Somervell County resident? Not City? You'll pay if you want to drop off stray dog at City of Glen Rose


Somervell County resident? Not City? You'll pay if you want to drop off stray dog at City of Glen Rose

19 July 2017 at 7:20:53 AM

Somervell County resident only, if you live in the city, this doesn't apply to you. Suppose you find a stray dog or cat (or other animal) on your property that you determine is not one of your neighbors and was possibly dumped. If you can somehow capture it, you decide you might go take it to the Glen Rose Animal Shelter and drop it off. After all, if you are wrong about this stray, it might be that the correct owner will check the shelter to see if it's there, and it will go back to its home. Makes sense, right?  

You can't do that anymore the way things are between the city and the county. Somervell County no longer has any type of contract with the City of Glen Rose Animal Shelter, and the City of Glen Rose has a fee schedule that will cost YOU, a county resident, money if you bring in a stray. For example, would be $25 for an adult dog. Personally, unless the dog or cat I bring in is one of my own, for which I should take full responsibility, I don't want to pay $25 to bring in a stray I found. The other day I was at the Animal Shelter and a couple drove up in a pickup. The woman had found a really cute little white dog when she was out and about, and they thought they'd come bring it in. It was an adult dog, and looked well fed, so it was quite likely someone's pet. But hearing that it would cost $25 to drop off, they left. 

In fact, in the past, some people used to dump animals at the shelter after hours, in order to avoid paying any fee. What makes anyone think that this could not happen again OR that some people might not dump strays in the city, knowing that they at least then would be picked up? 

On a practical level, because Tammy is the rabies control officer for the City, if the county has no contract, that requires that the county hire a rabies control officer. That they have done, Dr Mike Jones. Dwayne Griffin also requested (and it was approved) for up to $3000 for gloves, leads and a cage. 

However, the part about stray dogs completely fell out of the cracks and the mechanism for possibly reimbursing citizens or the county for bringing in stray dogs SOMEWHERE was not discussed. BUT the idea is out there, I've heard it from Tammy and also John Curtis. The idea would be that there could be an agreement between the city and the county that county residents could bring in stray dogs, the City Animal Control would keep track of this, and then put in a bill every so often, for example monthly, to be reiumbursed. The cost of doing this would be much less than the roughly $58,000 the county previously paid per year and it would be a service paid BY THE COUNTY for residents who wanted to bring in stray dogs (This obviously doesn't include *bad dogs* or rabid dogs, if you see one of those you are to call the sheriff's office). The commissioners DID NOT EXPRESS that this would be the way it could work. Only John Curtis was for doing this; Larry Hulsey, Kenneth Wood, and Don Kranz were against it. (There was no vote taken specifically on this, but when I looked back, it appears this idea of stray dogs and a way to help county residents wasn't even on the agenda-in other words, if you looked at the agenda, you wouldn't have known this was to be discussed, but rather, Dr Mike as rabies control officer and 2nd, getting animal control equipment such as gloves, etc)

Hulsey made a comment at this meeting that the city and county were still in negotiation about all this. IF THAT IS TRUE, when why the fool aren't these negotiations public? Shouldn't WE get to know what it is they are talking about by this being brought up an open meeting? What kind of *negotiations*? Formal ones or just in passing saying "Hey, thought any more about this?" in a private meeting at the coffee shop? 

This whole brewing controversy about the city versus county is sort of ridiculous to me. I consider myself a Glen Rose resident. My mailing address is Glen Rose and even though I don't live in city limits, I don't feel estranged from the city. Do both entities WANT me to feel estranged? Seems like, including the later commissioner discussion about police stats in county vs city, that govt is feeding on divisions and it's not clear to me that it's not from both sides of the fence. 

It appears to me that, as per the animal control issue, some of this hard feeling came about during the Luminant crisis. The county says that the city asked for $80,000 and the county counter-offered by saying okay, but then we also want you, city, to take over running two of the parks . The city didn't want to do that, and negotiations fell through, resulting in NO interlocal agreement between city and county to use City of Glen Rose Animal Control for ALL residents.

Glen Rose Reporter Feb 10 2017

“Absent a contract, it came down to the situation where we couldn’t afford to stay in that (county) business,” Nolen stated. “It’s a situation where the two sides had different opinions, and that happens sometimes.”

County Commissioner Larry Hulsey stated that the city asked the county to increase its financial contribution by $22,000 per year, to $80,000.

The commissioners countered with an offer to increase its payout — if the city would eventually take over maintenance of three parks that are on county property within the city. Hulsey declined to say how much the county was offering to pay the city in that scenario.

“We offered them a deal and they turned it down,” Hulsey said. “We would subsidize the parks the first three years.

“They keep saying they are two different issues. I can’t speak for the other commissioners, but i think if they’re not willing to help out with the parks, I think it’s a dead issue.”

So there's no contract now at all. And seems to me that having TWO animal control entities in the SECOND SMALLEST COUNTY IN TEXAS is a little overkill, plus, again, there's no arrangement for stray dogs. Consider that if you are a city resident, you are paying twice for animal control. 

Incidentally, there are the costs for Dr Mike as rabies control officer vs City of Glen Rose animal shelter. Understand that Tammy is also a rabies control officer but is now limited to the city.

City of Glen Rose 

Dr Mike as Rabies Control Officer-PDF document. Note that the cost fees are for rabid animals, NOT strays. Here's what Dr Mike's payments and costs are

Maybe you don't care about the stray dogs. I do. I like to think that if one of my dogs got lost somehow that it might have a chance of being brought in to a facility for me to discover. I like to think that it won't be shot by a homeowner because that person has no other option. And I DO like the idea of Tammy's to get an agreement to have the county reimbursed by conscientious citizens who bring in a stray animal so they aren't charged the fee. 

Somervell County Commissioners Court has dropped the ball on their side and it's the county residents who pay.


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