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Video - Somervell County Commissioners Court Regular Session Full Video 2/13/2017

14 February 2017 at 8:05:25 AM


Commissioners Court
Regular Meeting
2/13/2017 9:30 AM 
 Commissioners Courtroom
107 N.E. Vernon   Glen Rose, TX 76043
 Agenda  Agenda Packet 
I. Agenda Requests
  1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flags.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  2. Prayer.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  3. Approve Minutes of previous Commissioners Court.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  4. Discuss/take action on donation of books, etc. and all associated material to Somervell County from the Paluxy Valley Genealogical Archives.
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Information
  5. Presentation to discuss Texas Law 31.035 working in lieu of Property Taxes; a solution for non profit organizations to use county facilities at minimum cost to the County.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  6. Presentation by Sheriff Alan West, Dwayne Griffin and Thomas Cochran on equipment needed for the Sheriff's Department.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  7. Discuss/take action on Bilingual Pay for Sheriff's Department Employees.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  8. Discuss/take action on Certification Pay for Sheriff's Department employees.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  9. Discuss/take action on Shift Differential Pay for Sheriff's Department employees.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  10. Discuss/take action on the Annual Racial Profiling Report.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  11. Discuss/take action on new Emergency Response Agreement between Somervell County Entities and Luminant Generation Company LLC.
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Agreement
  12. Discuss/take action on 2017 Fireworks Resolution.
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Resolution
  13. Discuss/take action on renewal contract between the Somervell Central Appraisal District and Somervell County.
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Contract
  14. Discuss/take action on Salary Survey for all Somervell County Employees.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  15. Approve County Treasurer's Report.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  16. Receive and approve Monthly Reports from County Departments.
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Appraisal District
    b. C O A
    c. Constable Precinct 1
    d. Constable Precinct 2
    e. County Attorney
    f. County Library
    g. County-District Clerk
    h. Expo Center
    i. Extension Office
    j. Fire Chief
    k. Golf Course
    l. JP'S Office
    m. Sheriff's Department
  17. Approve Contract renewal for: 1.) Kirbo Office Systems; 2.) Pine Moore Shavings; 3.) Public Power Pool (P3).
    document Agenda Request Printout
    a. Kirbo
    b. Pine Moore
  18. Approve Budget Transfers.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  19. Approve remainder of County Bills.
    document Agenda Request Printout
  20. Adjourn Meeting.
    document Agenda Request Printout



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