Recap on Prometheus NOT coming to Somervell County- Jan 11 2015


Recap on Prometheus NOT coming to Somervell County- Jan 11 2015

10 January 2015 at 2:08:08 PM

Prometheus=Glen Rose Reporter Jan 13,2014 

Who were these people? Did they have an already existing and successful business that they wanted to bring to Glen Rose? No. They do have a weapons patent 

And here's their address

Prometheus Solutions Inc

Licensee Name: Prometheus Solutions Inc
N On Hwy 368 Tract 1a
Arabela, NM 88351
Phone: 575-653-4700 

OR maybe THIS is their address

Physical Address: MILE MARKER 106 US HWY 380 HONDO, NM 88336

Mailing Address: 400 NORTH PENNSYLVANIA SUITE 940 ROSWELL, NM 88201

There was apparently a lawsuit of Prometheus Solutions Inc v Coker et al filed on April 14, 2014. about their patent. Don't know how it was resolved but at least in April of 2014 there was an issue about having a free and clear patent.

As you read the next, you will notice that Mike Ford, who was then judge, attended a private meeting in which the pitch was made to give Somervell County land to Prometheus in December 2013 (Here's a letter he wrote to Wes Jurey dated Dec 13, 2013). Did he include the commissioners in this? Nope, They weren't even invited, so the first they heard about this, besides possibly rumours, was at the Jan 13, 2014 meeting. Previous to even that commissioners meeting, Ford had spent the time to create a form letter to invite people to a Jan 14, 2014 meeting. In effect, he was using the power of his office to invite who he called a "Limited number of invited participants" although of course this had to be a posted open meeting. So, to make the point, Ford TOOK THE TIME to do a whole bunch of work behind the scenes, EXCEPT, as you see below, he didn't spend any time to find out if these companies were even a good risk, WITHOUT including the ELECTED commissioners. Also at the time Ford told the Glen Rose Reporter that he met with these people privately because, heck, having a quorum would have led to a required public meeting, silencing the discussions all together (Oops, except that there WERE non-disclosure agreements signed and um, there IS such a thing as executive sessions). Wondering also if it wouldn't have been possible to just MENTION to the other commissioners that he was even generally DOING such a thing. 

At their Jan. 13 meeting, members of Somervell County Commissioners Court unanimously approved the publication of a request for proposals for two lots - about 15 acres - within Gibbs Industrial Park. County Judge Mike Ford said the weapons manufacturer - currently operating out of Roswell N.M. and incorporated in Nevada - has expressed interest in the property, but law requires the county to seek proposals before an offer can be considered.

Following the meeting, Ford said Prometheus Solutions is currently working to secure a contract with the United States Department of Defense related to the development of a "new weapon to save lives in altercations elsewhere." In addition to patent-pending advancements that are aimed at improving the operation of existing weaponry. Prometheus also works in firearms assembly.

Here is the agenda for that meeting (which was apparently posted as an addendum to that original agenda)  and the full audio. Following is a clip of just the part about Prometheus as well as a rough transcript.

Ford: There is an additional, er an addendum agenda that we had to post after the original was. The item on it was a request/take action on a proposal to sell industrial property. This is an RFP, I think all of you are aware that we had a business that is potentially interested in locating here, our procedure when it's property that we may provide in the industrial park, the law requires us to put out an RFP on that property.

so, here at this meeting, for the FIRST TIME the commissioners heard about it, Ford already had an RFP ready to go for the commissioners to vote on. Who created that RFP? 

The RFP has been provided to you, it's very specific to how many jobs are coming, or envisioned in the first year or beyond, how much money will be used to fund the process and over how many years. This business that we're meeting about is called Prometheus Solutions Inc. They are a defense arms manufacturer, developer and we're actually pretty excited about getting them in. This comes as a recommendation from the Industrial Commission to let this RFP and provide two pieces of property. Had a meeting the other day and I don't know where my mind was but it wasn't on property. We had talked and I told them specifically and we were talking about two 15 acre pieces of property. I was wrong. It's actually two 7. something pieces of property so it was just over a total of 15 acres that we're talking about in the industrial park. Ultimately this property will be used to provide arms for the armed forces and other like entities. This has been in the works for several years and what we're doing today is just basically letting the bid. The court is not under any obligation should this be let.As I've already told you, I've set up a time and at least one of the principles will be by to visit with you and you can ask any specific questions you have at that point in time.

