Watched the Bloodthirsty Republican Hypocrites at Prestonwood Baptist Church yesterday

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Watched the Bloodthirsty Republican Hypocrites at Prestonwood Baptist Church yesterday

19 October 2015 at 10:21:39 AM

over streaming media for the "Presidential Forum" hosted by Jack Graham. Background reading about the history of skeevy Prestonwood Baptist Church and Bill Weber. I believe, like Baptists did before the ascension of the right wing nuts like Graham and Paul Pressler, in separation of church and state. Since clearly Prestonwood wants to be so worldly and involved in politics, they should pay taxes like everybody else. And these pretend pious religious nuts need to be called out for the bullchit just like anybody else.

First, here's an article from the DMN about the event

Jack Graham said he had invited Democrats and they had turned down his invitation.

“We made it clear everyone was invited to come, but we believe the right people are in the room today,” he said. “What happens today could shape the future of our country.”

Well, no wonder. Prestonwood Baptist Church is clearly aligned with right wing tea party Republicans. Rather than being a church that emphasises being a Baptist, it's more than apparent that these *christians* ARE a specific political party now. I daresay anyone that doesn't agree with this platform doesn't attend this worldly church or hides his or her political viewpoint in order to attend this megachurch. 

Jack Graham talked numerous times about character. And yet, no one asked him about his character with regard to a child sex abuser.  Of course, he wants people TO NOT ASK QUESTIONS . BE IGNORANT, PEOPLE of the type of church you have aligned yourself with. hahah."DO NOT LOOK BEHIND THAT CURTAIN!!!!" 

The first person up was Carly Fiornia who sure did pitch character, despite being known not only as a liar but also a failed CEO that drove HP into the ground. One wonders if Megachurch Prestonwood Baptist Church would allow her to run that entity into the ground? Oh, forgot, she's a woman. The crowd did give her a standing ovation, proving that Prestonwood Baptists love liars.

Apparently last time around Jack Graham endorsed Mike Huckabee. Because a Southern Baptist leader, who supposedly is for separation of church and state, needs to be deeply involved in politics. 

Graham, pastor of the Dallas-area mega-church who served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2003 and 2004, told reporters it is in America's best interests for social conservatives to rally around one the presidential candidates.

"He is one of us," Graham said of Huckabee. "He is not one who is coming from outside to us, but he is one of us."

While not calling it an endorsement, Graham introduced Huckabee's Sunday morning message at Prestonwood as "God's word from God's man."

"It's very important that we vote our values, that we select folks and nominate folks who stand by principle and who live and proclaim and legislate according to the values we cherish," Graham said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "Here's a man who comes and says: 'I'm not looking for your endorsement. I endorse what you believe. I endorse your values.'"

Graham was even more direct in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, calling Huckabee "far and away the best communicator on either side, Republican or Democrat," and adding that he is also right on the issues.

"He shares the values that many of us share in the evangelical churches," Graham said. "He's a broad-tent conservative that has a message I believe can coalesce evangelicals and conservatives of all kinds in this nation."

 This time, is it Ted Cruz? 

By then, though, Graham had welcomed Cruz with a familiar line: “The Lord seems to be elevating you and giving you favor.”

Sorry, Huckabee, Graham doesn't seem to be in your corner anymore.

Ted Cruz sure did his pitch. He got Paul Pressler, who was one of the ones that sought, through political maneuvering,  to change the Southern Baptist Church in the 1980's to endorse him. And, just as Ted Cruz did on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he made sure to put in the name of his website while trolling for campaign cash. 

Hah, sorry this is wacko. This wasn't part of yesterday but it sure is hilar and bizarre. And leads me to think that apparently Baptists of a number of churches are into *anointing* political leaders- Remember this with Rick Perry from *The Response*. Didn't work then either.  DOESN'T GOD PAY ATTENTION TO THESE BAPTISTS??????

Another reason why Prestonwood isn't picky about who they call out. Ken Paxton, who is a crook, was welcomed. Ugh.
Mike Huckabee brought the hellfire and damnation, including Isis beheadings, that these Baptists seem to love so much. They must love the smell of fear and recognize it as a badge of their sect. It's always interesting to me when Abortion memes are thumped ie "Abortion is uncivilized savagery", that no one brings up what Baptists have always believed, that wars of choice are wrong. Oh, maybe Prestonwood Baptists cult likes the bloodthirsty wars, and being for life doesn't include being against war.  Humourous when the event started the most prominent thing on the stage was a HUGE American flag. 
Ben Carson said that the *Enemy* was trying to keep him from getting to Prestonwood" because he was late getting there. (I don't believe in satan, but if there is a satan, he or she was already sitting on a pew in attendance) And then he hawked his book.And talked about God talking to him. (Which makes it ironic he's a neurosurgeon!) AND he said "Lord, you be the neurosurgeon, I'll be the hands". Um, sorry, I want a neurosurgeon who is himself or herself in control instead of relying on an invisible myth to guide him. 
While Graham was waiting for both Carson and Bush to get there, he hauled out failed candidate Ralph Reed, who is the epitome of ethics issues, and scamming people for their money (Indian Tribal Lobbying scandal). These Baptists forget that Reed considers christians "wackos". Maybe Graham does too since he put Reed, whose prayers to be elected to be president didn't work, in such a prominent position .. or maybe he was just trying to kill some time before the other 2 got there (Look at about 4:50 if you don't want to watch the whole video). 
Jeb Bush, who came late and said that apparently all kinds of laws had been broken to get him there, really hit that Personal Testimony Jesusy theme. A whole bunch of people had left by then, so even his syrupy history didn't seem to be a draw. Bush said he was trying to separate church and politics-WHOOPS! He was sure in the WRONG PLACE! 

Most hilariously, Jack Graham apparently slept through 9/11 and made excuses for Bush 

Graham said: “President Bush didkeep us safe, no matter what anyone says. And people should be held accountable for ridiculous statements.”

Except Graham himself, apparently.
Now, Here you have a very good reason, among probably others, why Southern Baptist membership continues to decline.

As the nation’s largest Protestant group prepares to meet in Columbus next week, itreported its largest annual decline in more than 130 years—a loss of 236,467 members.

With just under 15.5 million members, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) remains the largest Protestant group in the United States. But it has lost about 800,000 members since 2003, when membership peaked at about 16.3 million.

Because who wants to be part of THAT hypocritical, Republican, bloodthirsty bunch? Course maybe that's why some of these people attend a megachurch, so they can pretend there's a whole bunch of them that have such ugly viewpoints. 


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