Somervell County Hospital District Budget Meeting 9/202016 (for 2016-2017)


Somervell County Hospital District Budget Meeting 9/202016 (for 2016-2017)

22 September 2016 at 8:05:08 AM

The Somervell County Hospital District was largely engaged with plenty of questions regarding the budget, particularly Margaret Drake. Don't understand why Dr Steven Vacek was participating, and particularly voting, since he is an employee of the hospital and his salary is paid by the taxpayers of this district. Incidentally, NONE of the board members were given a printed copy of the draft budget to follow along with, but had to look on the projector, and ask to scroll up and down.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Some callout clips with rough transcripts

Reynolds: Here's the summary, you can see that we budgeted revenue flat....Our inpatient revenue continues to decline so our inpatient is down, we projected a 9 percent decrease in inpatient revenue, lost some doctors and also just kind of the trend

Savings from employee salaries, benefits.

District tax value. Took the non-Luminant values  at the 17.38 tax rate (max tax rate) plus took value that Luminant brought into CAD x 17.38 to give us project revenue 1.9 -real conservative number, if you want us to plug in some other numbers we can do that. Drake: This is the worst case scenario. Reynolds: Some people are suggesting that Luminant might pay on higher value than what brought to CAD but we don't know so we have taken a very conservative take on this. M&O. 

About the Baylor sign

Ray Reynolds Salary

$5000/Medicare money?

Specialty clinic on the budget

Current nurse staffing

Pecan Clinic


Pay Online problems -q by Margaret Drake

Scribes for doctors?

Physician salaries

95,000 loss

Carpenter- 68,000 loss. Note the interesting comments about whether Carpenter would see non-Pecan patients-his midlevels will be, from Hutchison.

Patinko- 109,000 loss

Vacek-31,000 profit
Dr Steven Vacek says he is an employed physician. Right. So why is he on the Somervell County Hospital District board? That's against the law. 
Vote to pass on budget And WHY, since Vacek is PAID by the district, is he voting on ANYTHING regarding the budget????
When are the tax hearings and budget hearing
Ray Reynolds understatement on the budget


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