More on Ray Reynolds,CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center,Salary at Glen Rose Medical Center


More on Ray Reynolds,CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center,Salary at Glen Rose Medical Center

10 March 2017 at 2:49:32 PM

Overall, I recently wanted to see, as a taxpayer, what Somervell County citizens are paying for the salaries of anyone who works for Somervell County Hospital District, whether at Glen Rose Medical Center or through Glen Rose Healthcare Inc. Understand as the base level playing field to this that Somervell County residents, who are definitely ALL part of the Somervell County Hospital District, pay both sub categories of salaries, as well as benefits. How do we know this? Because, it's ALL part of the budget that the Somervell County Hospital District board voted for, for 2017, and you pay for in YOUR taxes.

I first asked early this year for all employees, including doctors of Somervell County Hospital District, that does business as Glen Rose Medical Center.  On the information I inspected, Ray Reynolds, CEO, salary is GROSS 149621.96. Becky Whitsitt, CFO,  makes 81,032. Michael Honea, COO,  makes 112,183.66. (I could put in a comment here about why in the fool the CFO, a woman, is making so much less then the men, but that's another discussion

Because, for some reason, Ray Reynolds decided to slice and dice this and didn't include doctors, I asked again for Glen Rose Healthcare Inc (which is what is also called the 501a, an apparently archaic term).  

Remember that Reynolds has said the reason for the 501a to exist at all is for shortfall (otherwise known as OSA) money)  It is my understanding, confirmed also from a previous board meeting video, that a hospital can directly employee doctors 

The 501a doctors are employees -look about 2:44 into this video clip. 

Reed (attorney), I call them 1099's, they're only 1099's if you contract with them.  Yours are employees, so yours are still W2 employees under the non-profit medical corporation, they're still W-2 employees, they still have different benefits, they're benefits on that side rather than the hospital side. Now they do have a separate insurance policy... so some separate expense for that insurance policy

Reynolds: There's no significant cost for the 501a, other than the registration process but there's not a significant cost associated with maintaining the 501a. ... Particularly now that we've changed the benefits on the hospital side to where the employees are making a significant larger contribution to their health insurance and in our retirement plan, on the physician side of the 501a side, we pay the entire cost of the health insurance for the physicians and we also have a retirement plan which we participate in, so if they were to come over to the hospital, we'd have to reconcile those differences, particularly highly compensated on the health insurance. We'd have to figure out how to manage that piece of it. 

Reed -Those are 2 pieces that you're not going to be able to reconcile. You can make exceptions on things like PTO but you're not going to be able to make their health insurance and retirement different. The health insurance and retirement that you do for all your employees is going to have to be exactly the same. So, you bring them over, they're going to have to be on the same insurance and retirement everybody else is on. 

So, let's do an example. Suppose you have a blended family,ie, you have been married before and both your spouse and you have children that are not biological children. Your spouse says that she wants to provide some things for her child that will not go to the other children. For example, she wants to buy a car, spend money on a fancy apartment for her 18 year old daughter, and give her a budget to go eat out at expensive restaurants. It all falls underneath YOUR yearly budget, you're paying for both the fancy stepdaughter as well as the other children, but to keep closer tabs on what exactly you're doing for the SD, you make two categories for the children. One- Expensive SD, and other Rest of Children. Does it all, again, come out of YOUR budget? Yes. 

Remember that Dr Steven Vacek was pretty offended that he would be lumped in with the other employees, even though he is ALSO AN EMPLOYEE and ALL of Somervell County residents pay for him. (Reminder that he also did a speech patting the employees on the back when they took cuts, but those cuts apparently did not affect him one bit-How magnanimus). 

Why this about the 501a and salaries at all? Because, Ray Reynolds has had salary included as part of the 501a, but hidden, before. Someone asked him directly at an October 2016 meeting what his salary was and he told the lady to do an open records request.  In 2015, part of Ray Reynolds salary was included in the 501a projected 2016 budget under "Purchase Services" allocation.  

Is it a fair assumption that part of the salaries of Ray Reynolds, etc are actually allocated in the 501a budget? Yes, according to the budget meetings that were held last year for this years budget.

From this clip
Reynolds: One thing I want to add, there's 25 percent of my salary and 25 percent of Becky and 25 percent of Ladonna is allocated over to the 501a. 
Whitsitt-: Also PR.
Reynolds: We'll talk about that some more but there is an allocation here and that number comes out of
Whitsitt: as a purchase service

In fact, I called up today and spoke with both Ray Reynolds and Becky Whitsett regarding this splitout of Ray and others salaries, part of which is included in the 501a bucket. Ray said that the number in the original open records request, $149,000 includes also a part that is listed under the 501a, (ie, that number, $149k is a total that represents both account places)  that he took a salary cut with the other employees during the Luminant tax crisis, and that's why his salary has dropped. I didn't ask what the numbers were precisely that are included under 501a, but Reynolds, as per above, has said that 25 percent of the salary is what is allocated there. If we assume 25 % of 149,000, that would be approx $37,000 in the 501a bucket.  I also didn't ask, may at some other occasion, what the advantage is for not having the entire salary amount listed in one account but split. If it is, for example, that Ray et al provide services to the 501a, such as accounting. Ray said, at the budget meeting.

Reynolds: Certainly we provide services to the 501a, we provide accounting services, we do their payroll, and maybe I do some things too but that is an allocation .. how do you want to handle it? If you're really wanting the, I guess, the 501a to only absorb direct expenses, fine, we'll move it back to the hospital but it's not going to change the consolidated bottom line at all, just moving from one to the other. Our thoughts have been we would treat the 501a as if they were an independent practice and allocate expenses out to them. It really doesn't matter to us... we want to improve the look,

"Maybe I do some things too". That seems a little iffy that it is required to have part of his salary split out, but perhaps there is a detailed spreadsheet that would show a list of exactly what his billable hours and actions have been for the so-called 501a, rather than this ambiguity. Incidentally, I am unable to find that Ray Reynolds, employee, has been evaluated as required by the bylaws of the district-last time I wrote about this was in September 2016. If I have somehow missed this required evaluation by the Somervell County Hospital District since September of 2016,  do drop me a note with the reference of the meeting date in which this was done. 

I encourage anyone that also wonders about this to do open record/public information requests to the Somervell County Hospital District. They are accountable to YOU, the taxpayer.



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