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Should Candidates Let you know What Their Positions Are? Ron Hankins Doesn't Think So

31 May 2015 at 11:08:28 AM

Along with some other very misguided people who don't believe, first, in democracy and second, in voters trying to make informed decisions amongst candidates about WHO or WHICH ONES to vote for. 

Let's examine that first one. When the first hospital district election took place, there were a bunch of people running but only 7 positions. How DOES someone decide who to vote for? In my book, when a candidate chooses to say what he or she plans to do, what goals he or she would like to accomplish, or what philosophy governs his or her viewpoint, at least we know what, at that particular time, that person says. The Glen Rose Reporter did. Here's the questions and answers of Ron Hankins. He very clearly said what his position was, that he had been *for* the formation of the hospital district, that he wanted to operate it efficiently, that he believed the problem with the hospital was not *bad management*, among other things.Speaking about what he wanted to do if he was elected but whining that others did the same makes him a huge hypocrite. 

Incidentally, this article notes that he was part of a private meeting that included Mike Ford (judge at the time of the county), and the head of LGMC; he says "unaware that a request was made to the former CEO of Lake Granbury to make an offer on the lease of GRMC to the county. This was done in a “face-to-face” meeting between that CEO, Judge Mike Ford and myself in 2012." He also says that "I believe at this time that there would be “no takers” on an offer to either lease or sell GRMC". Who knows WHAT was said in that private meeting because it certainly wasn't something taxpayers in the county were privy to and we only have the word of Hankins as to what was said, colored by his own opinion that he doesn't agree with leasing anyway. Don't forget that what citizens DID publicly know about was discussed once by David Orcutt, who was previously the CEO of LGMC (That's what the trouble is with little secret meetings that nobody else knows about-probably makes the participants feel Real Important but doesn't do much for the taxpaying citizen) 

And, on operating the hospital efficiently and how he believes no *bad management* is involved. Others do not agree. 

He is certainly entitled to his opinion and his agenda. And voters in a democratic process were entitled NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM simply because he believes he's correct and others are not. I am also entitled, at this point, not to agree with what he has actually done at this point, which is to vote to raise taxes, vote for building expenses, vote to give salary raises to the employees, argue against oversight of the hospital (deeming it *micromanagement*), argue against getting an RFP, and actively work against Ray Reynolds being evaluated. 

Now let's contrast that with what Chip Harrison said. He said, among other things, that he supported leasing out the hospital and, unlike Hankins, his priority also was not taxing people "into the poor house".

I believe we can change the way we currently do business and not tax the citizens of this county the way we currently do or have done in the past. I believe that it is the duty of the Somervell County Hospital District to look at and research all options prior to the implementation of taxation to the citizens of the county. This is not only the moral duty but an ethical obligation of anyone whom is appointed to this board.

It's unfortunate that Harrison has changed his mind and no longer appears to be paying attention to the ones, myself included, that voted for him to be in office. 

Hankins is actually, at this point, part of the "Everyone that ran for Hospital District Board Election got more votes in a giiven election than Hankins" club. Chip Harrison got more votes than he. Why might that be? It's because a heck of a lot of people, UNLIKE Hankins, did not want a hospital district, may also wish to see an RFP process to lease out the hospital as opposed to private good ole boy meetings, want lower taxes, and accountability. Even Gary Marks, who was previously CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center, had no issue with this.  

Perhaps Hankins objects to the word "agenda" itself. I suggest he purchase a thesaurus or a dictionary and carry it. 

Now, is there a requirement once that person is actually in office that his or her viewpoints MUST CHANGE simply because they don't match another person's on the elected board? Nope. And it is utterly ridiculous of Ron Hankins to imply this. Just look at the House of Representatives and how many times they voted against Obamacare, even though it failed every time during the last legislative session. Does anyone REALLY require tha the people you vote into ofiice change their viewpoints to, say, the opposing party? Isn't it ALWAYS the case that, instead, people are concerned that the platforms for why they voted for a person are NOT being carried out.  It's also odious for Hankins to say that someone who runs for office on the basis of saying what he would do should expect to be sued if he pursued it.  That alone shows how much contempt Hankins has for elections.

It is ludicrous that Ron Hankins would be against anyone speaking about what they plan or would like to do in ANY context. What, is he against freedom of speech? Or does he just simply not like it when Other People Do Not Bow Down to what he considers his superior opinion, even when he has been proven wrong time and time again?

Here are some examples. Here are some candidates running for Glen Rose City Council some time back.They gave their plans, ie, an agenda, list for what they would like to see done. Not everyone agreed, as was their right. 

Here is Darrell Best talking about what he would like to do with 4b money, from when he was on the GREDC board

Here's Chris Bryant from the Glen Rose Town Council talking about what he would like to see done with Oakdale Park, from a few years back. There is no indication that everybody agreed, nor did they have to. 

Adding another article about Barack Obama the candidate. Did he have an agenda? Yes. Was he expected to abandon that agenda once he got into office? No, at least not by the people who voted for him. 
Obama won the White House campaigning on a message of hope and a promise of change. As he emerged a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, he pushed an ambitious agenda, vowing to overhaul health care, education and energy policy.


But as the severity of the economic meltdown took hold and Obama moved into the White House, his inspirational rhetoric was injected with a sobering dose of reality. Obama encouraged patience and cautioned that, "change doesn't happen overnight."

In his first 100 days, Obama laid the groundwork for many of his campaign promises and faced criticism that he's trying to do too much.

"Nobody will ever be able to accuse him of being an idle man during his first 100 days," Brinkley said. "He's clearly showing himself to be a progressive in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, with the moral core of Jimmy Carter."

So far Obama is showing himself to be "the same guy that we had on the campaign trail," Brinkley said.

Given the items on his agenda, Obama is living up to expectations, CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider said. "The public is patient and is not expecting to see a quick turnaround in the economy," he said.

It's really a shame when you see people such as Ron Hankins that have so much contempt for our elective processes and who believe the remedy for disagreements is lawsuits. For me, I am one who wants to KNOW what people stand for, VOTE for people based on their positions on what they hope to accomplish once elected, and hopefully are able to implement. So, yes, I LIKE it when people have agendas they want to accomplish and tell people when they are running what they are, and I LIKE it when the people that I personally voted for try to accomplish those items on the agenda. And I don't quite get why in the world ANYONE that respects our US form of government would believe otherwise.


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