Video- Somervell County Commissioners on Animal Control May 8 2017


Video- Somervell County Commissioners on Animal Control May 8 2017

19 July 2017 at 7:19:52 AM

from the Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting May 8 2017. Previous post on this. 

Synopsis: Somervell County no longer has any written contractual arrangement/agreement with the City of Glen Rose Animal Control. City of Glen Rose has voted on and approved a fee schedule for Somervell County residents that do not live within city limits. 

If you are a county resident and not a city resident

  • If you see a stray animal or want to bring in an animal of your own TO City of Glen Rose Animal Control, you have to capture the animal and then will be charged, for example, $25 for an adult animal. 
  • If you see a rabid animal or one you believe to be a rabid animal, you will call 911 and the sheriff's department will come out to see. ON the video, you will see Dwayne Griffin of the Sheriff's Department asking for such items as gloves, leads, cages for protection. Mike Jones, vet, is now the Local Rabies Control officer. 

Rough Transcript

Chambers: Discuss take action on rabies control officer: Mike Jones, in your packet. He has this in the 90's, has been inspected by teh state, facility approved to do the quarantine if ever have to do. 90 day out. $200 per month. Any additional fees would be on a case by case basis if it has to be quarantined. The fees of the quarantine and the rate of being sent off you always try to pass off to the owner first. But the owner does not always have the ability to pay so therefore the county in the case of a quarantine could be out $288 per quarantine. If they send it off for analysis it's $150. He said they've had 3 or 4 in the 20 years he's been involved.

Curtis. It's a necessity, so we have to get it done.

Chambers: Specify a date, May 10. 

Brian Watts: Express it monthly, start it on the 16. 

I'm wondering why rabies control officer was on the agenda but not specifically discussing the fee schedule that the City of Glen Rose has set up that charges county residents to drop off strays. It was NOT ON THE AGENDA, so how would anyone looking at the agenda know this was to be discussed? 

Chambers: Full payments in June. Something else. City has put out a schedule for surrendered animals for county residents. $25 for adult animals, $40 for a litter of 3 or more and $15 any animal under 6 months old. Consensus is if a county resident were to have to do this and be charged, even though the city and county cannot come to an agreement at this time, the county would pick up that fee. 

Curtis: If I have a stray dog and I take it to the pound, since historically we pay X number of dollars to the City to handle animals, if a county resident takes it, and they're going to be charged, I think the county ought to take that 

Hulsey: I don't. (unintelligible) They want $80,000 a year for that service, they should provide it free.

Audience: Specifically, how would that work? Would I, for example, take it in, pay the $25, get a receipt and then bring it back to the county, in other words, what's the mechanics of it?

Chambers: Good question

Curtis: We'd have to approve it before we discuss the mechanics of it. 

I don't understand this either. Isn't approving this first before discussing how it would work putting the cart before the horse? I do appreciate John Curtis bringing it up, but it wasn't clear from the discussion that this was an alternative way to fix the problem with strays. 

Chambers: One says we'd like to, one says we woulnd't like to. YOu woudn't like to, what do you think Don? You wouldn't like to. 

Curtis: There's a fee structure set up by the city for county residents should they dispose of or receive an animal .. if a city resident is also a county resident, do they charge them too?

Chambers: Looks like they do not

Kranz: I don't think the city resident gets charged. 

Chambers: Even though city residents are county residents, they're being treated differently than county residents. 

Hulsey (unintelligible) taxes

Chambers: We're getting ready to get into that in a little while on another issue. So at this time we won't take up as far as the county fees at this time? NOt that it's not up for discussion at a later date:  Where do we stand ?

Hulsey: WE are in negotiation with the city

Chambers: Yes sir. So the whole fee structure may get reworked

Really? Where and when is this negotiation taking place because it's sure not happening where the public gets to know about it, say, at an OPEN MEETING.

Hulsey Right

Chambers: Who knows how that will go? We've been discussing, what, about 7 months now. Back to the rabies control authority. Motion to make Mike Jones the rabies control authority? Motion by John, 2nd by Don. 5 for zero against. County animal control. Dwayne, you and Allen

Griffin: Basically need 3 pair of bike gloves (up to the elbows) to collect bad dogs $150 a pair. 2 catch poles, 6 foot long poles with cords on end $150 apiece. Cage for vehicle for transporting, throw in back of old farm truck, from $400 to $2000 depending on what you want. Don't know if a $400 would hold a mad pit bull that tried to bite through the cage. Can do this for under $3000, best prices we can come up with. 

Curtis: Would this cage be inserted and removed from vehicle?

Griffin: Divided cage for 2 animals. Recommend the higher unit because all aluminum enclosed where animal cannot bite or get out of it, better for handling dangerous animals? Old airstreams rounded, looks like it, 2 doors on the back with divider in the middle. 

Chambers: If commissioners were to do this, not in budget for animal control. 

Watts: Purchase orders, budget transfers from contingency to cover that. 

Curtis: This ordinance,once you get in the back , you have to take them somewhere, the way I read this, there's a charge rate the city has established.

Griffin: If we pick them up for a bite, they will go for rabies. If bad dog or stray animal, we're going to have to look at the commissioners court for that. IMO it's the bites and bad dogs that we would deal with, go to Mike Jones

Watts: So we're not getting into the stray dog business

Griffin: I would tell you what I would do with them but that might be inhumane

Watts: I understand  I just want to clarify that residents calling because they see a dog walking down a county road, that doesn't warrant us 

Griffin: It's not going to be our job, no sir. We're going to deal with the threat to the public Bad dogs and dog bites 

Watts: I had 2 in my neighborhood this weekend. 

Chambers: Well, what kind of direction, gentleman, to go? 

Wood: I make a motion that we approve up to that range  Larry second 5 for 0 against 


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