Gee. How nice of Ford NOT to tell the commissioners about this but for him to set up appointments for the IN-The-Works show to go to them. 

Ultimately, our attorney is working very closely on what the ultimate agreement would look like.

Looks to me from below that Somervell County uses TWO different attorneys. One of them had apparently also already been told about starting to work on Prometheus. 

We'll have that in your hands well before any time we have to make a decision. I want to say that I"m pretty excited about this firm, they do have connections with the governor's office and they're working through them on some funding from the state and they're being courted by quite a few other communities within the state of Texas.

I had originally thought that that Prometheus had some special *in* with the Governor's office. As you will see when you read this and listen to the audio, THEY DID NOT, they simply were going through grant writers looking to cash in from grants available from Texas.

They're determined to locate in the state of Texas. At this point in time, they're headquartered in Roswell, New Mexico. and they are coming down this direction, they've already secured several things here locally.

Wonder what those things were that they *secured locally*? It sure wasn't them buying their own land or getting their own loan. Maybe it was securing a manicure for when they had their hands out on the beg so the fingernails would look pretty.

Ultimately we believe this can lead between forty and fifty jobs, well paying jobs within the community and open up some doors for other future businesses. They have committed to coming here and the only thing the county is proferring to do at this time is provide the fifteen acres for them to be able to do what they do. But the law requires us to put this out for bid and if you have an opportnity to look at the bid, the bid is very specific... you also have to invest a certain amount of money in facilities and so on like that.

Is this not saying that the RFP was TAILORED to fit JUST THAT COMPANY? Shouldn't it be that there is a need that has to be met and the RFP fits that? 

Ultimately, whatever we do the county will be protected and they are aware of the importance of that, the taxpayers money and property is involved in this, and we're more than willing to put it in their hands as long as they can provide the jobs and the influx of capital.... and again, I would say that this does come as a recommendation from the Industrial Commission. 

Industrial Commission? What is THAT? According to one of the commissioners, he believes that was referring to Darrell Best's private Somervell County Economic group. IF that is so, then it's just some people who may or may not have good judgement making a recommendation. If *Industrial Commission* is really that group, then why wasn't Ford clear about it? He did say in a Glen Rose Reporter article that it was Darrell Best that brought Prometheus here. 

Barnard. Is this kind of like putting the cart before the horse? Because nearly all that we've heard, we've heard by word of mouth, we weren't invited to the meeting, we know nothing about what was said at the meeting, except by word of mouth (Ford: Exactly) 

I believe James Barnard was referring to THIS, where Mike Ford worked in conjunction with Wes Jury, and probably the private organization for Somervell County Economic Development Isn't this the COMMISSIONERS COURT instead of the JUDGE'S COURT? Why in the fool wouldn't James Barnard be concerned about Mike Ford running the show without bringing in the people WE elected? 

Ford: That's why I have them come by and visiting with you. 

Barnard. But it'll be after we...

Ford: All you're doing is letting an RFP at this point which is a request for proposal from them. 

Barnard. Can we open it up for comments?

Ford: If you wish

Barnard. Does anyone have anything to say about it? Don't everybody jump up. 

Hulsey  It's not that I"m against it. I'd like to have more information and i"m going to vote yes today  but I'd like to go on record that it's not obligating me as a commissioner to anything. I would like to have met with them before today so I've got a lot of questions to ask them. 

Barnard. And I think we both feel the same

Ford: And I understand that. And like I told you guys the other day, until just very recently it was just a conversation between me, them and a few other people because thre wasn't any way of knowing whether or not they were going to come in.

Wow! Another reason I'm DANGED glad Mike Ford is NO LONGER JUDGE. Why did he believe that it was appropriate to have private conversations between himself and others without involving the OTHER elected officials? Did he really think he was beholden to a PRIVATE organization? 

