Updated for 2017Why I Will Not Vote for Ron Hankins, if he runs, to be on the Somervell County Hospital Board (prev 2015)Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

Unprofessional and poor judgment

Updated for 2017Why I Will Not Vote for Ron Hankins, if he runs, to be on the Somervell County Hospital Board (prev 2015)

25 April 2015 at 5:00:26 PM

Updated: Ron Hankins's feelings were hurt by someone writing a letter to the editor criticizing him, so he went to the police to file a complaint to get that person investigated.  So, NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR YOU if you decide to write a letter to the paper. Ron Hankins will sic the police on you! He apparently believed he had a right to say that people that have an agenda or platform when they run for office should expect to be sued. No matter how utterly undemocratic and silly that was to say, he had a right to say it, and it was video recorded. However, when someone criticized him for it, Mr Thin Skin didn't like THAT!   Here was my comment at the time to Help Ron Hankins get educated about this

First and foremost, for the upcoming Somervell County Hospital District election, I want to see professionalism amongst those who are on the board. For the most part, I think that holds true with most of the current board members, but does not apply to Ron Hankins. Here's my personal, opinionated list of why not, please click the links to most of the time seeing video or hearing audio to back up my view. Please read these carefully and watch the videos first if you want to discuss.

Ron Hankins said he wanted to punch someone in the mouth

Ron Hankins told one board member that he should control a second board member, thus treating board members like a dog (and I drew a cartoon of him on this link with a dog on a leash) and has continually harrassed other board members with unfounded insinuations. Hankins seems to have a lot of control issues-he apparently really wants to control everybody and is unhappy that he doesn't have that level of power.

Ron Hankins compared keeping the GRMC Facebook page clear of gossip, attacks, and posts that could lead to Glen Rose Medical Center having their 501c3 status revoked to being like living in 1930's Germany, ie, Nazis. 

Ron Hankins is quite excitable and doesn't seem to always check his facts.

Ron Hankins wants to be the arbiter of what goes on an agenda, despite NOT being president, vice president or secretary and DESPITE Chip Harrison saying that he would welcome ANY agenda items from ANYONE. Plus, he doesn't seem to understand that there are items that can't be discussed because they are NOT on the agenda.

Ron Hankins didn't like it that he couldn't, unprofessionally, harass Paul Harper during a meeting, so threw a tantrum and walked out before the adjounrment vote was finished. Anything to play to the audience, I guess.

One would think that as a responsible board member, he would be part of a *good board* that encouraged professionalism even where the board members disagree and would also want the participants in the audience to do the same. Nope. (Hankins mistakes being an attorney in a court situation with being on a board where, even where all don't necessarily agree, there is supposed to be discussion without haranguing personal attacks AS IF the other board members are on trial). 

Here's Kevin Reed, attorney for Somervell County Hospital District, discussing this with the board. Hankins must have been sleeping

Ron Hankins voted to raise taxes. This isn't really a professional versus non-professional issue, but for some reason some in the community forget that there are those that want to LOWER taxes (Hood County pays ZERO taxes, has a hospital district AND a private for-profit hospital and Gary Marks himself has said he sees no problem with the board going out for an RFP), and that Paul Harper, who is NOT up for election at this time, got MORE votes than Ron Hankins did. 

Ron Hankins apparently did nothing to help Dr Turk with Turk's concerns about safety at the hospital. One member said he would be TOO BUSY FIGHTING OTHER BOARD MEMBERS to help. Don't know about anyone else, but sheesh, I WANT board members to give a hoot about safety. 

Ron Hankins attempted to create, on behalf of his pal Ray Reynolds, a narrow path for board members to find out information from Mr Reynolds. I suppose if he got the chance he'd be against the Texas Public Information Act, where citizens CAN find out what their government is doing. 

Ron Hankins, despite his years of attorney experience, was not only wrong about what the Texas Attorney General decided re: the length of terms for Eugene Brode and Paul Harper, but apparently believes he knows better than Ken Paxton. Seems a little like whiny Sour Grapes to vote 6-0 to agree to get an attorney general opinion, and then complain when the opinion doesn't go your way. 

Ron Hankins personally attacked and denigrated me at a meeting, who am NOT an elected official and was NOT in attendance. There's a double standard operating here. Apparently some men believe that my husband should *admonish* me not to speak my opinion on this blog, which I own and manage. As I have repeatedly said, my marriage respects that both parties have our own opinions, are full citizens in our own right), there is no law prohibiting the spouse of an elected official from speaking his or her mind. IF it was true that any spouse should definitely not speak an opinion, then Mr Hankins would be a hypocrite for *allowing* his wife to speak vitriolic untruths on social media; where is the call for him to *admonish* his wife to keep her mouth shut? 

