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Lessons from the Dark Ages?

What about ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) Materials? Should They Be Taken Seriously?

18 October 2015 at 10:55:54 AM

When I saw Carl Baugh recently at a Glen Rose Town Council meeting, he talked a short bit about what he was going to give out at his wanna-be dinosaur park. He's planning to give out some pamphlets that contrast evolution vs creationism. His comments about textbooks were a little confusing. Texas does not teach creationism under that name or any other, but does teach evolution. Although some years back there were creationists on the Texas State Board of Education that managed to get in some language in the science TEKS to teach what they viewed as a controversy, that language was taken out and textbooks as of 2013 are devoid of that baloney (at least THAT baloney-there are other main subjects in which weirdness and idealogical myths were put in, such as this about slavery). 

I wondered just what Baugh does think is an appropriate textbook for teaching. It would have to be something that the State of Texas doesn't sanction, perhaps something taught in home schools. 

Apparently Baugh wrote at least a part of the science course for ACE (Accelerated Christian Education). That group teaches his theories as facts, despite that they are thoroughly debunked by scientific organizations such as NCSE (Mantracks compared to the Piltdown Man! ) and "In his 1992 book Panorama of Creation, Baugh claims that a layer of and his hypotheses and credentials are not accepted in academia" 

So, starting, that IS the scientific method according to ACE?

First of all, the basis for inquiry ­– logical reasoning – is thrown out:

Man should never trust his own reasoning – his reasoning may be incorrect because man’s reasoning is not God’s reasoning.

OK, so if we can’t get to the right answer through reason, how can we get there? Well, luckily God has told us the right answers.

Although many modern scientific discoveries are not mentioned in Scripture, any scientific theory should be compared with Scripture. True science will never contradict the Bible because God created both the universe and Scripture. Some scientists may, like the early philosophers, contradict the Bible because their interpretation of their observations or their philosophical presuppositions are wrong, but the Bible, God’s Word, is infallible. If a scientific theory contradicts the Bible, then the theory is wrong and must be discarded.

 [Emphasis added]

So, if all the data contradicts the Bible, the data is wrong. So how come scientists manage to come to wrong conclusions?

The conclusions a scientist draws in his observations and experiments are based on his preconceived ideas or presuppositions. A scientist who believes the Bible may interpret certain “facts” much differently than a scientist who believes the theory of evolution. A scientist’s preconceived ideas may even limit what ‘facts’ he chooses to consider in formulating his theories. In your study of science, you should always remember that what you read is the work of a scientist who had certain presuppositions before he began his experimentation. All scientific ‘facts’ must be interpreted on the basis of God’s Word, the infallible source of knowledge.

science is misrepresented as a field of bias and lies. Why has a science textbook been written by someone who either knows nothing about science, or doesn’t want students to understand it? 

5 top lies taught by Accelerated Christian Education 

Incidentally WHAT is the International Certificate of Christian Education secondary education qualification? In 2012 it was validated by the UK for some pretty laughable reasons. It's ludicrous that, based on those materials, ACE would get any type of qualifying credentials. Before they were validated, this was said about them in 2011