The other thing, this is an unusual issuse because they have some security issues not just because it's proprietary but because it's defense related. Even when we had our initial meeting, we had to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to get the full story. And any time I invite you all to something we have to post a public meeting


and they weren't willing to go through that at that point in time because we weren't even aware of what they were. And so that was the meeting that we had. I went to the Industrial Commission which is the proper route to go because ultimately they make the decsion as to recommend it to the court, and then the court gets it. What we're doing today is putting it out for an RFP. I understand where you are on it but I want you to understand that I'm not trying to hide anything from you. The issue is, we wouldn't have had the conversation to begin with if we had to make a public meeting. And honestly, it's not just them, it's going to be about anybody that has proprietary information about either their product or their processes. They are not going to want us to share that in a public meeting and if I had my choice, any conversation we had with anybody would involve all of us but the honest truth is I can't get people to talk to me initially if it's a public meeting.

Hulsey. Well, it would have been nice to have met with them before today.

Ford: Well, I understand that, but there wasn't any way to get it accomplished.  As you know, we have scheduled a time for them to come down and visit with you. ... I owuld probably have not done it differently otherwise. 

Oh, how nice. AFTER Mike Ford has completely left the commissioners out of the loop, he , or rather, the editorial *we* has scheduled a time for Prometheus to come and *visit* with them. 

Curtis. In the last paragraph of the notice to sell real property, the commissioners court can reject any and all offers submitted so upon further interface with this group if it's determined we're not satisfied, and they may not be satisfied with the terms and conditions of this, then we have the right to reject any and all offers. 

Ford: Anything that's been said up to this point has not had anything official attached to it. This is the starting of the official move to see if whta they offer is amenable to us and vice versa.

Apparently NOT the starting point since Ford had been working on it since at least the last month.

At that point, once we see what their proposal is, we will by then have a sample agreement in hand to show to you, and you can look for yourself. As I think I've told a couple of you, our job is to be sure we protect the county 

Larry Smith: If I understand this correctly, the RFP merely puts the county in a position to negotiate with the principles so that you can get the questions answered that you have (Why wouldn't the signed non-disclosure agreement and ALL the commissioners talking about this together in executive session have not done this BEFORE a friggin RFP?) 

Mike: Have we had any access to anything outside of what's proprietary where anyone can look at it? 

Ford: Actually you can go on their website and they talk about, in essence, what they're about. They produce... they're going to assemble weapons, they're goint to machine weapons, they have a proprietary weapons that, Mike, and I'm just not going to say what it is, but if you go to the patent office site and look up Prometheus, their weapon is on there.

He didn't mention the website and I could not find, at this date, any direct website domain for them. Interesting, though, that the one thing Prometheus DID have was a patent. 

Mike. I'm not so interested in their proprietary process but what you all have I guess what I'm trying to tell the court is,

Ford:I don't think our job is to vet whether they're financially able to do it, or otherwise, we have determined that they are a legitimate corporation that has been in business for quite some number of years, they have not produced anything at this point in time....

Sheesh! Why the heck not? ANY old Pig in a Poke? IF a company wants to come in and buy their own land and they can't dang do it, then it's all on them. WHY would Mike Ford ever think it was appropriate to go GIVE land to some company KNOWING they never manufactured anything and without at least seeing before GIVING LAND AWAY that they were *financially able* to run a business? If Somervell County Commissioners Court is going to do that, then let me be FIRST in line for some of that free land. 

What we're trying to do is bring in a facility that we hope will work. There is no guarantee with anyone that we go into an agreement with that they're going to achieve what they say they will or not. At least one of the highly successful businesses out there right now almost within days almost went bankrupt and yet now they're a moving force in what goes on out there. What I think our job is, if we find a promising business that has the potential to bring us those numbers of jobs, I'm willing to put on the line 15 acres as long as our agreement protects the county if they don't do what they promised What I'm suggesting to you is I"m not qualified to dig into all the finances, I don't have that kind of time, frankly, to do that.

Whish is why it's a COMMISSIONERS COURT, the JUDGE does NOT run the show, no matter how much one Bloated Ego may believe that. It's RUDE to the other commissioners and disrespectul to the taxpayers. Incidentally, there is supposed to be a government committee for Economic Development, NOT run by a private group that may have their own agenda and with whom you cannot know WHAT they're doing. Larry Hulsey said he is going to see about getting that back in place under Judge Danny Chambers now, which I applaud him for. 

explored them far enough to find that they are a viable company, when you have an opportunity to visit with them, you need to ask the hard questions but I think our job is that if we dinf a business that we think can succeed that we proffer the property with the knowledge that our attorney and our outside attorney are absolutely sure we're proteced in every way

Again, who's the outside attorney? We already have a county attorney elected to do that job, are we taxpayers paying for another attorney too? 

