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Sid Miller (Texas House District 59) on NAIS- He VOTED for it- HB1361/SB382

28 October 2006 at 1:01:04 AM

and he has the NERVE to say his opponent Ernie Casbeer is for it, which is patently untrue. And it's especially appalling when he voted for it in the first place!

Now read why he voted for it, from Farm And Ranch Freedom. Org (page 12)

Representative Sid Miller (R) ( – Response:
1. The role of the government in a NAIS: The state should establish a voluntary NAIS.
2. The reason for NAIS: Write your own statement:
This should be a voluntary program. You can participate for your own reasons, however I would choose to not participate at this time.
3. Are you an incumbent? Y
b. If you are an incumbent, did you vote in favor of HB 1361/ SB682 that authorized the Texas Animal Health Commission to implement NAIS in
Texas? Y
c. If you voted in favor of the legislation, please explain why, and whether your position has changed: The author of the bill did not explain the bill and I believe if he had the bill would have failed to pass. Out of 150 house members there was only one no vote. If it was voted on today now that the light has been shown on it, it would fail miserable. I have drafted and will file a bill to make the program voluntary.

WHAT???? He voted for a bill he didn't UNDERSTAND, where it wasn't even explained????? Well, how about voting in someone that will at least attempt to understand the bills he's voting for. I"m guessing Miller got a whole bunch of angry calls as people started realizing what he VOTED FOR and he's backtracking now that election time is near.

HicoTexas said this: State Rep.Sid Miller has sold Texas Ranchers and Farmers
down the river, and now he denies it! (Go read the entire Link)

Even though he denies it, Rep.Sid Miller and his accomplices in the Texas Legislature sent a bill to Governor Perry that gave authority to the State to force every person who owns an animal to (a) register their property with the State; and later to (b) register every animal they own, including the allowing a State Inspector to come on their property any time, to tag their animals with RFID's (Radio Frequency Identification tags).  Failure to register, or to permit an inspector on one's property, will result in fines up to $1,000 per day. 

The clever way that laws like this are made is that a bill is presented to part-time legislators like Sid Miller, too busy to read them all, much less understand them, and even if he does, it just has some neat little phrase like, "authorizes the TAHC to develop and implement an animal identification system..." 

Technically, Miller is right.  They didn't pass such a mandatory bill.  No, they passed a bill authorizing the Bureaucrats to do so.  That way the Bureaucrats can blame the Legislators, and the Legislators can blame the Bureaucrats, and while they argue, your freedom goes down the drain. 

During the 2005 legislative session, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1361, "authorizing the TAHC to develop and implement an animal identification system consistent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Identification System (NAIS).  HB 1361 (Chapter 161.056 of the Texas Agriculture Code) also authorizes the TAHC to determine when premises identification will be required and to assess and collect fees for premises registration."   Only one legislator has stood up and declared that she voted against this bill -- Susanna Gratia Hupp.  The Senate voted unanimously for it.  Governor Perry signed the bill.  It is now a law, pending final revisions.
Thanks, Sid.  You call yourself a conservative, but like so many politicians, you don't even read the bills you vote on, and you have just succeeded in destroying private property in Texas.  ..

Here is Sid Miller's misleading response to my request for information:

At 07:57 AM 1/3/2006, you wrote:

"Sid Miller" <>
Texas passed no mandatory registration, there was no bill ever voted on.  There has been some voluntary self recording to establish age verification to increase exports to Japan and other countries.  There has been some talk on the fed level to set up a national ID system.

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