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Why Did it take a white terrorist massacre to bring change re: confederate flag symbol?

23 June 2015 at 2:08:57 PM

I've long wondered why, since the North WON the Civil War, and we are in the United States, there has been ANY approval for touting the confederate flag. Sure, I've heard the expression "The South Will Rise Again" but the Civil War happened over 100 years ago. Absurd to have, for example, presidential candidates that want to be head of the 3rd branch of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT waffle or quibble about the prominent display of the confederate flag (whichever version). Republicans, not just presidential candidates were hesitant about coming out against the display of the confederate flag in South Carolina. That is, until Mitt Romney led the way. 

It's been  surprising to see how quickly the tide has turned to a definite effort to cease touting that flag. 

Governor Haley, yesterday, called on the South Carolina legislature to take the flag down. 

Haley was poised and forceful -- acknowledging that there are good-intentioned people who value the Confederate flag while making clear that it was time for the flag to come down. "It is time to remove that flag from the Capitol grounds," she said to prolonged applause. "That flag, while an integral part of our past, does not represent the future of our great state."

Nicky Haley was not courageous to do this. Guardian.

 it takes some real brass to celebrate taking down a Confederate symbol while simultaneously championing your state’s rights to not take it down if it doesn’t want to and trying to whitewash the sanguinary rag for the umpteenth time....Those two implications to Haley’s speech would be offensive if it really were a message of healing for the black community of South Carolina, but it’s not. It’s a message of healing for the Running for President as a Republican community. Nikki Haley has announced that she wants the legislature to take down this flag, and now it will try to do that, meandering through politicking and procedure, giving the most needful of all Americans – especially those running for president as Republicans, and who once happily took the money of the racists who support flying said flag – the succor of not having to answer the question, “Would you take down the Confederate flag if you were the Governor of South Carolina?” with anything more than, “Well, I’m pleased to say I don’t have to answer that, and that issue is in the hands of the folks from South Carolina.”

The Confederate Flag in on Virginia's license plate.  The governor wants to remove it.

"Its display on state issued license tags is, in my view, unnecessarily divisive and hurtful to too many of our people," McAuliffe said in a statement.

On Monday, the governor of South Carolina called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the grounds of the capitol after a racist manifesto apparently written by accused gunman Dylann Roof, 21, emerged online, accompanied by photos of Roof posing with the flag.

and on Tennessee's license plate. (Incidentally, the governor also wants to remove the status of Nathan F Bedford. A good idea, considering he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK)

Nathan Deal wants to redesign Georgia's licence plate after saying he wouldn't. 

Deal quickly switched his position on Tuesday after initially telling the Journal-Constitution that he supported the design and backing the display of the flag during his re-election campaign last year.

Nine states currently allow for the display of the flag on license plates, but that number may dwindle. Deal's support for a redesign came on the same day that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) called for the removal of the flag from license plates in his state. The governors of MarylandTennessee and North Carolina -- all Republicans -- have all expressed support for getting rid of the flag on license plates in their states.

HEY! DO ALL THE SOUTHERN STATES HAVE A CONFEDERATE FLAG ON THEM???? Sheesh. I know Texas doesn't, since they just won a SCOTUS case against the Sons of the Confederacy.

The Confederat Flag, or at least part of it, flies over Mississippi

This flag is flying right now at Mississippi’s capitol in Jackson. And in some ways it’s even more offensive than a separate Confederate flag flying over a memorial honoring Confederate generals. Because it’s the actual, official flag of the state.

After the news in South Carolina, there have been calls to redesign Mississippi’s flag, including aMoveOn.org petition. Some politicians from the state have called for Mississippi to return to a flag named the Magnolia flag, which was the official state flag during the Civil War.

Related to this, should statues of rebel leaders be prominently displayed on UT campus (Jefferson Davis) 

The statue at UT has been a source of controversy for years. It was installed on the UT-Austin campus in the 1930s, commissioned by former regent George Littlefield. In recent months, its presence on campus has generated strong pushback. In March, the school's elected student assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for its removal. And in April the statue was vandalized — someone spray-painted "Davis Must Fall" on its base. 

"Statues are meant to memorialize and glorify whomever the subject is and project ideals and values," said Rohit Mandalapu, who authored the anti-Davis resolution. 

Davis' name is synonymous with the Confederacy and slavery, said Mandalapu, who has since been elected vice president of the student body. 

"Those values aren't in line with the core values of the university and what we hope to project to the world," he said. 

And what about the Confederacy MUSEUM that taxpayers are paying for?

DMN makes a GREAT point along with some snark about the hypocrisy of Lindsay Graham and others in the GOP that finally get the hate. 

Does the state of Texas fly the Mexican flag over the capital to honor the valiant Mexican soldiers who fought to defend their sovereign territory against secessionists? No, we don’t. Because, no matter how valiantly the Mexicans might have fought, and no matter how many descendants of those Mexicans still live here, the bottom line is: the Mexicans lost.

The defenders of apartheid lost in South Africa, which is why, today, the memory of Nelson Mandela is universally celebrated but no one even speaks the names of those who stood in defense of apartheid, such as P.W. Botha.

 It's sad to me that it took this to get more than a conversation about how inappropriate the Confederate Flag use is, to actually stopping using it. But thank goodness the use of it, especially prominently by state government, is stopping.


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