Barnard: I don't think any of us is against the business coming here. 

Hulsey: You read in the paper its a done deal and I have a citizen come ask me questions that I don't know about. That's all I"m talking about. I'm for jobs. 

Ford: Where did they see it's a done deal. 

Hulsey. That's what I point out, it's not a done deal but that's the perception. 

Ford: It hasn't been in the public venue until today, frankly. 

And why not, MR FORD?????

Hulsey. I need more information

Ford: I set that up for you. 

Mike (from audience) Will everyone else have access to that information? Will we have access to that information? 

Ford: If you want to visit with them, you can, Mike. As soon as we get an RFP from them and as soon as we approve an RFP, it becomes public record and you would have access to anything that's in that document. . If we do decide to go along with this, at that point in time a lot more information is going to come out. .. They even brought the weapon in and we got to look at it but the proprietary part is covered up. ... It can be a great business for us here and I think most people are going to be very accepting of anything that is connected with the defense industry. These weapons are not for going out deer-hunting. 

Barnard. When they turn in an RFP what all does that entitle, line of credit, financing? 

Ford: No. RFP says how many jobs, how much capital expenditure 

Now get this next part. These people don't have to do ANYTHING for providing one shred of proof that their business is even any GOOD. 

Barnard. But they don't have to provide anything back that guarantees they're in business or will do what they say

Ford No. 

Mike(?) from audience. But what's that then anticipate that the county is actually going to file a lien on this property so that if these particular objectives are not met then the county will foreclose and get this property back unless it's with a bank or some other entity that's using it 

Ford: If in the hands of a bank and the property fails, bank would have to pay property tax on it and they're much more likely to get out and find a replacement than we are. Same kind of agreement

Barnard. Taht's part of hte problem There have been businesses that failed like the mechanical dinosaurs

Ford: But we never gave them property. 

Barnard: We went through the court system

Ford: Yes we did an guess why it didn't go. 

Barnard: There's 2 or 3 more of them I can't think of right now. 

Ford: Well, let's look at the other side of the fact. We've got quite a few businesses out there that went through this same process too. Even 2 that built major stuff and sold off to somebody else My argument would be if it failed it failed at a point before we turned property over to them. With economic development, it's a crap shoot anyway.

Exactly. So why shoudl the government be in the business of picking winners and losers. If a company is good, then shoudln't they be able to get their own private financing? I'm willing to bet most businesses here in Glen Rose are in business on their own financing, sweat and muscle.

Even businesses such as Quicksilver, we didn't actually have anything to do with that, but they took that property over, they're moving on to other places, it doesn't mean it was a failure, that's the cycle of business

Except that government has its hands in this bad deal.

If I had the time I'd love for us to be able to dig deeply into the finances of any company that was coming up here. Ultimately, we make an offer of property, that's not any money out of hte county's treasury, that property is doing absoultely nothing and has been doing nothing for decades now. Putting it on the line to try to bring a business in it'sno harm to the county. If they haven't done anythin with the property in a year, we get the property back. Must invest at least a million dollars in capital. ... I've had discussion with Cornyn's office, if this gets signed, there will be a lot of out of town folks in this picture.

So, again, BEFORE MIKE FORD EVEN BROUGHT THIS UP TO THE COMMISSIONERS COURT, he had even been making phone calls to John Cornyn's office. Blah. 

Now watch this next part as Ford tries to coerce Larry Hulsey to make a motion, with James as second. BULLY!!!

Breckinridge/Colt. Larry, do you want to make that as a motion? James would you like to second that? 

Barnard: Not at this time. 

Ford: Larry, I didn't put you in that position, you can do your own thing. 

(John Curtis seconds the motion)

Who was behind bringing an unproven wanna-be company to Glen Rose?  I'm going to write more on this on a different post, about this whole snake oil system of bringing unproven businesses to government to get corporate welfare. For now, the point is that these people, both Prometheus and SR2O came here on the beg due to Darrell Best.

Ford credited Darrell Best, co-chairman of the Economic Development Steering Committee and Council that began meeting in Aug. 2013, with spearheading discussions with Prometheus. Ford said a meeting that included about a dozen individuals - state, county, city, school district and law enforcement officials - was held in December, when local leaders held the Prometheus prototype and signed non-disclosure agreements related to the company and its patent-pending technology.

