Audio-Jerry Jacene Talks about Tracks in Glen Rose - Somervell County Commish Courtl 3/16/2015Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Audio-Jerry Jacene Talks about Tracks in Glen Rose - Somervell County Commish Courtl 3/16/2015

21 March 2015 at 1:27:51 PM


Plan of action Lease the property for two years, option to purchase the property for 2 years. Have funding to do 3 test sites for more dinosaur tracks and fossils (lots 6 and 7). Programs with the public. Revisit the site in TN, like to go back and talk to invidiuals. They had a grant of 10 million dollars to help them. About 2500 square feet. A vistor's center. Would like county to agree to further excavations and study and give opportunity to work with utility companies, public and the schools. 

Chambers: Except for the excavations and the 2 year lease, can't you just work with the utility companies etc without any kind of lease

Jacene We are going to do that but one of the reasons for the digging is to determine if there are more tracks there. 

Chambers: But apparently you're going to get to a point someday where that line's going to be in your way, right? 

Jacene. It can be in our way or we can learn to work with it. Where the easement is, on this side we won't be able to work there. Going down 5 feet to where sewer is so how we will be control it with the drainage issues? We went to bring in a water engineer. Proposed dig sites, strongly suggests more tracks. Could have erosion from ice age, flooding. If we can't dig ,what do we do now? I still strongly suggest a visitor's center. We made replicas of the tracks, the Aluminite Corporation out of Kalamazoo MI, they were here last year 

Curtis. If we boil al lthis down, what are you asking for?

Jacene- we want to lease the land for 2 years and give us the option to buy at the present real estate value. 

Chambers; Andy, and Brian, would we have to go out for bids if we considered a lease? 

Brian: We would go out for RFPs but make it very specific for the purpose of the excavation, could even specify that it be done by a non-profit organization.

Jacene. I do have the funding in place to do this. It's something I'm going to go out later and secure the monies to do this. 

Curtis. I'm of the opinion that we've moved in this direction, not much value in property for development other than this type of endeavor so I would support a lease agreement for exploratory considerations. 

Hulsey: When the 2 years is up and you don't find what you .. what determines to buy it or not. 

Jacene: Assuming that we don't find anything in the 2 years, the site already has a history because of the Adams You'd have a visitor's center that would still be worth it. If you're going to put in a vistor's center, you don't want to put it in a metal building. 

Jacene. I don't have the checkbook. If I had the checkbook we wouldn't be standing here now. We'd purchase the property and be on our way but I have to answer to other people  who do have the checkbook. This is very foreign to me.  I've had to educate myself on talking to business people because their language is totally different than mine. 

Questions: Who owns that property now? Does Somervell County own them? Is there a dollar amount of what Jacene is asking for? Is he asking for his trip back to TN to be funded? He wants to build a building? If he's leasing the property, how does that work to pay a lease but build something on that property? Does he hope to get one of those extremely cheap lease deals like the one Somervell County made with The Promise? Who is allowing him to be on that property now? Does he have a signed agreement with the county? (Since he said he's being paid by some other entity? He said he didn't understand talking to business people but in fact that's not the case with the storefront he operated with a grant in TN, where he had to approach business people to get that moolah. 

More on how *foreign* this is-interesting that he wants to present himself strictly as someone that digs in the dirt. 

KINGSPORT — The owner of Prehistoric Exhibits Museum is exploring offers to sell the museum portion of his business and may work with the city of Kingsport to provide Bays Mountain Park with some educational fossil displays.

Earlier this month paleontologist Jerry Jacene announced he is planning to move his business to another city in Tennessee early next year. The Prehistoric Exhibits Museum is located in the old Lazer Tag building in down town Kingsport and also houses Jacene’s fossil reproduction business.

Kingsport recruited Jacene’s business and museum from Cookeville earlier this year, providing him with $34,000 from the city and the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau as a 12-month lease subsidy and to cover moving expenses and some improvements to the building.

About two weeks ago Jacene met with city officials to discuss the upcoming move.
"We told him we felt like he has some obligation to the city," said Mayor Dennis Phillips.

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1 - beingstupid   12 Sep 2015 @ 5:44:14 PM 

I understand this guy has multiple business ventures now he's acting dumb like he doesn't understand money and stuff and all for altruistic reasons of course.  He mentions a site in Tennessee.  Is that the Gray Fossil site he either quit or was pushed out of?  Look it, even if he's not trying to make a lot of money he's still trying to get other people to pay for something (or give him a special deal) that will essentually be his which is a new museum or something to replace the old museum that went belly up.  

2 - salon   13 Sep 2015 @ 9:31:14 AM 

@Beingstupid- That was how I saw it, too, that he didn't have his own money but was trying to get the county to give him a deal on behalf of some other company. Ultimately, the county didn't go with his *deal* but decided to sell the land to the guy who has the creationism museum.

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3 - TRUTH BE TOLD   8 Mar 2016 @ 10:56:10 AM 

Whomever did this research and wrote these comments......DIG DEEPER!

4 - salon   8 Mar 2016 @ 1:59:56 PM 

@Truth Be Told. Feel free to send an anonymous email to 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
5 - TRUTH BE TOLD   9 Mar 2016 @ 11:10:22 AM 

If paleontologists can foresnically determine fossil facts, then they are implored to DIG DEEPER.  By design- A hell of a  house of mirrors, you may go crazy when you find new discoveries.

6 - salon   11 Mar 2016 @ 8:07:12 AM 

@Truth be Told. The land in Somervell County that is referred to above was sold to Carl Baugh last year; so far as I can tell Jerry Jacene has nothing to do any longer with it and I don't believe he's in ther area any more. It appears to me that he and another man started another venture about a year or two  ago, the MIddle Tennessee Museum of Natural History in Murfreesboro, TN, which relies on donations from the public


The museum is a big project. We've started to build a team of volunteers who are passionate about getting this museum up and running, but a project of this proportion needs the support of the community. We are currently looking for in-kind services from those businesses or individuals willing to provide help with accounting, legal and fundraising. But, what do we need most? Funds. It is estimated to cost in excess of $1 million just to move into a permanent facility. Our dream facility comes with a price tag far more. Not only do we need funds for a building, but we must also consider the costs of maintaining and running the museum, as well as maintaining, protecting and growing the collection.

According to this article, from 2013, several people, including Alan Brown, Jerry Jacene, and Lewis Elrod decided to create a non-profit for the purpose of a museum displaying minerals and fossilf from Tennessee. 

June 8, 2014- Museum to use a crowdfunding source to get money 

Earth Experience, The Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History, has launched a crowdfunding campaign through the fundraising web site> to help raise funds for its continued growth.

“The dream of this museum is to have a facility where life-size dinosaur skeletons and models inspire the curiosity of children of all ages,” says museum director and visionary Alan Brown.

The crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise an initial $10,000 to help with the current operational needs of the 501(c)3 not-for-profit, as well as funding the beginnings of an endowment. Funders of the project will receive special gifts like fossils found here in middle Tennessee or a color changing coffee mug, depending on the level of investment.

It is entirely possible that the same people who are now involved in the museum in Murfreesboror are the same ones that hoped, with Jacene, to do something with the Joanna's Tracks location. 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
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