Most Popular Posts on Somervell County Salon in 2017


Most Popular Posts on Somervell County Salon in 2017

21 December 2017 at 7:45:08 AM

by salon
2017 Sex Offenders in Somervell County
by pharper
Glen Rose Medical Center posted a patient record online and it stayed there for nearly 2 years
by salon
On Prayer at School Board Meetings- AHA Goes to the US Supreme Court
 4.   by salon
Camel Toes and Glen Rose Medical Center - October 2017
by pharper
Paul Harper deposed for 'Turks v. Somervell County Hospital District and Ray Reynolds' federal lawsuit
by salon
More on Ray Reynolds,CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center,Salary at Glen Rose Medical Center
 7.   by salon
Turk Lawsuit v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District -Update 10/25/2017
by salon
Kudos to Brian Watts and John Curtis (Somervell County) re: Check Registers (2017)
 9.   by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs/Sheriff Incident Reports/Fire-EMS - Sept 1 2017 thru Oct 10 2017
 10.   by salon
City of Glen Rose Texas Lack of Transparency (2017)
 11.   by salon
Update on Turk vs Somervell County Hospital District and Ray Reynolds Lawsuit - 7/31/2017
by salon
Rumour-Does Somervell Fire Chief Have 3 Separate Salaries? Answer: NO
 13.   by salon
Animal Control? Somervell County Currently has NO INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT with the City of Glen Rose
 14.   by salon
Harsh! Sandra Ramsay Doesn't Want YOU to easily know what happens at Glen Rose City Meetings
by salon
Letter Grades in 2017 for Glen Rose ISD and Brazos River Charter Schools
 16.   by salon
Nazis are BAD!!!! Trump May Well Be a White Supremacist Himself - 8/15/2017-Updated
 17.   by salon
UPDATED 9/8/2017 -GRISD Public School Supporting Christian Mission thru (2017)
 18.   by salon
Texas Hog Hunters File Actions Against Sid Miller for his Warfarin (Rat Poison) Hog Apocalypse
 19.   by salon
Feral Hogs and Stickland/Stringer - April 6 2017 Texas Legislature
by salon
JP Prayers in Courtroom (Texas) Freedom from Religion Foundation Files Suit against Judge Wayne Mack
 21.   by salon
Regarding Re:SearchTX and Somervell County (Glen Rose)
by salon
What Somervell County Hospital District Taxpayers Pay for Doctor Salaries (2017)
 23.   by salon
Why Did Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center Keep Liz Morgan On After She was Convicted? (Pled Guilty 3rd Degree Felony)
by salon
Newest City of Glen Rose Animal Control Ordinance as of March 31 2017 Including Fees
 25.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 4/5/2017
 26.   by salon
Sid Miller's Irresponsible Touting of Warfarin to Kill Feral Hogs
by salon
Think Mean Old Trumpcare Won't Affect You? Only for Poor People or Welfare Cheats? (7/19/2017
 28.   by salon
Michigan Commissioners Court Can No Longer Open Meetings with Prayer (Unconstitutional) (2/16/2017)
 29.   by salon
Video- re Speed Limit on Camelot St- Glen Rose
 30.   by salon
3 year anniversary of the lawsuit Darrell Best lodged - STILL ongoing
 31.   by salon
CrazyPants Donald Trump O Week- 3/18/2017
 32.   by salon
Just Wondering-Why Doesn't Somervell County Commissioners Court Have a Public Comment Section?
 33.   by salon
Video- About changing classification for *work campers* at Oakdale Park
 34.   by salon
Somervell County Hospital District no longer doing invocations at public meetings as of Feb, 2017?
by salon
Top 15 Posts of the Month for March 2017-Somervell County Salon
by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 8/5/2017 - Trump Is a Fool Edition
 37.   by salon
Trump O Day- 4/1/2017
 38.   by salon
A Few Other Interesting Bits from the Turk Filing of October 2017
by salon
Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting coming up on March 13 2017 at 9:30 am
 40.   by salon
Audio - Somervell County Water District meeting of Feb 13 2017
by salon
Something Odd About the Timing of The Firing of Shelley Turk
 42.   by salon
Donald Trump Spits on Constitution, Declares the Media Is the Enemy of the People
by salon
What about Trump Supporters Private Land Getting Seized to Build Trump's Wall?
 44.   by salon
Wayne Rotan, Superintendent of Glen Rose ISD,on Texas HB21 (2017)
by salon
Grand Jury Indictments for Somervell County from August 16, 2017
 46.   by salon
Trump's *Fake News* is just another name for Gossip-And He engages in Gossip too
 47.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 4/2/2017
by salon
Only 2 more main chances for current Somervell County Hospital Board to evaluate employee Ray Reynolds (3/19/2017)
 49.   by salon
Great Article by Bernie Sanders- What Should We Do if the president is a liar?
 50.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 4/10/2017
by salon
So.. Nobody's Watching Donald Trump on Saturday Mornings? Where's His Keepers?
 52.   by salon
Sid Miller May not get his chance to Poison Hogs with Warfarin
 53.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 2/20/2017-President's Day and Trump-A-Palooza
by salon
Glen Rose Medical Center Salaries -2/7/2017 (Somervell County Texas)
by salon
DIY Projects In the near term -Pallet Shed and Fence
by salon
Can County Commissioners Deliver Invocations? 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals Says NO! (7/14/2017)
 57.   by salon
Update: Good Thing I took screenshots because GRMC has REMOVED the Jan 29 2015 agenda doc
by salon
House Just voted to let ISPS collect your browsing data without notifying you
by salon
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Meeting on March 13 2017 at 5:30 pm
by salon
City of Glen Rose Resolution re: Local Control vs Greg Abbott at the Texas level
 61.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused 3/28/2017
 62.   by salon
Do You Believe in Open Government (Texas)
 63.   by salon
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/19/2017
by salon
Geesh! Donald Trump is a bonehead- About Michael Flynn being a *foreign agent*
by salon
Does Jack Graham Condone Trump's Response to Charlottesville? Still Part of Trump's Evangelical Committee
 66.   by salon
Project Of the Day- Deer Resistant Fence Around Fruit Tree
 67.   by salon
*I Put up with Obama for 8 Years, You Can Put up with Trump*
by salon
LA Times Goes After *Our Dishonest President*- Donald Trump
 69.   by salon
Trump O Day- 3/29/2017.. The Grift Continues
 70.   by salon
March 2017-CALL Your Texas Legislator and Tell them to Support FIXING Public Information
by salon
How much has Andy Lucas spent since Aug 2016 on ongoing case State of Texas ex Rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper?
 72.   by salon
Happy PI Day 2017!
by salon
Mike Pence's Fractured *Black History Month* Tweet and Black Twitter Hilarity
by salon
About Trumpcare- Breaking It Down (3/7/2017)
 75.   by salon
Video - Somervell County Commissioners Court Regular Session Full Video 2/13/2017


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