I Didn't Realize Till Fairly Recently That I had been misrepresented on Facebook Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

Somervell County Hospital District Meeting in May 2014

I Didn't Realize Till Fairly Recently That I had been misrepresented on Facebook

21 January 2015 at 6:44:00 PM

The ONLY meeting I personally recorded, AS A CITIZEN and with MY OWN CAMERA, of the Somervell County Hospital District Board was the one in May, 2014 that was held at the GRISD school administration building. (Update: to my great regret, I also recorded the meeting from the other night as a private citizen and had the unfortunate experience of watching a crowd of boors AGAIN)  I've recorded plenty of government meetings over the years, including the Hospital Authority,  and posted them here, have not even once EVER done it at the behest of a government official to record AS a government meeting (That includes a number of GREDC meetings that I recorded personally when Darrell Best was president) . When I went in to the foyer at the back, a couple of different people asked me if that's what I was doing and I told them that I was doing this as a private citizen. I recorded that dang meeting because I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND SHARE IT. Well, what was going on were ill-mannered thugs, some of whom you will probably recognize by their voices. 

A whole lot of the people at that meeting acted like cattle.  You can also hear Darrell Best on this compilation video I made; he  can't seem to control himself from yelling out or being noisy like so many of the others that attended. I have NEVER been to ANY meeting in Somervell County where the attendees acted like this except at Somervell County Hospital District meetings.  You would think these people were raised in the wild. I suppose they wanted to make sure, as ruffians, that they expressed their comtempt for elected officials and against those, like me, that really did want to hear. 

The following video is not intended to be a record of the entire meeting; this is the first time I have spent any effort to turn my raw footage into any kind of video. It was AWFUL, but an audio recording was made by the GRMC administrative assistant, who was sitting near the front and no doubt had a much better recording where you could hear. I could not and dang, I do NOT have to put out a private recording for anyone. I had the footage, of course, and why in the world would I delete it, but never turned it into a video or spent time on it previously.  I felt at the time, and still do that to put this out as it was would be rewarding the unprincipled people who, at least to me, decided to purposely disrupt a meeting. Had I been leading it, I would have thrown them out on their ear, with the sheriff's department help if necessary.


So, after watching this video. Do you agree with me that the attendees were respectful and enabled everyone to hear? Or do you see how people talked incessantly and called out on the fly, and then said "We can't hear". Well, no wonder.  Let me be clear that I also don't think it's appropriate to clap FOR people like it's a game show and that includes for my husband. Do you think that my purpose  to create a record of what was said on the dais was fulfilled? What kind of surprises me as well is that at least some of these were hospital people-do they REALLY think acting that way reflects well on GRMC? I don't. And this was not the ONLY time these people acted this way- it has been a pattern.  My feeling always is that I'm not going to reward the thugs and bullies of the world.

That brings me to Darrell Best. I fairly recently did an open records request and got THIS back, which Darrell Best had posted on the GRMC Facebook page. Because I am not a huge Facebook fan except for some specific places I look, which don't include the GRMC page, I had never realized before that he posted the comments below. Obviously he viewed a Facebook public relations  page as being a good place to attack the wife of an elected official with snark that was untrue.

This says, in part

"So any time favorable news is made for Harper and his gang of four, you will see the video. If it is unfavorable, his wife will delete the tape and try again next week"

Wow! First of all, how unpleasant that he thought it was appropriate on Facebook to attack me, especially on spurious grounds. Of course he is not only misguided but wrong. I don't record with my own camera on tape, it's digital, I did not erase the digital video footage I have, and his snarky comments trashing me not only are wrong, but to me, shows he has disrespect for women. As I said, I simply never compiled that footage into a video previous to this chop one, and had NO requirement to do this at the behest of the district; it's MY private video (Remember, again, I have NEVER recorded ANY government meeting FOR government but for myself to share as a private citizen).  Paul had asked me if I would consider giving a copy of the video to the district, I thought about it, and said no. Besides, the admin assistant had audio, and a better recording anyway. The ridiculous thing he says about my husband is for others to giggle at,  and wonder what the fool is Best's intention. Attributing bad motives to me, to whom he, although he KNOWS me, did not speak about this, IS my business that I want to correct. I suspect that if Best had the nerve to say this on Facebook that he also is probably saying the same thing in a whisper campaign. 

 Perhaps Mr Best would do better to actually get the facts before running his mouth.And maybe, instead of adding to the noise by talking out of turn in public meetings where people like me spend time to try to hear and be a good ciizen, he should learn some manners and professionalism.

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