He doesn't seem to have stopped his wife from being the messenger, according to Red Barn,  for a pretty horrible threat letter that was directed towards his son (Red Barn site). WARNING. the letter on the previous link, whch is on the Red Barn site, is AWFUL so YOU"VE BEEN WARNED. (My previous comments on this)

And then, there's this from his wife's PUBLIC website which anyone can see, and have been able to see freely for years(someone sent the link to this some 5 or 6 years ago and, just looked,  still up so clearly want it that way). When someone wants to examine the splinter he or she thinks is seen in my eye for having the nerve to have political opinions, maybe they better remove the BEAM first from his or her own. Again, if husbands are going to be in business of *admonishing* their wives, shouldn't Mr Hankins be asking that these pictures, including the one entitled "Stroke me"  be removed from the internet where they have been publicly available for years. Or, since it's her website, she as an adult can choose to post those pictures, even though married (and even though something I personally would not do but support her right to post what she wants on the internet on her own Flickr webpage that apparently she manages). Update 4/28-apparently wife decided to remove or privatize most of the photos including some like the photo captioned "stroke me", which is her decision as an adult.

Oh, that's right, it's ONLY ME that is supposed to do As the MenFolk Say and strictly because I have political opinions. Sorry, but that doesn't fly in 2015 nor in my marriage. P.S. For the women that attend the board meeting-why are you there instead of sitting home? Don't you know the Men Folks don't want you to be politically aware and have an opinion? Unless, of course, your opinion is THEIR opinion and they have approved it for you first. 

People can vote for whom they want, and certainly this is the time of heated conversations about who to vote for and why. And there are loud voices that want to mispresent the facts. (The first thing ANYONE should do when hearing or reading assertions that have NO examples and are not grounded in immediate facts, is to PROVE what he or she is saying-I've heard of a lot off people throwing out lies that the some of the current board members want to close the hospital, and are dishonestly hiding that fact-the question back to those people should be "Okay, you're SAYING that, but PROVE it". They can't because it's not true.That includes some bullchit that there is a group that was called Anti-Tax Brigade that is 4 of the board members-ridiculous but petty uninforrmed minds can believe ANY conspiracy theory, eh? Again, people can pull stuff out of their hat but MAKE THEM PROVE IT instead of spitting into the wind) , I merely offer these links, videos and commentary as a way for interested people to AT LEAST hear another side of the story. For me, Ron Hankins will be an undervote. 

2017- Updated to add additional items about Ron Hankins since the last time I wrote about him, including what I believe are irresponsible and *conspiracy theory* actions and sayings. 

2015- Ron Hankins attempted, via an affidavit, to prevent Paul Harper, then a board member, from attending meetings. 

13 Aug 2015- Ron Hankins apparently very upset that people can find out about lawsuits that are filed. (ON the good side, my blog Somervell County Salon got some attention since i went and looked up the filing and posted it) 

18 Dec 2015- Ron Hankins whines about Roger E Marks foundation comments from years ago.

2 Feb 2016- Ron Hankins "You gotta pay for it somehow" on spending money outside the district through loans

27 May 2016- Somervell County Hospital District violates bylaws at first meeting

15 June 2016- Ron Hankins called Luminant EVIL!!!!!

1 July 2016- Ron Hankins, without benefit of the board, advised Ray Reynolds to write a letter about the budget. 

August 5, 2016- Property worth $31,980 sold to private nursing home for $6,534.00.

2 Sep 2016- Ron Hankins, in his position as board president, has done nothing to ensure that Ray Reynolds, an employee of the Somervell County Hospital District, has been evaluated, which is also in violation of board bylaws. 

2 Sep 2016- Ron Hankins tabled the motion to find out about legally operating in Hood County.  (Don't forget that Ray Reynolds said that Pecan Family Medical Cneter is for Pecan Plantation residents, not Somervell County taxpayers).

Oct 13, 2016- Ron Hankins is rude to citizen who attended hospital district meeting. 

Nov 8 2016- Ron Hankins led the way to find out about putting Somervell County Hospital District into bankruptcy.

Nov 15, 2016- Ron Hankins does not like citizens being able to find out what the hospital is doing via public information requests.

Dec 5 2016- Ron Hankins violated the Texas Open Meetings Act 

Dec 5 2016- Ron Hankins spins his personal opinion of the Hospital District tax 

It may turn out that no one else actually runs so, by default, Ron Hankins stays on the board. (Or that we may be lucky enough to hear that he isn't even going to run again!!!!) At the very least, citizens should be aware of what Hankins says or does. 

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1 - salon   10 Mar 2017 @ 4:14:08 PM 

Incidentally, nobody ran against Hankins, so sad to say there will be election this year. 

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