I asked one of the commissioners yesterday more about this. He said the *Industrial Commission* was actually Darrell Best's economic development private org, so it fits with Ford saying it was Best bringing this company that, like SR20, wanted freebie stuff from government.  I asked the commissioner about why it would be that Mike Ford couldn't spend any time oN HIS OWN to at all look into whether this company was even something viable that would have a chance at success (especially since he went off ON HIS OWN without the commissioners knowing anything about it or being invited) and why any goverment entity would want to go give out free stuff to companies that just put on paper that they thought they'd work. Heck, I can write up a good proposal and say I'll employ 50 people, GIVE ME FREE LAND! I mean, it's not fair or equal, is it? Here you have people who start businesses in Glen Rose or Somervell County who live and die on their own business expertise, without getting handouts. Why should a company out of NM that Darrell Best somehow knows about get free stuff? More than that, I have an expectation that the judge and commissioners would work TOGETHER to at least TRY to see if someone that wants a handout is a good risk. Oh, I know the commissioners would say, but it was Just Land. So? Why give out free land to potential grifters? 

Who was the George Green guy whose photo was in the paper? He's not listed on the patent.  

What exactly was the county giving these people? 15 acres of property. But that was just the county. The Sep 18 2014 Glen Rose Reporter said

Prometheus, which is a start-up business that would make rapid-fire weapons, had entered talks with Somervell County and the City of Glen Rose in opening a plant in Glen Rose. The potential deal would call for a land grant from the county for 7.5 acres and a loan to the City of Glen Rose, which would be paid off by Prometheus.

Dennis Moore told me last night that the reason Prometheus never got farther with the city is because they were supposed to get a grant from Rick Perry, but instead of getting that full grant, wanted the City of Glen Rose to COSIGN ON A LOAN. It's not clear to me at this point why they even went to the city at all to get money, was this a requirement of Rick Perry to get some governmental entity to cough up half the dough, and since Somervell County didn't want to pony up besides some free land, the city said, Nuh-uh? Audio from the sep 18 2014 meeting , rough transcript

Moore: Moving on to item # 8, consideration of a Texas Capital Fund Grant for industrial building construction. I'll defer to Kyle

McCain: This particular agenda item deals with Prometheus, which is an industry that has been talking with the city for at least 8 months now. And they are the ones that have the rapid-fire weapons that they would like to manufacture here in Glen Rose. This is a startup company, they have a patent that was just recently granted for their process and they've been talking with the state of Texas, talking with the governor, the governor is very much in favor of manufacturing in the state.

It's a far cry between the state of texas wanting to bring jobs here and telling startup companies to apply for a grant and making it appear that IN PARTICULAR the State of Texas wanted Prometheus. 

But to get this industry here, the county has given, actually offered them 7 1/2 acres, when they get the plant operating and they need some assistance in developing the building. And there is what's called the Texas Capitlal Fund Grant for Industrial Building. What this is is a zero percent loan to the city of Glen Rose, as a loan to the city. We would then be in charge of building the building according to whatever plans we have for it, for the first $700,000 of the cost of that building. And there's $50,000 additional in the grant for that administration. Call it a grant, call it a loan, it's technically a loan but it's technically a grant too because the $50,000 is a grant and the zero percent interest is in effect a grant.

That last comment amused. If I put dog ears on a cat, does that cat become a dog?

That would allow for bringing up industry in a town that will have 30 to 50 employees in the next two years but when I said it's a loan to the city like any other loan there's liability.

Disingenuous to call this a loan TO the city. The city, if they had agreed to this, would have COSIGNED A LOAN for Prometheus.

The liability is such that if they operate the plant and it works out great for the first fifteen years of the loan and something goes wrong, the world peace, if everybody stops shooting each other and they have no need for rapid fire weapons, then what would happen is the city would then take the building back, the building would come to us and we would end up paying the monthly payment on it until we either sell the building wherein we would actually recover quite a bit of our equity or if we lease it out to another industry to bring another industry into our city. We've gotten the program started, there's an initial application that gone on into the state, the cost of that 1500 was paid for by Prometheus but I was uncomfortable going farther on this project till the council got the full amount of information on this and what this grant actually or this loan actually does. I've asked Judy Lankford of Lankford Community Management Group here this evening to explain the program... and what kind of assets Prometheus has to put up. It's not just the state's money that's going into this. Prometheus has to show the financial ability to operate a business like this before this can actually be granted. Judy Lankford also has Shana Hosper

So, Prometheus didn't even show up themselves to ask for this loan. Kyle got some intermediary grant group to come.

