GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation

Glen Rose Medical Center

GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation

11 November 2015 at 9:15:16 AM

Received my open records request for Liz Morgan's police record. LINK TO POLICE REPORT  This is with regard to current Glen Rose Medical Center employee Liz Morgan, whose title is Director of Human Information Management (ie, patient records) and HIPAA Privacy Officer. She stole over $56,000 over the course of 3 years from Cottonwood Baptist Church in Glen Rose, TX, pled guilty to a felony in May of 2015, with deferred adjudication including 10 years of probation. She continues to work for Glen Rose Medical Center in apparently the same position. When the opportunity came up to fire her earlier this year, only one Somervell County Hospital District board member made the motion to do so and got no second. 

Not only did I wonder why Glen Rose Medical Center would continue to keep on Liz Morgan in this position, but why any responsible hospital would want to have a person who admitted she stole money from a church (FROM A CHURCH) in charge of patient records. Those records would be ALL who go to Glen Rose Medical Center, which would include not only Somervell County residents, but also residents in gated community Pecan Plantation in Hood County who utilize the doctors and services of the hospital via Pecan Family Medical Center. Seems to me that the person in charge of such sensitive info ought to be someone trustworthy and reliable. 

Since the Somervell County Hospital District board took no action on firing Elizabeth Morgan, I wondered if there were some extenuating circumstances that made them believe she was innocent, railroaded, or had some excellent reason to justify stealing the money. So I did an open records request asking for her police record. You can read the entirety via the link above, but here are two parts in particular that caught my attention. 

10. Morgan stated that she was responsible for paying her credit card bills online with the church's account numbers, but it was an accident and happened due to her laziness. Early in the interview Morgan continued to state that this was an accident and that she would never have intentionall stolen from her church.

11. Writer (this refers to Anders) went through the document which broke down her online payment activity. Morgan stated she was responsible for all of it except for approximately $800.00 which she said were not her charges.

12. As Writer continued the interview, Morgan finally admitted she had intentionally used the church's bank account information to pay her bills online. 

13. Writer questioned Morgan as to her motivation for stealing from her church's finances. Morgan stated the reason was she and her family didn't own a home but rented and their credit wasn't good, so Morgan used church funds to pay her bills in an attempt bolster their credit score. 

Writer asked Morgan if her plan worked and Morgan stated not really. Morgan offered a second reason for the theft, which was a trip to Florida for her daughter which cost $20,000.00. 

14. Morgan stated she was intent on paying the church back fully by the end of the month. 

So here's my first question at this point besides the obvious one that clearly there doesn't appear to be ANY extenuating circumstances that would justify her stealing over $56,000  from the church, and yet Glen Rose Medical Center has kept her in a high level position that requires trust since she handles private and sensitive patient records and also, laughably, is privacy officer (HIPAA). WHERE DID SHE GET THE MONEY TO PAY BACK COTTONWOOD? She says that her credit is bad, that she rents (so she could not have gotten a home equity loan, for example), but she believed she could pay back that large amount of money within a month? HOW? 

And really? She stole from the church so that she could, in part, send her kid to Florida on a $20,000 vacation? Now, maybe I'm living in the cheapo past, but I have NEVER been on a vacation that cost $20,000. Did she take a cruise off the Florida coast? Stay in Four Seasons Hotel and eat lobster and caviar every night?  And was it for This daughter? 

Are people in this community, which, again, includes not only Somervell County residents but also Pecan Plantation residents, and probably people from all over the country that use the hospital, comfortable with this woman being employed? Are taxpayers? If you're not, please raise a stink. Here is Somervell County Board of Directors info.


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1 - salon   18 Nov 2015 @ 11:41:02 AM 

Received a comment regarding this via the alias 


I am not on here to debate whether or not this website is a rag, or not worthy of reading. But from my own inquiries into the issue's of Elizabeth ( Liz ) Morgan this website is completely accurate! I am not interested in the assumptions or opinions of this website, or of anyone else regarding these issues, I am only interested in the facts! 

