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Clifton (Bosque County) Texas Newspaper Endorsements

5 November 2006 at 7:43:01 AM

Because the Trans Texas Corridor's alternate route would come right down Highway 6 and take out Clifton, the Clifton Record thought heavily about candidate's positions from that perspective.

 Should Rick Perry be re-elected Governor, he would surely consider this a mandate by the people that they want the corridor, when in fact in this neck of the woods, it is apparent that they do not.
    So, in statewide races, The Record has for the most part chosen candidates who are dedicated to fight the corridor over those who might tend to sit idly by and let it happen.

  • Chris Bell for Governor-The candidate with the best chance of beating Perry is Chris Bell, which is indicated in recent polls, as he is surging forward as the others are beginning to trail some. With this in mind, and because we do think Bell would do an excellent job (not to say the others wouldn’t), our endorsement goes to Bell.
  • The Record endorses Nathalie Paravicini for Lt. Governor. The Green Party candidate’s position on education reform, modernization of the tax system, and finding ways to cut election costs by implementing Instant Run-Off Voting could be significant in helping break the gridlock of sustained failure in state government. The pro-corporate approach to governance must end somewhere for Texas to move forward, and it is her pledge to stop the corporate takeover of our state government.
  •  Perhaps this newspaper’s strongest endorsement of all goes to David Van Os (D) for Attorney General, one of the most brilliant, pro-Texas candidates there probably has ever been.     This labor lawyer from San Antonio with 30-years’ experience has expressed to the Record that he will be a public servant for the people of Texas, not for the corporations of Texas.    Even before making this promise, Van Os refused to concede his campaign for the Texas Supreme Court in 2004 since there was no paper trail to record the votes from the electronic voting machines used in the state.    However, this year, this life-long Democrat has wide cross-party appeal because he has personally pledged to stop the draconian Trans-Texas Corridor before one slab of concrete is laid on Texas soil.
  • Our [Comptroller] endorsement goes to Fred Head (D), a former highly conservative state representative who is known for being a “watchdog of the people,” a fighter for the underdog. At a time when special interests rule the state house, his pledge to set things straight is sorely needed.
        Among his goals are elimination of all unfunded state government mandates, use of state funds for the purposes originally designated by the people of Texas unless changed by the people of Texas, and common sense, simple and accurate appraisals of all property by appraisal districts, using real figures as specific as is possible to each property.
  •  The Record supports VaLinda Hathcox, former Hopkins County Attorney, for State Land Commissioner. The former intern for Gov. Dolph Briscoe in the General Land Office (GLO) under former Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong has abundant experience that will best serve the GLO, the state’s oldest agency that manages state lands and mineral-right properties totaling 20.5 million acres.
        In her previous position she rewrote the state’s oil and gas leases to include geothermal, coal, and other alternative fuel resources. She says that the current commissioner has “lost sight of its constitutional charge and the legitimate functions of the GLO.” We agree.
  • The Record endorses Hank Gilbert, a 47-year-old self-employed rancher and former high school agriculture teacher from Whitehouse for State Ag Commissioner.
        Not only does Gilbert hit the bulls-eye with his position against NAFTA, but he is dead-set againt the Trans-Texas Corridor. Says Gilbert, “You know, NAFTA was a federal treaty that our government entered into with Mexico and Canada. It, just like the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), was done without the input of the people. We didn’t get to vote on it. We didn’t get to vote on the TTC.”
        Also running for the four-year post on the state agency established by the Texas Legislature in 1907 are Todd Staples (R) and Clay Woolam (L). Staples, a 43-year-old businessman and rancher from Palestine is currently serving as state senator in District 3 and, through his voting record, has supported the Trans-Texas Corridor.
