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Sid Miller (Texas House District 59) Misrepresents Ernie Casbeer's Positions

28 October 2006 at 12:34:20 AM

I should know, because I have recorded video and audio of Casbeer on several occasions, and unlike Miller, I KNOW what Casbeer said. And so can you, I'm clipping some pieces out for you to hear for yourself. A reminder-here's Video of his speech at the Somervell Dem Meet the Candidates Rally and here is AUDIO of the debate from the other day.

First off, Sid took out a big honking ad in the Glen Rose Reporter that uses the same trite Republican lines of Big Government, Higher Taxes and Less Personal Freedom. Heh. This from the government that has created the largest deficit in our history and shifts around money faster than you can say "Hide the Dough!"(Hey! Ask Perry what happened to the money that's supposed to fund State Parks!)-and personal Freedom and Responsibility from the party that is spying on Americans, just gutted habeus corpus, and the scandal list is becoming comical (Male Predator Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham bribes, Jack Abramoff bribes, Tom DeLay-heh, the woman who wants to take his place won't even put his NAME in her campaign flyers... and so on.). And what about Mr. Miller, who took Union Pacific lobbyist money when Craddick was handing out checks in the Lege? And was involved in the TRMPAC scandal himself? (I'm going to clip a bit of the movie "The Big Buy" which talks about Sid Miller's involvement in the TRMPAC scandal-have you seen it yet? and put it in another post). It's just astonishing that Miller would have the nerve to talk about personal responsibilty.

I'm not speaking to every one of Sid's attacks, but I will for the ones where I dang well know he's lying misinforming people. One amazing thing is that, when I went to the Erath County debate the other night, Sid's side was handing out some kind of voter's guide that apparently came from this group, but purported to represent Ernie's views. Nope, Ernie never even filled out any forms relative to that- the guide that supposedly represents Ernie is actually a generic "Democrat Party Platform" X marks the spot. All you have to see on it is the green symbol (diamond) that explains that it's a platform position. Now, we all know that there are plenty of Dems that, unlike the Republicans who pretty much walk in lockstep, have some different views on various matters and it would have been GOOD for Ford and Shackleford in theirs Free Market Voter's Guide to make it plain that Ernie didn't PERSONALLY ANSWER. (Take a look at page 2 at the symbols "Party Platform Position" and then compare with page 8 and see the GREEN DIAMOND. Sheesh.


page 2


page 8

Talk about lack of personal responsibility. Shouldn't Sid Miller have made it clear that these weren't Ernie's positions before he trumpeted them?

.  Check the meaning of the green diamond. Even though Ernie Casbeer’s opponent knew it was not true, the information was advertised as facts.  It is time for honesty in government.  It is time to focus on the issues that impact Texas House District 59.  These issues are schools, fair taxes, protection of water and property, animal identification, and prisons.  The issues in the Free Voice Voters Guide are national issues, not state issues.  Do you want a representative who wants to make national laws or one that wants to solve state problems?  Do you want a representative who owes his vote to the PACs and rich out of state and out of district donors or one that owes his allegiance to the people of Texas House District 59?  Do you want a mud slinger or a consensus maker?

On Technology in our schools. Since Miller uses the reference in the ad from the Somervell Candidates forum that I attended, I think it's only fair that we LISTEN to what Casbeer said. Sid says "Ernie is opposed to bringing new technology, such as laptop computers into our classrooms...." That's just baloney. Ernie isn't against technology, he is against unfunded mandates, and uh, who remembers Grusendorf being SLAPPED DOWN when he wanted to SUBSTITUTE textbooks for laptop computers? Remember this from April of 2005? I think Ernie makes an excellent practical point about laptops in the classroom in this audio excerpt here (from the Somervell Dem forum).

SID: Ernie says he opposes state involvement in securing our borders and curbing illegal immigration. Here's audio of what Ernie believes, listen for yourself. (Can I say, I am too-why the FOOL is Perry wanting to spend 100 million MORE of our money when the federal government ought to be funding this? Otherwise, what the heck was all the hoopla of Bush signing that immigration bill? I can think of a lot of places here in Texas that 100 million could go, including highways that are PUBLIC instead of the Trans Texas Horrordor (Which Sid Miller supports because he voted for it and will not stop it), and, uh, paying teachers, etc a better salary.)

Ernie on microchipping livestock. I also know about this because I have heard Ernie say repeatedly that he is AGAINST the National Livestock ID program that would use RFID to chip. He talked about this again at the Somervell Dems meeting-listen for yourself. Note that he does NOT SAY HE IS FOR CHIPPING EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL, Miller is misrepresenting.

Ernie didn't attend any antiwar protest rallies with Cindy Sheehan, and has said so on at least two occasions I have heard. Sid seems to enjoy mudslinging as a hobby.

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