{{{{{~~NEWS FLASH PEOPLE~~}}}}   IT IS A FACT THAT ELIZABETH ( LIZ ) MORGAN, did in fact STEAL $$ 55 THOUSAND DOLLARS from the COTTONWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH and when she was approached about it SHE LIED, NOT ONCE, BUT THREE TIMES! I commend our Somerville County Sheriff's Department for their diligent pursuit to obtain the TRUTH. The Investigator was finally able to break Mrs. Morgan down until she "Confessed that She Was Guilty of the Crime of Embezzlement" from the  Cottonwood Baptist Church, for "Her Own Personal Gain!"  She was charged with a 3rd, Degree FELONY and 10 YEARS PROBATION. That's a fact, don't take my word for it, do your own research, it's a matter of public record! I strongly believe in forgiveness, that's what Christianity is founded on! "Forgive them Father, for they know Not, what they do!"  Elizabeth ( Liz ) Morgan knew exactly what she was doing and did it anyway. She is on probation for a 3rd. Degree Felony and yet she is guilty of another FELONY by association on another issue involving her current job. Her current job is Director of HIPPA for Glen Rose Medical Center She is in charge of one of the single most important, secretive, and sensitive jobs there is at GRMC. Our most highly guarded private records, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Bank Draft Numbers, Birth Dates, etc., and due to her current history and Felony Conviction for theft, I am very uncomfortable with her holding this position as I can understand that many of you may be as well.

I am very disappointed with Ray Reynolds for his blatant disregard for the trust of the people of Somerville, Hood, and surrounding Counties by appointing her to this job, considering it's high level of security and responsibility that comes with this position. This also makes me question Ray Reynolds, abilities as CEO of GRMC, although I will set him aside for a later date!

In November of 2014 around Thanksgiving Elizabeth ( Liz ) Morgan's daughter ( a teenager at that time ), obviously thought that it would be funny to take a picture of a recently deceased man ( and 2 days later a woman ) then posted it on Facebook with the caption "I see dead people." That picture ( of the man ) was taken from Elizabeth ( Liz ) Morgan's office window, that made for quite the scandal considering she and the parent of another student battled on Facebook about how disgraceful Elizabeth ( Liz ) Morgan's daughter's behavior was! Mrs. Morgan's response was, "that is was no one's business not even Ray Reynolds or the Hospital Board's business what her daughter had done." But in fact it was their business, and Ray Reynolds was informed and he did NOTHING! A few of the Board member's were informed by a letter and picture's of proof regarding these issue's, and they did NOTHING! Mrs. Morgan tried to cover up and squash this Criminal Act of disgrace and betrayal, as well as Ray Reynolds and obviously some member's of the GRMC Board. This is in direct violation of HIPPA Rules and Regulations, it is in fact a "FELONY!"  If Mrs. Morgan had one ounce of decency or dignity, she would have resigned her Position as Head of the Hippa Department at GRMC immediately.  She did NOT!  So now she is in fact guilty of another FELONY, which should automatically send her to jail for the duration of her First Felony, instead of sitting behind a desk at GRMC.  Ray Reynolds should have intervened on her behalf. He Didn't! So he should also be terminated for his part in this Criminal Act! And the Board Members that were made aware of this violation of the law should be impeached from their position and punished accordingly. There should be justice for the Hardie family and apparently the Whitworth family based on photographs that blew up on Facebook and Twitter. I personally am very sorry that this ever happened, and am appalled at all those whom disrespected these family member's after they were deceased, and assuming that you knew about this, you are certainly more forgiving than my family or myself. That probably wouldn't have happened until all those that were guilty got punished.

Everything I have said here is true, and as I've said don't take my word for it, do your own research! I have only one question: When you discover this to be true, and you will!  Are you OK with how GRMC is being operated, from the financial aspects of missing money, and deciding to remodel Pecan Plantation's Medical Center that We the Citizen's of Somerville County pay for but are refused entry unless we either live in PP or become a patient of one of the Doctor's that practice in this facility, of which they are not taking on any new clients, ( and haven't been for anyone outside the gates for a very long time ) and especially after the fact that the last quarter PP facility lost money. So now, we the "Citizen's of Somerville County" have to dig deep into OUR pockets to fund the remodel of that facility, to ( the not so ) secret Felonies, to the slush fund's that no one is accountable for, or for the millions the County gave the Hospital, that can't be accounted for! Maybe it's just me that thinks this is wrong, then my common sense kicks in and says, "REALLY?" So I am asking all the Citizen's of Somerville, Hood, or Surrounding Counties, what are your educated thoughts on these particular subject's, as well as and do you approve of higher taxes for the Citizen's of Somerville County while PP Owners enjoy their free ride and privileges that our tax dollars provide for them?

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2 - salon   18 Nov 2015 @ 7:07:45 PM 

Question for anonymous. (You can, incidentally, do an anonymous comment below this, it simply waits in a pending queue till approved to weed out spam, etc). You mention a woman-are you saying that a photo was taken of a dead woman and posted on twitter? 

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3 - Sassy   18 Nov 2016 @ 8:17:36 PM 

She just got fired from Cheyne Eye Center in Granbury this morning! She had been employed by them for about 2 months. 

4 - salon   19 Nov 2016 @ 10:57:41 AM 

@Sassy wonder why. If you know, email me 

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