Weird Facebook Messages O Day-Being Accused of Not Posting With My Own Name


Weird Facebook Messages O Day-Being Accused of Not Posting With My Own Name

10 July 2016 at 9:09:58 AM

What IS it with some people in Glen Rose? I have to assume there are women that are scared of being their own person, who believe they have to hide behind their husbands, whose husbands intimidate them, and they think they are second hand citizens. (I blame part of this on some very backwards beliefs some religions have that treat women as if they must be submissive).

So, going to talk about some stuff I haven't up to now. I started, several years ago in August 2012, a group on Facebook called Somervell County Breaking News. I intended it to be a place to put, mainly, scanner posts that I listen to and allow comments. Before that, I had posted scanner comments here on Salon and on Twitter. Hub had made the scanner, which I had given to him as a birthday gift, so it could be heard online, so that anyone could listen, and I envisioned where people would join in and post what they heard. As the group grew in size, I started also posting other things such as weather updates, and then stuff going on, etc. It was a lot of work, frankly, and I enjoyed it, but it took a deal of time to keep it up. The group was never intended to be a gossip group or talk about news in general, but anything that affected directly Somervell County. I added additional admins occasionally and one of those people, T*** M****, I asked to be an admin because she posted quite a bit. She declined, but did decide sometime after that (at least a year) that she would, upon my urging. 

Readers may know that I'm not a big fan of Facebook in general anyway. I've quit twice before. I feel that FB is not the way you normally interact with people, getting bumper sticker politics, religious stuff and other drama shoved in feed, AND it seems to bring out the worst in some people. What finally threw me over the wall was two things. One was a new poster who wanted to see efforts to keep Glen Rose a clean community. She posted about some trash she saw in a certain location and also about an abandoned car. She was ATTACKED by some people and told she should just leave Glen Rose if she didn't like it. I was appalled and thought, who the heck is going to be rude about someone who wants to see a beautiful community? There are always some people, I consider them ignorant, whose knee jerk response to something they don't agree with or understand is to tell others to Move or Leave or whatever. But I was starting to get fed up with, as an admin, having to deal with them in a place I considered to be light, fun, and topical. The second instance was someone who is a  self-described *heathen* who was attacked for her non-religious views and told to move back to the country she came here from. I did not see the direct exchange, because it was on a gossip board I do not frequent, but I heard about it, and saw screenshots. To add insult to injury, that person was told she could not post her views on her own Facebook wall, on her own profile, by her employer. In a country that purports to be for freedom of speech and freedom of religion (including those that don't profess a religion), there was a big lack of ANYONE standing up to defend her against this malicious crapola. That was pretty much it for me. I decided I didn't want to admin that page anymore (it was WORK), and also didn't want to be a member. Coincidentally, there was something else going on about that time, I was very ill, and it was too much. I also decided not to post personal stuff on Facebook for other reasons, but did keep a couple of pages, including one for Somervell County Salon on Facebook.(Let me be clear, when you see posts FROM Somervell County Salon on Facebook, it is ME. I clearly say that in the About on Facebook; if someone shares my posts on other Facebook pages, that does not make it ME sharing them any more than that can be said for ANYONE sharing posts on FB)  And of course kept my scanner twitter post which is called Somervell County Breaking News on Twitter, because I love Twitter. 

A few weeks ago I started listening to the scanner again, occasionally, and decided to post what I heard on Twitter. I fixed it so that anything I posted would also post to Somervell County Salon. Hub sometimes reposts my stuff to Somervell County Breaking News Facebook page, I don't do that because I'm no longer on the page and frankly, I don't want to. If someone wants to read something related to my blog or the scanner posts, they can look at Somervell County Salon. 

So that brings me to yesterday. I knew there was to be a meeting, at 8:30 am at City Hall for an Oakdale workshop. I wanted to go record it, so I went. There were a lot of people there, surprisingly, but the relevant part is that meeting lasted until weell into the afternoon and I got home about 2:00 pm. When I came home, hub said there had been some drama on the FB Breaking News page and told me that TM had come on and asked why I was posting under his name. Apparently there was some back and forth, which culminated in his asking her why she was being such a ****** and then he banned her from the page. After I got some lunch, I looked at FB and saw that I had 3 messages from TM. The exchange was insulting, bizarre, and ended up with me blocking her. After I blocked her, she continued to try to harrass me and came over to Somervell County Salon to try to post some more so I banned her from my FB blog page. Sheesh. 

Anyway, let me say again before you read this. It is, to me, bizarre that she would accuse me of posting under ANYONE else's screen name. I post here as "Salon" and have for years". I post on FB either as "Somervell County Salon" on my Facebook Salon page or as "Smitty H****" on anything else, and again, have for years. No one makes me post secretly as someone else, no one intimidates me, and frankly, it says more about the person who believes that wives must sneak around and post as their husbands or vice versa than it does about me. I'm open, you may not like what I say, a lot don't, but I have never insisted that people must read my posts. Walk on by or don't come here to read, it's fine with me, but I get to have my FEMALE opinion about things, which are usually politics. If I ever decide i want to post again on Breaking News, I will rejoin, but that has NOT happened and my mental health is better for it. Also, notice the time on these messages. I was AT CITY HALL WITH MY CAMERA until around 2:00 pm.  (WARNING: the below posts have some cursing, NOT FROM ME, but from the person who initiated this conversation)

And then I blocked her. THIS type of bizarre action is why I don't like Facebook.

P.S. This is the same sort of specious nonsense that was in the civil case filed against hub, where Darrell Best said that a post that I WROTE was really written either by my husband under my screen name OR that he, svengali-like, was directing me what to write. (And Darrell Best dang well knew better. )Go read the Appeals court opinion on that one. Is there something in the water in Glen Rose that makes some people come up with weird false accusations? Hah. 

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1 - pharper   10 Jul 2016 @ 11:08:58 AM 

So I decided to fire up the scanner again yesterday while my wife was at the city meeting. Then I went to town posting about what was going on. Then out of the blue here come Terri Murphy asking me why I am posting as Paul. My response, I am posting as Paul probably for the same reason you are posting as Terri, because I am Paul. Then she went on to insult me and accuse me of being my wife again after I had already told her it was me so I asked her why she is being a bitch and then kicked her out of the group since she didn't know how to behave herself. So sad that people need to drum up drama...get a fucking life people!!! Focus on doing something good for your community instead of whining and bitching about what the Harpers are doing to better the community.

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