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Political Brain Dump for Jan 20 2016- Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton

20 January 2016 at 5:52:18 PM

I am so fired up to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Texas primary. Can definitely tell that Hillary Clinton underestimated Bernie Sanders appeal and is now doing everything she can to undermine his support. That includes some foolish pronouncements by some people that support her that anyone that supports Sanders must be a man that doesn't want to see female leadership. I suspect that's some chum that even her campaign doesn't believe, otherwise, how is it that Barack Obama was voted in by with the assistance of female Democrats such as I.

Bernie Sanders kicking Clinton ass in NH (1/19/2016)

Lucy Flores on Bernie Sanders

Obama's major legislative achievements were passed, in part, thanks to a willingness to accept grubby compromises with interest groups rather than by beating them. Clinton's view is that the moral of this story is she was right all along, and seven years into the Obama administration we should all finally be able to see that — politics is a long, nasty slog, and the party should embrace a veteran leader who's seen and done it all to lead the charge.

Sanders's story is virtually the exact opposite. His story is that Obama failed to deliver the change he promised because he never made a clean break with big-money politics. In fact, he never even really tried.

At last weekend's Democratic debate, Sanders said that gridlock in Congress is all about money. He described ideological polarization and hatred between Democrats and Republicans as "a mythology from the media." According to Sanders, "the real issue is that Congress is owned by big money and refuses to do what the American people want them to do." Winning a presidential election without the financial support of the millionaires and billionaires who fill conventional candidates coffers will be challenging, but if Sanders can pull it off, it will break the stranglehold of money on politics and allow the people's voice to break through.

Flores here is speaking for Sanders's optimistic view. She isn't offering an analytical explanation as to why Sanders's political revolution will succeed, but she's tapping into the exact same emotional current that Obama did. There are some things in the United States that are deeply and profoundly wrong. Contemplating them could drive a person to despair. Or they could embrace hope. Hope that yes we can make enormous change happen if individual people believe things can get better, that they can be different, and come together to make it so.

Watched Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow last night. 

I challenge anyone with regard to my record on LGBT issues. I am one of the relatively few to oppose and vote against DOMA. I have a 100 percent record on women’s rights. But you know, that’s what happens in politics…We are going to do well, hopefully win, not because of establishment support. What we are doing well at is rallying the grassroots of this country.”
“I’m not going to get establishment support with few exceptions … But the reason that we are doing so well … is not from the establishment, it’s from the grassroots of America.”


I'm already angry with Planned Parenthood for endorsing Hillary Clinton before the primaries are over and a general election candidate has been decided. Planned Parenthood, I thought, was for ALL women, and would not inject politics into their mission. Boy, was I wrong. Politics, apparently, is at the top of their organization. Had all Democrats, and of course that includes all Democratic women, voted for the candidate of their choice and THEN, after a winner decided, Planned Parenthood got behind that person, united us all against Republicans for the win, I would have felt vastly different. Instead, if I go to Planned Parenthood's Facebook page, I see a huge pink banner that says "We endorse Hillary Clinton". Ugh. I also find myself wanting to explore PP as a political organization now. For years I supported PP, without any kind of question. Now I wonder, how much of what they do is based on being a monolithic political organization? If they were willing to disrespect the political system in favor of one candidate, particularly since Bernie Sanders has such an excellent record on womens' rights, why? (I guess I shouldn't be surprised, according to this article from Politico, Clinton and Cecile Richards are good friends. Richards probably didn't consider that there are pro-choice Democrats, such as me, that supported PP but NOT Clinton and thought, perhaps cynically, that endorsing before one primary vote would be a favor for her pal. 

And, incidentally, this is MY opinion about Planned Parenthood. I don't speak for Bernie Sanders.This is from Bernie Sanders on the issues page, where he praises Planned Parenthood. 

However, Bernie Sanders supporte Planned Parenthood and has defended it against Republican attacks

The Human Rights Campaign also endorsed Clinton yesterday. I had actually never even heard of them, but I did see masses of angry people taking to Facebook to excoriate HRC (yes.. HRC) for this. 

Bernie does his own laundry and grocery shopping.

Bernie Sanders doesn't own a tuxedo

Most people in America don't own a tuxedo. Many of them have never worn one either. (Confession: I do own a tuxedo.) Black-tie affairs are a regular happening in Washington, New York and Los Angeles. They are not a regular occurrence in most places in the United States.

As a result, tuxedos -- and the events people wear them to, such as the White House Correspondents Dinner -- tend to represent a sort of elitism that most people don't like. Those people in Washington, dressing up in their fancy outfits and celebrating one another when, in reality, they aren't doing much of anything for me, the argument goes -- or something like that.

That Sanders not only doesn't own a tuxedo but has never even worn one affirms the case he is trying to make to Democratic voters: I am inWashington, but I am not of Washington. I don't go to those dinners. In fact, I don't even get invited to them. I am the turd in the punchbowl -- and damn proud of it.

I'm also really tired of Hillary Clinton supporters trashing Bernie Sanders supporters. I've seen where they say they're really men, they're really Republcians or Bernie is the Democratic "Trump". The other part is that somehow, regardless of what Bernie Sanders says, supporters aren't supposed to be able to say anything negative or point out the real problems with HIllary Clinton's record. I keep hearing these "Unite Blue" people that don't want to have a contest during the primary but pretend the primaries are over. They're not. And if these HIllary Clinton people REALLY believe in freedom of speech, they would support anyone that wants to fight for his or her candidate. They don't, but they do fight for theirs. 

Lena Dunham had misgivings about Clinton.

Before endorsing Hillary Clinton and campaigning with the Democratic presidential candidate earlier this month, actress Lena Dunham privately fretted about the Clintons' treatment of women surrounding Bill Clinton's sex scandals, according to a new report. 

The New York Times reported Wednesday that during a dinner party in New York a few months ago, the "Girls" star told guests at the apartment of HBO's chief executive that she was disturbed by efforts on the part of the Clintons to discredit women who had accused the former president of sexual assault.

Another Hillary Clinton lie-CFMA

Hillary Clinton in 2004


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