Last Main Project Started in 2015 - Banquette SeatsSomervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Last Main Project Started in 2015 - Banquette Seats

7 December 2015 at 3:56:58 PM

I don't think I will have these finished before 2016, but plan to get them done within a few months. Update: Actually, except for cutting the wood to size, got the materials in one day and got it all DONE in one day. 

Banquette seating. I've wanted to do this for the longest time. We have a booth area in the kitchen that has built in storage underneath but the seating really isn't wide enough to be comfortable. One thing that made it shorter was that the booth originally had people's backs leaning up against windows so I built a rustic looking back.

 Rather than redo the whole seating thing, I last year bought a 3/4 inch birch plywood piece, am starting to cut it now, 25 inches wide and the length of the bench. Because there is a piano hinge on top that sticks out a bit, seems like I would need to either route the bottom to make a groove to accommodate the hinge or, I might try to make a cushion banquette seat using staples and some sturdy, waterproof material, with some stuffing. If I did that, that might also give some padding to the bottom of the board to prevent it from overly scratching the underlying bench. Here's pics of the first board I cut-it lays pretty flat EXCEPT for the piano hinge.  I have to cut one more board but need to decide before I do if I would be doing cushion seating (thus needing to cut the board that is perpendicular slightly shorter) -the seating, in whatever form, will NOT be screwed in or attached down in any way to the underlying bench, but could be pulled up if need to get into the storage underneath. The storage is stuff I don't use very often at all. Although this link isn't exactly the same project, the principles are the same, with stapling down material, and I like the idea of getting an IKEA foam mattress…/diy-built-in-upholstered-benc…/

More: Hub suggested that the pieces be cut in half to make them easier to place and take down if we need to get into storage, so going to get out the table saw this afternoon and cut them, with an extra inch in the middle to allow for the fabric wrap. Also, in order to both stabilize the wood pieces as well as provide a *stop* for them underneath, going to get either 8 wooden legs or some 4x4s to cut down to put in the corners of each wooden piece, which will not be near anyone's legs at all, but butt up against the lower bench. I found a foam mattress at Ikea that is 3 7/8" thick, but not sure I need that level of thickness for a banquette, so going to keep looking around. Also considering that I want to get some inexpensive but heavyweight fabric to cover and wouldn't be averse to painting it.

Anyway, bottom line is that we simply do not use that area now so I think that almost ANYTHING I do, even if it isn't perfect, is going to be better:0

Adding- ordered 2 inch foam mattress topper, some material that is actually outdoor fabric, including some waterproof features, and I have some qulit batting that I already had on hand. Need some spray adhesive and the staple gun for the next steps when the materials get here. the covering materials and the foam topper were roughly $100 for both. Although I bought the plywood last year, the cost is still probably about the same, about $50. So far, then, it has cost about $150 in materials. The bench at roughly 2 inches thick is very comfortable to sit on; because some of the batting extends to the back side, that also cushions the hardness of the board. 

12/11/20015-got the mattress topper (Beautyrest) as well as the covering material. Cut the pieces of the topper to fit the wood on one side and glued the pieces down with Elmers (was going to get spray adhesive, but was out of stock at the place I looked and decided white glue would do just fine). Next taking small pieces of quilt batting to run around the 3/4 inch side, gluing them down. When this all gets dry and done, will be putting quilt batting over the pieces with an inch or two on the back and stapling them down, starting from the middle. Will do a pic when have that done. After that, will be a matter of putting the material over the layers and stapling that down. One more thing to do after that and that will be to get some legs or 4x4's to put as stabillizing legs for 3 of the pieces (don't have to do that for the conver piece asit is supported on 2 sides). 

So here's some pics, sans the last step which is to put on some stabilitizing legs. I'm leaning right now to getting some 2x2's and hanger bolts. I believe it would be worth it to find some good folding table brackets for the legs, which could then be folded out of the way IF for some reason was putting up the seats. Don't think that will happen but at least it would allow for flexibility. 

Beautyrest mattress topper - 2 inches

Material before being stapled down

Topper cut to size, then batting put over and stapled down on back


Material stapled down over whole thing on back. If I had wanted to be more *pretty*, I guess I could take another piece of material and staple it over the part that exposes the wood and the previously stapled parts. 

Here is the view of the seats on one side, and how it looks from a fuller view



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