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Outside of area of Somervell County Hospital District

Glen Rose Medical Center-Map of Where External For-Profit Clinics Are (2019)

16 May 2019 at 8:44:01 PM

This map created  from the list of ancillary clinics in the March 27 2019 Somervell County Hospital District board meeting.  One is not listed on the map, as I'm not sure at this point where it is , except that it is not in Somervell County. I've also included Pecan Family Medical Center in Pecan Plantation, although it is not from this management company because it also operates not only outside Somervell County Hospital District borders but in Hood County's Hospital District, in which the Hood County taxpayers pay no tax. (See item # XV from this meeting in Jan 28 2016 in which the hospital board voted to take out a loan to finance the remodel and expansion of Pecan Clinic and Therapy Services)

As you look at this, consider that you as a Somervell County resident pay taxes to the Somervell County Hospital District. The District is supposed to be for you, and Glen Rose Medical Center is supposed to be non-profit since it is a public hospital. There is no part of the Somervell County Hospital District definition that includes operating clinics outside of the area. If somehow they could operate clinics outside the area, they would need to be for you and serve a public purpose. Operating through a management group for -profit does not serve a public purpose. Plus, consider, are you really going to go travel to McKinney or Denton? And the board is talking about (and maybe they already have ) opening more clinics in the metroplex. On one meeting video, they mentioned Aledo, and Dr Vasick talked about clinics in Parker County. It's very clear and in fact, Ray Reynolds has said so,as has Dr Vascick, that these clinics are revenue opportunities. 

What are the costs (excluding Pecan Family Medical Center, which the board doesn't seem to know where the costs are)? (I have an open records request to view the contracts, and will post them after I see) Here is a partial breakdown, you can listen to the links below, with video to hear what Ray Reynolds had to say.

From the October 26, 2018 Somervell County Hospital District board meeting

For radiology lab that operates in the Cleburne Family Medical Center in Johnson County. 

  • $10,840 management fee paid each month to I-35 Capital Physicians  Group
  • $19,850 lease and equipment fee per month TO I-35 Capital Physicians Group
  • Bonus paid to the management company that starts out at 25% and can go up to 50% of collections. 
  • People working there in radiology are on Glen Rose Medical Center payroll, so part of our budget

Therapy type clinics -There are 2 separate management leases, with 1 management agreement for 3 locations in Plano, Fort Worth, and North Plano, along with therapy services agreements that include leasing the personnel and the premises. One of the monthly management fees is $35,254 per month, another for a different management company is $69, 552 per month. 

You can see this is quite pricey. 

If these people were coming to Glen Rose Medical Center or a clinic operating within the boundaries of Somervell County Hospital District, that would be one thing. But they're not. These for-profit clinics are primarily for the benefit of the physicians in each clinic around the metroplex and secondarily, for Somervell County Hospital District to profit from operating a clinic there. A few of them are operating inside another hospital district and 2 hospital districts cannot exist in the same territory. So Pecan Family Medical Center in Hood County, whatever the clinic in Fort Worth is that operates in Tarrant County's Hospital District and the one in Addision that operates in Dallas County's Hospital District. This is illegal. For the others, they aren't in the territory, period and are not apparently part of a hospital district (although if Dr Vasick has his way to open up one in Weatherford or related, that would be in Parker County's Hospital District). Somervell County Hospital District simply can't spend taxpayer money that is being charged to us in order to open some for-profit clinics in other areas. I believe they would have to do two things to make that legal-one, to get an intergovernmental agreement of some type or perhaps the intended location would have to have a voting referendum for the residents there to agree to have a clinic in their county(s) and 2. Assuming that is the right move to make, Somervell County Hospital District would then need to alter their legal definition, as it would then be different from the original petition that this county voted for, and refile with the state. 

As evidence of what the board has done up to this point.

Now, it takes about 6 months after requesting a Texas Attorney General opinion for the answer to come back. You would think that the Somervell County Hospital Board members would want to ensure that what they're doing is legal. I am not the only one that does not like taxpayer money being spent outside the district, disclaimer that my hub, who was on the board in a couple of previous years, also had much the same opinion. In fact, I sent a complaint letter to then-sheriff Greg Doyle who conferred with Andy Lucas, Somervell County Attorney, about it, in August of 2013 that was specifically about Pecan Family Medical Center which exists in Hood County's hospital district.  I also wrote this letter to the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper  in September 2013.

The question is not whether it's okay to use Pecan Family Medical Center as a cash cow, as if being able to supplement one's income from any source justifies the practice. IF that were true, then it would be fine for, say, a flower business to sell drugs to school children, because, after all, it's bringing in additional revenue.

Here are the facts, and I suggest anyone that disputes this do some research: Somervell County Hospital District boundaries in the petition that was voted on comprise the county boundaries of Somervell County, not Hood County; the definition also indicates that tax money is to be spent in our district - "The boundaries of the District shall be coterminous with the boundaries of Somervell County. None of the territory in the district is included in another hospital district established pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas."

Two districts cannot hold the same territory. Hood County has its own hospital district, but citizens there pay NO tax for it. That is because Hood County made a deal with private company CHS to operate Lake Granbury Medical Center. Although a district can enter into an interlocal agreement with another county to operate a clinic, there is no such agreement with Hood County.

  I believe that a lof o people may not know that this is what GRMC is doing.  If Glen Rose Medical Center wants to be a private hospital and take NO taxpayer money to fund itself, then let them do that instead of trying to do both. It actually looks like a form of subterfuge for them to be doing this arrangement. 



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