        Gilbert, a plain-spoken, tell-it-like-it-is Texan, claims that NAFTA has “practically killed the fruit and vegetable market in the state of Texas. By the time our farmers are putting the seed in the ground to plant those vegetables, we’re receiving those very same vegetables across the border from Central America and Mexico. They’re hitting our grocery markets at the very same time our farmers are putting the seeds in the ground. So NAFTA has taken away any and all early markets away from our farmers. Which is where they used to make their money.”
        “This relates a lot to TTC because TTC is basically known as the NAFTA super-highway. It’s supposed to reach from Mexico all the way to Canada. And if that is allowed to happen we will kill our entire vegetable industry in the United States. Every vegetable you eat will come from Mexico or Central America. Or other Latin producing countries closer to the equator.”
        Gilbert won’t sell us out.
  • Highly qualified for the position of Railroad Commissioner is Dale Henry, a former Mills County Commissioner who is known as a workhorse who gets things done.
        A graduate of the University of Texas in Austin with a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering, Henry has abundant experience in the field and working with research and development groups aimed at enhancing the productivity of oil and gas wells.
  •  Radnofsky for Senator-    For too long, Hutchison has played the part of cheerleader, offering blind support for initiatives of the Administration and Big Oil and taking no responsibility for the outcomes. She has let dollars that should come to our state go elsewhere and has taken $1.7 million in campaign cash from Big Oil.
        Her chief opponent, Radnofsky, has pledged to be a player — on the field, to fight for every dollar for Texas, to stand up for what Texans believe and to be a real Senator. She is committed to fighting for affordable health care, including preventive care and prompt pay, to, as she puts it, “fix the Medicare mess” and deliver a real prescription drug benefit, and, as one of her most solemn pledges, “Guarantee veterans the health care they’ve earned.”
  • [Chet]Edwards [US House District 17] has spent abundant time in the district, getting to know his constituents on a first-name basis, and helping local citizens access important federal government programs. He has fought tirelessly to save the Waco VA hospital. In Bosque County, he played a crucial role in a recent water pipeline project for the Cities of Clifton and Meridian that will provide for future water needs, and he has fought to better enable regional healthcare on behalf of Goodall-Witcher Healthcare Foundation, as just a couple of examples that could be multiplied many times over in this region of Texas.
        Edwards has a solid track record of service and is considered an icon when it comes to fighting for the needs of veterans. If only there were more like him in Congress, returning veterans would more fully see their post-service needs answered.
  •  The incumbent, Averitt, has been described as having a friendly disposition and has been available to local interests when they need assistance in Austin. Yet he has made some decisions that were not in keeping with the desires of his constituents, such as focusing on Tom DeLay’s redistricting plan and letting school reform wane. When the Senate was forced to act on school finance, only a tiny bandage could be found. Too, he has been ambivilant about the Trans-Texas Corridor and has done nothing to stop its progression, which has infuriated many people in this area..
        Phil Smart has been described as bombastic, anti-corruption, and tells it like it is, even if he offends. When there are errors in government, he wants them corrected immediately and he doesn’t mind being heard. He is totally against the Trans-Texas Corridor and plans, if elected, to fight it strongly. On perhaps the downside, he has been in jail during the past three weeks, unable to campaign, on charges that his supporters say stem from his rubbing people in high places the wrong way.
        Overall, unless something is exposed that would render Smart an unsuitable candidate during the waning days of the campaign, The Record endorses him, since the Trans-Texas Corridor is a prime example of an initiative that needs to be defeated and a strong voice against it is needed in Austin.

Bosque County also has, unlike our county, Rob Orr as Texas House Representative, District 58. (We have Sid Miller versus Ernie Casbeer). The Clifton Record supports Orr's opponent, Greg Kaufman

Greg A. Kauffman, on the other hand, has come out strongly against the Corridor....period, and hopes to challenge it loudly in Austin. He is appalled at the school reform plan that recently passed in the legislature, is against educating to a test such as TAKS, and, we think, would be an effective representative.

(P.S. Leon Smith also has the newspaper "The Iconoclast" in Crawford).

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