Accelerated Christian Education schools 15. Accelerated Christian Education is a system promoted by an international organisation based in the USA known as the ‘School of Tomorrow’, and its aim is to provide ‘a God-centred curriculum’. There is an Accelerated Christian Education headquarters in the United Kingdom in Swindon, called ‘Christian Education Europe’. The organisation does not itself own or maintain schools, but it provides materials for use in institutions which subscribe to its philosophy. These schools operate a non-standard curriculum, delivered in a very distinctive way which many inspectors will find unusual. There is no specific dress code that inspectors need to adhere to. 16. Among the distinctive features of the school are as follows: Types of independent schools 8 September 2011, No. 090061  An individualised learning style that makes use of printed packages of materials known as PACES (Packages of Accelerated Christian Education), which are intended to ensure that pupils can advance at their own speed rather than as part of a year group.  Pupils are expected to complete 12 PACES per year per subject. There are pre-school PACES available for the Early Years Foundation Stage and this is mapped to the Early Years Foundation Stage early learning goals.  A table showing the relationship to the equivalent English NC years is available in schools and this provides a useful guide to age-related expectations. Pupils in year 1 follow the PACES ABC’s. Then the full curriculum starts in Year 2, with PACES 1001 to 1012.  the use of an examination called the ‘International Christian Certificate of Education’ in place of GCSE, AS or A levels. These start at PACES level 1085. These are not recognised qualifications but they are listed on the National Framework and range form Foundation to level 3.  ACE schools normally revolve around the ‘learning centre’, of which there may be more than one in a school. The learning centre is usually a large room which has ‘offices’ around its walls. These are rather like a modern version of a monk’s cell in a medieval monastery, and are where pupils work for most of the day. There is a supervisor’s desk, a scoring station where pupils can mark their own work at regular intervals, and a table for the tests which must be done at the end of each unit of work. Adults do not have the title of teacher, but there are ‘supervisors’, who are responsible for answering pupils’ questions, and other adults known as ‘monitors’ who have received training from Christian Education Europe and who participate in regular in-service training. Teachers also have access to a manual, which provides considerable details about the Accelerated Christian Education course and how it is implemented and managed.  Accelerated Christian Education schools have a compulsory core curriculum of five subjects: English, word building (formal grammar), mathematics, social studies (history and geography) and science. There are also optional PACES available in additional subjects such as Spanish, and at secondaryage level there are a number of ‘elective’ subjects which pupils can choose.  Pupils work at their own speed through the PACES in the main curriculum areas, but they are expected to plan their own work each day by setting themselves goals in terms of the number of pages that they aim to complete. In case of difficulty they are able to ask for help from adults by raising a flag on their learning station. At frequent intervals, pupils mark (‘score’) their own work, and at the end of each unit of work there is a supervised test in which they must achieve a score of 80% before they can move on to the next PACE. Pupils who fail to get a satisfactory grade have to re-take the unit. There are very few opportunities for pupils to write at length or for a range of purposes, and when creative writing is undertaken it Types of independent schools September 2011, No. 090061 9 often follows the distinctive language style and beliefs of the materials. In addition to the PACES, there are structured video programmes available to support some work, particularly in early reading and science.  Not all schools follow the Accelerate Christian Education system completely. Some of the longer established schools have modified the system and will, for example, teach some lessons in a conventional way and enter pupils for public examinations. You may find that teaching appears to be weaker in these subjects because teachers do not have the experience to set clear learning objectives or sequence tasks. Pupils enjoy the interaction but may not always have the self-discipline to manage their behaviour in these more relaxed lessons.  The PACES were originally written so that they could be used by children who are being schooled at home, and it is not uncommon to find such children attending Accelerated Christian Education schools two or three days a week. 17. An important feature of Accelerated Christian Education schools is preparing for the Annual Convention, which takes place in July near Oswestry. In the weeks before this, pupils will spend a lot of time preparing for competitions which cover such areas as public speaking and sporting events. 18. One area in Accelerated Christian Education schools which may be controversial is the International Christian Certificate of Education. This is used to measure the achievement of older pupils who have successfully completed a given number of PACES in the core and optional subjects that they have studied. This certificate is not officially recognised in the United Kingdom, although individuals and institutions have sometimes recognised it as adequate evidence of achievement. It is important that schools should point out that the International Christian Certificate of Education is a non-standard qualification whose acceptability depends on the individuals or institutions concerned. 

Accelerated Christian Education responds to criticism

Even if their beliefs could somehow be shown to be objectively correct, the ACE method of education would still be worthless. In saying that the world of ACE lacks scholarship and critical thinking, the professors mean, clearly, that students are not given the opportunity to think critically. Johnson interprets it to mean that the PACE writers lack these skills, and takes offence at the notion. He completely misses the point. Any belief is meaningless if it has never been challenged. Students must consider alternative points of view, and they must learn how to evaluate them. You cannot just insert knowledge into a child’s brain. They have to acquire it themselves, and the teacher has to give them the tools to do that.

Johnson cannot see this. To ACE, if it’s not from a conservative Christian perspective, it’s not even worth considering:

“ACE does not subscribe to academic works simply because they are considered to be scholarly or critical. Sources for a distinctively Christian community must at least be pro-family, pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-church in order to be considered “solid” references.”

He goes on to add, “Generally, conservative scholars have held the same ideals as we do regarding free enterprise and loyalty to America.” Brilliant logic. We looked only at the people who agree with us, and we found that most of them share our views.

One of the things Carl Baugh mentioned when he was presenting before the City of Glen Rose is that he just got back from lecturing in Fiji. I looked and sure enough, there are schools using ACE in Fiji. Not only is the colonialism attitude prevalent with missionaries offensive in going to another part of the earth to convert children, but those poor kids and their not-well-rounded-or-accurate education!  



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