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Ridiculous- Credulous Article about Carl Baugh's Unscientific Hyperbaric Chamber

11 March 2016 at 9:10:12 AM

Had to laugh at the article in the Glen Rose Reporter from March 8 2016 entitled "Creation Evidence Museum director disputes theory of evolution", referencing Carl Baugh. The article credulously starts, not by saying "According to Mr Baugh", but writes as if it is a given that the hyperbaric chamber is a scientifically proven method of knowing atmosphere conditions in the past. I wonder if Mr Baugh simply gave some info to the reporter and she dutifully wrote it down without any questions or research into its validity. Anyone reading this in the future will wonder why Glen Rose natives were so taken in. 

GLEN ROSE - The Creation Evidence Museum is in possession of a hyperbaric biosphere, which simulates the atmospheric conditions that existed before the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day. With the biosphere, Dr. Carl Baugh, the director of the museum, hopes to perform research experiments with plants, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects to replicate conditions that existed pre-flood.

First off, *Dr* Baugh? hah

Now back to that hyperbaric chamber "... which simulates the atmospheric conditions that existed before the ... Flood". Not "which is thought by Baugh to simulate", etc. There are zero facts to uphold Baugh's assertion and in fact, the opposite is true. From Weird Texas

A 62-foot version of the biosphere is under construction in a facility next door. Reportedly, Baugh at one time figured that if increased O2 were good, then O3 would be even better, and he planned to live in the tube and secure a physiological advantage for himself. Apparently, someone informed the doctor that breathing pure ozone would kill him and he abandoned the experiment. Similar tests are still planned for lesser creatures.

Even Answers in Genesis, a creationist organization, casts a side eye at Baugh's credentials. (AIG website link)

Recently Carl Baugh has been given considerable television exposure by American tele-evangelist Kenneth Copeland, and also appeared on a widely viewed NBC TV program entitled "Mysterious Origins of Man." The Creation Science Foundation (CSF) has had many calls from people who have seen the shows and suspect that some things are not quite right about Baugh's teaching.

It is with heavy heart that we criticise others who are presenting themselves as spokesman for creationism, but who are doing damage to the cause of Christ through ill-founded claims.

Some of Carl Baugh's more outlandish claims, contained in his videotape Panorama of Creation, are as follows:


  • 1. Before the Flood, the earth was surrounded by hydrogen which was so cold it was metallic and this collapsed when God shouted. This is nonsense. It is impossible that such a surrounding cloud of hydrogen could ever be cold enough, especially in such proximity to the earth.
    2. People could hear the 'singing' of the stars before the Flood. Apparently the metallic hydrogen (which could not have existed) enabled this to happen.
    3. People could 'feel' the time before the Flood.
    4. People can affect radioactive decay rates with their minds. There is absolutely no evidence for this.
    5. Eggs do not hatch outside the earth's magnetic field. Baugh claimed that NASA did an experiment demonstrating this. Absolute nonsense.
    6. Granites (which contain radioactive elements) are not exploding because they are in 'perfect balance'. However, radioactive elements do not normally 'explode' of course - that requires very special conditions which are not easy to arrange (if it were otherwise, every terrorist group would have atomic bombs!). Even pure radioactive elements will not 'explode', so the fact that granite does not has nothing to do with 'perfect balance' of the granite.
    7. He argues that, in some way, radioactive minerals align themselves with the magnetic field, which is nonsense.
    8. He says that people were smarter before the Flood, attributing this to a supposedly higher oxygen pressure. There is absolutely no evidence that high oxygen levels would make people more intelligent. He talked nonsense about 'four molecules of oxygen', linking this to his subsequent theories about oxygen saturation. Furthermore, there is no basis for his extravagant claims about the curative effects of high oxygen pressures - if it worked as he claims, paraplegics would be lining up to be treated (many hospitals have suitable hyperbaric chambers).

Baugh confuses many things. He confuses the pre-Flood and pre-Fall worlds in saying that there was no violence among animals 'before the Flood'. He confuses micro- and macro-evolution, getting them completely reversed.

Baugh exaggerates. For example, in discussing the Setterfield theory on slowing light, he says that it was calculated on 'the largest computer in Australia' (not true) and that scientists 'haven't been able to refute it'.

The latter claim ignores the voluminous criticisms from creationist scientists alone against Setterfield's idea. Few, if any, creationist scientists with proper research degrees in science would now support the theory, and many never supported the idea. In similar vein, Baugh promotes the 'canopy theory' as 'the creation model' when many creationist scientists have now abandoned the idea. Baugh makes a lot of use of words such as 'academically' to back up statements. For example, he says that 'parents are superior to children - this can be academically proved' (this is a no nsensical statement).

When even creationists cast aspersions on your *research*, you really are on the fringe.  

Now let's look at how a responsible creationism organization talks about that hyperbaric chamber. 

This unique chamber (left), designed to emulate the conditions thought by some creationists to exist on the early earth is housed at the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas

Right. Not talked about as if it is face, but an OPINION. Because there are NO facts to back up this fancy. 


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