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Audio -City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 4/13/2015

16 April 2015 at 10:07:49 AM

Audio  (Thank you to Terri Johnson and Kyle McCain)


Rough Transcript: To hear exactly what is said, please listen to the audio. 

Dennis Moore calls meeeting to order. Sue Oldenburg offers prayer. Pledge to US flag and Texas flag.

Citizen comments: Sue Oldenburg: Thank city council and particularly Oakdale and staff for very successful bluegrass festival. Bands good, participation of city remarkable. Everyone from city was there, Kelly and staff did marvelous job. What are we going to do about that piece of land adjacent to Oakdale? 

Discuss approval of ordinance to close alley. Council Martin will refrain from discussion and voting on this item. Bryant: I read over some of the notes, in 2001 (Ray: Stephanie has done all the research). Stephanie: This item brought before council and approved. Ray What happened when originally done, was their intent to vacate the east end addition alley, but referred to everything as closing, but in closing, the city actually still owns the alley but in vacating, the city gives it back. From research we did, was supposed to be an actual vacation. Even though says closing should be a vacation. Stephanie. Actually did a deed, Mr Martin has a deed. Ray. A little more history, unfortunately, don't know if the city didn't know or understand but a lot of these things were supposed to be filed with the county and weren't. Trying to close the loop on them. Motion to close. Ray, Mr Mayor should actually say vacate. Bryant. Motion we approve the ordinance to give back the property, also described as vacating. Ramsay second. 3-0 in favor

Discuss and consider approval of property exchange, James Martin and First Methodist Church. Stephanie Ritchie. Decided to do a land swap where no money changed hands. Mustang street put in such a way that it encroached on the property for First UM so in order not ot move the street, church gave up some property to Mr Martin, Mr Martin gave some property to the church and the city and the city gave property on alleyway to FUM and Mr Martin. Everything already on file but nothing was initially done at city council. approved in 1998. No deeds filed. Ray Apparently when they cut the street in, they did it on private property. Oops, church said no big deal if you give us property on other side, and Mr Martin had another piece, so FUM and Martin swapped pieces, but actually because city put in the road in the wrong place in the first place. Jones: Makes motion to approve Bryant seconds. 3-0 in favor

Postpone Item # 6 to next month's meeting May 11. 

Winter averaging of sewer bills. Defer to Kyle McCain. McCain: Needed to add ordinance that authorized us to do winter averaging. In 2 forms. 1- Utility billing clerk does the averaging with months usage Jan-Feb-Mar. Alternative shows Dec-Jan-Feb for winter averaging. Second a little more fair to the citizens, says city administrator and billing clerk will make the adjustment for each individual account. Ramsay: The bill you get in December is for November. Then, in Jan you're getting December's usage in Feb you're getting January. McCain It's the usage, generally, meters read around 27th of the month, bills go out on 1st. Calculated on April 1, proposal is to use Dec-Jan-Feb where people would not be doing any irrigating or watering of plants. Ramsay, why city admin and billing clerk on second. McCain. Ordinance as written by the attorney only had the city administrator, changed to add billing clerk. My name could be taken out of it completely. Moore-needed it codified in our city ordinance. Martin: I'd like to average it over 2 months. Why can't we just 2 months instead of 3? McCain: I don't know a good reason not to except standard way cities are doing it. Up to council if you want to do 2. 3 months might mitigate if you have a high average. JOnes: If you have a lot of guests in the winter over the holidays, will have a higher water bill. Still think 3 months will get you a lower average. Are you likely to water in February? Martin: No. Ramsay: if we're going to average, I like having an odd number to play with, not 50/50 with 2 months. Citizen comments: My question is, as consumer, what if you use the 2 months, and at the end of hte year, turns out it's way out of whack, suddenly my bill is going to pop up, becuase to me 3 months is what's usually used to average.  Ramsay: One more question. I still don't understand why the city administrator is involved, because billing clerk falls under city secretary. McCain: Doesn't have to be, was in there when alternative presented to me, so I left it in there. Ramsay, in reality you have a lot to do besides getting involved in utility billing. McCain: In reality the computer will do the calculations. Can very easily take my name out of it. Ramsay, my rec only utility billing clerk. Ordinance 554. Jones Motion we adopt the ordinance using alternate choice and striking out city administrator Ramsay second 3 in favor, council Martin opposed.

