each above all law......


2 - IONCC   19 Oct 2010 @ 6:59:08 PM 

David McCall also appears to be the treasurer for the republican candidate for district attorney in Collin county.  So why did Pa Pa Roach go after Willis with a grand jury?  It would appear from first glance that he didn't want Greg Willis as the front runner for the DA's position ( that was the rumors around the courthouse at the time, but who started the rumors? ).  But then again that whole issue was settled rather quickly and Willis moved on to take the lead for the GOP.  Not another word said after that.

Is Willis just another pawn to be used by PaPa Roach to cover his tracks once he's left office?  What about all the money and resources used to put together a grand jury investigation.  Would that be considered abuse of power for personal gain?  A smoke screen for a coverup.  Let's hope not.  

3 - hank hattendorf   18 Jan 2013 @ 5:28:13 PM 

David B. McCall, III is Hank Hattendorf Attorney a known white collar criminal in Plano, Texas. If you look at David McCall's background he seems very shady. His father went to prison he represents criminals like Henry Hattendorf. Justice for all.

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