FFRF has sent a letter to Somervell County Attorney Andrew Lucas About Unconstitutional Prayer Actions


FFRF has sent a letter to Somervell County Attorney Andrew Lucas About Unconstitutional Prayer Actions

15 July 2016 at 11:14:24 AM

Background Short recap. I am an atheist and I have asked to be able to an invocation at the Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting. Judge Danny Chambers, who swore in an oath when he took office to uphold the US Constitution, has denied me due to his own personal feelings. Note that an invocation/prayer can be secular and does not have to invoke god(s). Update on this; have heard informally that Chambers apparently thinks, wrongly,  he can backtrack. 

Here is the letter from FFRF's attorney with a few redactions. 

There is an interesting part about the ability of anyone of any religious or non-religous expression, being citizens of the US, to do invocations. 

Here are some interesting video examples of invocations other than christian being done at govt meetings Note, on the Satanic ones, that they are able constitutionally to do this at meetings. Those people and groups, of course, are separate from atheists, freethinkers and unbelievers, who also don't believe in the existence of satan. For myself, again, I'm an atheist, don't believe in god or mythical creatures like satan.Danny also knows, as does every other single government entity, that I am unfailingly respectful at meetings, quiet and non-disruptive. It's, frankly, an insult for Danny Chambers to insinuate otherwise, My intent is to join as part of the community to direct an invocation to the commissioners with good will, wishes for reasoned decisions, etc. 

Here's a Satanic invocation done at Pensacola, FL the other day. Note at about 1 minute where the council president asked the christians, who were being disruptive, to clear the chamber

Here's a Satanic invocation given at Lauderdale by the Sea last week. (Sun Sentinel) 

Here is an atheist invocation in Waterloo, Iowa in May 2016
Humanist  invocation in Jacksonville FL in March 2016

Atheist Invocation-Pleasant Valley MO- 2014

Atheist secular invocation in Grandville, MIchigan

Muslim prayer

Pagan Prayer in Florida


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Latest Blog Post by salon -Paul Harper wins again at Texas Supreme Court -Anti-Slapp -TCPA
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1 - salon   17 Jul 2016 @ 11:14:59 AM 

Freedom from Religion Foundation Highlighted Court Successes


Latest Blog Post by salon -Paul Harper wins again at Texas Supreme Court -Anti-Slapp -TCPA
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