Rearrangement of city hall offices. McCain: Directions about how to rearrange city hall, was not party to discussion. In the movement described, me to jim's office, Jim to the mayor's office, city secretary into my office, that solves some of the problems, but eliminates a closet for Jim. Jim has maps in his closet, not sure how to replace that, a little smaller office to start with. Many times that staff have discussed and moving some equiopment to where the city secretary is now. Don't know that any option is good, the way this building is laid out not most perfect situation. Hesitation to be moved to first office coming in the door. I like to listen to what's going on, Ramsay did have a good point so no real privacy in that office. Jones: New gee whiz technology on mapping technology, at that point the maps will be obsolete except historical record. Ramsay: Decision that council made the reason to move city secretary to city admin's office is to put back in that room where there's a firewall, no way for her to get in and out, and if need to talk to city secretary too many non-essential people being in that staff office, by her being in city secretary can come in from door from hallway. Move CA to public works office, however, as any CEO of any company you need to be involved, some things you don't have to hear but your staff feel free to come into office. noise carries through from that office. Moving mayor to old city hall in with police person since they don't need to be in this office with the staff. Public works manager and code officer share a closet together, so many communications together. Our original direction to the mayor in that manner. Response was back that it was to be done before the new secretary came. I came to you since new sec coming April 30th. Also about carpet and furniture. This the council did not discuss, just a woman's point of view on furniture. Like to see city secretary moved out to mayor and then city admin you have the computer desk, you take that one, very nice desk in cvb building that could be used for public works, desk that's in the mayor's office relic from Oakdale could be moved into staff's office to read reports. Don't feel we need to purchase any new furniture, don't think we need new carpet, this would be holding up the move. Martin: I really like the part about city secretary having access to outside. Bryant: no idea how to work out furniture, do agree we don't need to purchase any more, do like the idea, both secretary and CA having their own private space. McCain: I've heard what I need to hear to move on this. Ramsay: Asking attorney a question? Don't need to make a motion on this since direct to city administrator? 

Council reports

Mayor leaving over 9 mllion dollars in all our accounts

Public Works- Interaction with webmaps. Anyone interested input on different layers of information. Get together key member. Maybe Dwayne Griffin, mayor, will be meeting on the 22nd here at city hall. First meeting on what we'd like to see, rough draft, once approved, will create website. C4 security quotes sewer system. 2 different companies went from $5000 to however much you want to spend, going with cheapest one. Suggested adding lights for at night. Looking for senior wastewater treatment operator, TML website. Tomorrow will be going through compliance with TCEQ for water system, annual *investigation*, sounds bad but it really just means we are in complaince at well sites and records. Meeting at 9 am at city hall expected to take 2-3 hours. Bryant: area we're working on by bank, on corner. Jim: Contractor says they're behind but still on schedule. They'll pour curb, gutter, asphalt small area that needs to be replaced, hate to replace it but we're going to be doing a new waterline right though that area so hate to put it in and tear it right back out. 

CVB: May 9th Hot Rod Car Show downtown 11-1, 95.3 trying to put together some unique projects utilitizing school auditorium and expo center. Charlie Daniels Band, looking at expo center a little outdated so would have to fork over a lot of money to bring in sound and light equipment, 35,000 to bring CDB, not including back end equipment to bring it here. Trying to wheel and deal. We have not booked him, just looking at him, as well as a couple of other performers for NYE celebration. Numbers increasing for regional information, downward interest on people coming in on Saturdays, depends on weather, if weather is good, more people coming into visitor center. 

Oakdale: March not a good month, weather pretty much killed tourism, rain, cold, snow, sleet. Swimming pool cracks have been sealed, plaster has popped up almost entire portion of baby pool, will need to replaster, $4000, for safety of children. Bluegrass festival went great, lots of great comments, staff was great, lot more people coming out, waiting list getting longer. Honeywood remodel done, camper in progress, bathhouse, this weekend bluegrass. 

City Administrator: Personnel items. ? High school, couldn't make out, bringing NHS to Oakdale, will be doing community service work at Oakdale, Food Bank, April 26th coming in Sunday afternoon. ATMOS annual rate increase. Shelves delivered today, assoon as they get installed in old well room will be moving storage boxes to old building. Troubling want to get software going, encode, Angie had background in it, Mark Ramsey said he was not capable of doing it, Encode will send someone up here to get data to make transition, will be a cost, far too important for us to delay any longer. Bryant. City secretary involved? McCain: She has background in this. Ramsay: Leak adjustment request form? Do we need to review this for you to put it the agenda? Is there a reason we didn't have the subdivision ordinance on this months' agenda after I requested it last month? McCain: I'm sorry i didn't realize we were supposed to have it on the agenda this time. My brain did not pick that up. Ramsay: Has code enforcement and public works been involved with this? McCain: Code enforcment heavily involved, have not talked to jim about this. Ramsay: Has been going on for over a year and a half, emphasis get this on the agenda and get it going. Martin: Pursue getting 25k property tax for seniors? McCain: Council approved it, tax appraisal district has been notified, takes place next year 2015 tax year. 

Code Enforcement Officer: New speaker system on poles given absolutely certainty final testing on Wed afternoon, weather issues caused a delay, all equipment, antenna, etc in this building. New city website online April 16th. Citizens can sign up to get news items, agendas automatically sent to email addresses. As an added bonus can send to a friend. Not just for the agenda but Oakdale park, suppose a lightening storm that closes pool down, can sign up to be notified. Ability to put live video on it, Jr high school 2 1/2 milion dollar renovation, Cheerful Hearts expanding business, Tan Tymes doing remodel, Phillips 66 is remodeling, cooler, Texaco, new Mexican restaurant coming in next to Dairy Queen. 55 inspections, 32 permits, 6 code violations. Property at 502 Crockett was pretty messed up, wonderful job to Lula Strickland. Bryant- ever mention Christmas in Action? Ray: Had it done before that program. 



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