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You Can*t Avoid Offense - Deal With it

Because Threatening People With Hell and Torment IS Offensive

28 June 2015 at 8:41:41 PM

I'm offended by some things I see or experience in this life. When I am, I can choose to get over it and keep going, ie, ignore whatever it was, remove myself if possible from the situation that is offensive, or figure out a strategy to deal with the offensive situation because it may not change. For example, suppose I am driving in traffic and I see a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that is offensive. I can avert my eyes and ignore it or perhaps change lanes or pass the car to get in front. I cannot make the person take the bumper sticker off the car because we have freedom of speech in this country. 

The SCOTUS ruled a few years ago in Town of Greece vs Galloway that just because someone is offended by a prayer doesn't mean town prayer can't be done. Of course a government entity cannot do a prayer and tell the audience to bow their heads or rise to a standing position, etc. And when someone from the audience does an invocation, there is no compelling reason to have to join in at all. Same thing for the pledge of allegiance. Most people know that the pledge has been altered at least twice since socialist wrote it in , and of course children no longer do the same salute the Nazis used. No one has to say the pledge. But the thing is that anyone who does an invocation is not concerned about offending those that, say, believe in separation of church and state and don't want an invocation a secular government meeting. That's how I feel. If I wanted to hear a prayer, I would attend church or turn on a media station that was sermonizing. I don't. 

When the decision from the SCOTUS came out the other day that now gay people can get legally married, a drove of religious people came out of the woodwork to protest. Quite a few of them pulled out threats against what would happen to gay people or anyone that supported this, by appealing to the Bible as authority. Of course, that only works for those that actually believe the Bible is a holy book rather than a book full of contradictions, with a capricious God prone to killing people, as well as tales of immorality, such as Lot's daughters getting him drunk to have sex with him in a cave. However, my point is that the ones that did this came across as exceedingly judgmental, self-righteous, and holier-than-thou. Seems like these are looking forward to the ones that don't meet their own standards being hit over the head with the Bible, told they will go to hell or be eternally damned, or be separated into sheep or goats. The whole tone of those types of comments are so unappealing and make the person that says them sound bloodthirsty and a little unhinged. If the goal of these types of people is to show a certain lifestyle that others might want to join in on, I believe they will only attract the ugly sorts that want to impose their views, however threatening, on others. 

More than that, seems that another factor in this is that some who want to be intolerant of others basic rights to marriage do not even want to see or hear about it. They are offended by even being exposed to the idea. It seems it is fine to be the kind of person that wants to espouse religious opinions all day long to anyone, whether they want to hear it or not, including those that may be listen simply to be polite, but WOE to the person that says something that offends THEM. 

Here's what I do. When I see a television show that is offensive to my values, I don't watch it. I mute the teevee commercials and look away. I don't go to movies I don't want to see. If I"m on social media and I see that someone that is my friend posts things I don't care for along with things I do, I either hide the post or fix it where I can't see the source of what they like. Doesn't mean they can't do it. Means I don't have to see it. In society, there are people who have rights to do things that I may object to.For example, with freedom of speech sometimes people say things that I don't like. I can avoid those people, choose to express my own opinion if it's allowed and appropriate, or simply recognize that they have a right to say or do what they will, but I don't choose to. It's pretty simple. I don't have a right to tell them to get out of my sight simply because I'm offended.

My point is that I certainly am not going to stop talking about something that may or may not offend someone else. Those that are offended can certainly find other venues where their opinions fit right in line with others, perhaps without challenge. Saying, though, that perhaps those that are so easily offended at reading about same sex marriage should take a close look at what they themselves advocate. 


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