Needed: Public Truth Officer

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Needed: Public Truth Officer

19 January 2015 at 4:25:23 PM

Am I alone in thinking that the 'good guys' need more of a voice, regarding the Hospital District?

Glen Rose Current(which doesn't seem very current) has no articles about GRMC that I could find, but there several letters to the Editor, complaining about the "four" board members...  That misinformed woman is working overtime to misinform others.  She's an active commenter on the Reporter website, also.  And on the 'Newspaper' Facebook page...  Speaking of the Reporter...  The previous Editor, Amanda Kimble, told me she was shocked when Ron Hankins confronted her and informed her that it was her duty to inform the public of how horrible Paul Harper's ideas were, and the disaster that would surely follow his election...she considered it was her duty to offer the public all relevant information on all the candidates and let the public decide.  Harper was elected.  Kimble was replaced.  And, in my opinion, pretty much from day one, the new Reporter Editor has been obviously biased against the "four" did Ron Hankins get the Reporter in his pocket?

While the "four" have tried to get a grip on the situation, they've been harried on all sides...  It was clear to me that Dr. Peters used his disability for the political purpose of stopping the first meeting...  A member of the community spreads misinformation on every public forum she can find...  I've heard that members of the hospital staff delibrately delay access to public information...  I've been told the administration lied to the board on numerous issues.  And is clearly using delaying tactics to try and stretch things out until the next election...  A former local candidate, consumate polititian and charlatan that he so obviously is, abuses the legal system to get his political way...  All the while, Ron Hankins appears to be conspiring with the administration & the other two of the "three" board members to oppose anything the "four" are in favor of - even things that he should agree with!  And, sadly, a considerable number of locals buy into all this BS.

Those of us who know the real score and aren't affected by the scaremongering need to get organized and spread the truth!  The truth doesn't sell as well as a lie, so we've got our work cut out for us...  But, unless we start fighting back against this propoganda-induced paranoia, we'll forever be sadled with increased taxes and corruption.


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1 - salon   19 Jan 2015 @ 5:43:28 PM 

@nmlgr- Welcome to the site! Glad you are posting! 

I agree with you. I've always like the SCOTUS adage that the answer to bad speech is more speech. And 

‘A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.’

The problem to me, is when people accept what others say without truly looking into it for themselves, compounded by the difficulty when, for example, you can't FIND the truth because, say, a local paper has not published it. I commend you for wanting to speak up, everyone has freedom of speech.

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2 - salon   20 Jan 2015 @ 3:45:12 PM 

Let me add that I'm personally dang TIRED of the people who were voted in, who put why they were running in the Glen Rose Reporter, so that we KNOW what they stand for, getting harrassed and picked on. I think Chip Harrison, for example, is doing a fine job, as is John Parker, Eugene Brode and Paul Harper, I don't expect all the new members to be perfect, and it's ridiculous if anyone does. These people are NOT professional politicians, but even more than that, they were VOTED IN by Somervell County citizens to represent them. Do the people who want to spread lies think that ONLY THEY get to have a point of view represented? If so, then they are ANTI-DEMOCRACY and don't believe in essential fairness. For the people, and I am one, that voted for Chip Harrison, Eugene Brode, John Parker, and Paul Harper, for anyone to try through lies, threats, intimidation and lawsuits to say that *I* don't get to have a voice through the people *I* wanted, is flat out WRONG. I support the hospital, and it's disingenous at best to say that unless you agree with the utter baloney about *destroying the hospital and dismantling it piece by piece* by these fear mongerers that YOU or I don't support the hospital. OF COURSE we do, but maybe the way, for me, that I want to support it is by insisting that our elected officials have ACCOUNTABILITY for our tax dollars. I also don't understand people that don't want loans being signed and money given out without even GOING OUT FOR BIDS, such as has been happening. Do citizens really not care when contracts are not being followed? When budgets don't comply with the law?  I can't even imagine why these other people DO NOT WANT THAT, but that being so, it still doesn't negate my position or appreciation for those who do.

I'm going to remind that THESE are the kind of people who are putting out the crap which is not based on ONE SHRED of FACT. Do these people who cannot control themselves at board meetings really think this represents the hospital well and is in the best interest of representing it? I don't. 


And for those who are LYIHG and saying that everybody on the board only votes based on the *control* of one person, WAKE UP and do some READING. Chip Harrison is the board president, not Paul Harper, Eugene Brode or John Parker. Watch this for starts, where the vote was 6-1. The board, in fact is NOT under the control of one person, nor the *4*, which anyone who spends a modicum of time reading instead of listening to whisper campaigns can verify. For those who are spreading that lie, if there WAS such a thing where ONE PERSON ALWAYS CONTROLLED THE VOTE, I want that elixer bottled and sold so I can make a fortune on it.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Just leaving this here-about Trump's moral depravity re: fallen troops
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