Lankford: A little bit about our business. Lankford Community Management Services has been in business since 1983, my father started the business... We've worked with Kyle before, he called us up when Prometheus contacted him about doing the capital fund and that's what we're doing here this evening. Prometheus has started the application we actually haven't submitted it to the state yet The applications are due to the Texas Dept of Agriculture the 20th of every month. Competitive process, manufacturing scores better than other potential businesses so we feel that this one has a likelihood of being funded when it is submitted.


The business competes with other businesses that are turned in during that same month period... they're working on their match. The state requires that the business match whatever funds requested with a one to one match. It doesn't have to be the buliding, it can be equipment, working capital... there would have to be a contract between the city and the business to make sure that all the contractural obligations between the city and the state are met, if they didn't meet that the city would get back the building. Would make sure that the land underneath the building would go with the buildling so that the city would have a viable asset to either resell or lease 

Ramsey: You just said the business must have a one to one match. If the city is the one overseeing the grant, the land, from what I understand, goes back to the county, means we have a building sitting on someone else's land. 

Right. the land would have to go BACK to the county, so here the city would have co-signed on a loan on a building (or inventory????) that would be sitting on some other entity's dang land.

Lankford: I discussed this with Kyle a few days aso and we sould have to come up with an agreement that the land would somehow go with the building. 

McCain: What the judge told me today is if the council wants to move forward with this project then we would get together and work out that deal, whether it's the land that's under the building, whether it's the land so many hundred feet around it or is the first 7 1/2 acres. I believe it's not going to impossible to deal with the county on this. Our goal is to get an industry into town and the county's goal is to get an industry into town, so our purposes are the same. All we hvae to do is make it viable for hte city to come out if something goes wrong. 

Bryant: That's easy for the county to offer. They would have zero to lose. They walk away and get their land back. YOu said they could have just straight inventory. If they were to close/shut down, they could just pack their inventory and go, that would leave us with 700,000 building. The county has nothing to lose, it would be the city that putting up the money, the equity, that's the scary part. 

McCain; The city owuldn't be putting up really any equity, it would be the potential liability to bring the building back before the building is paid off. That part of it would be an uknown and it's a zero percent loan, 20 years, it's a straight reduction in the cost. Payment would be about $37,000 a year. 

Bryant: Ya'll said you've been in the process of working this for 8 months. 

Lankford: WE've only been working with them for about 30 days now. Prometheus has been speaking to the city for 8 months. 

Who in the city was Prometheus talking to for 8 months?????

Bryant:.. I've never seen this number 700,000 so I don't know where and when it came about.

McCain: About a month or so ago. Prometheus ahs been working with the county up to this point and they were looking for several different grants through the governor's office and ag department to get funds to start this business. About a month ago the person that was supposed to be writing that grant for them left, quit and took their papers with them. And that's when the county came to me and said Can the city help with this at this point in writing this grant?

Was that Mike Ford that came to McCain to get help funding Prometheus?

And that's when we started talking about getting the money, about what grant was available.

Who's *we*? Since this is the first time this was brought to the city....

At the same time I told the county and I told Prometheus, we're in the middle of budget at that time so it was going to take a back seat to everything else we were doing. So it's just now coming forward because we're far enough past the budget to get into this. 

Ramsay: Well, I looked back in some of the old newspapers and talked to some of hte commissioners and the way I'm understanding what I read is when the county gave them this 7 1/2 acres it was to be used as collaterol for a grant, not a loan. At this point Prometheus had a year agreement with the county and up to this point they've not met the 3 month or the 6 month, fulfilled those parts of the agreement. What guarantee are we going to have if they're going to do this, whta guarantee do we have if we agree to borrow this much money? It doesn't seem like they've gotten that much money together to match what we're going to borrow. The city is borrowing the money

McCain. That would be in fact. We would be in control of the bulding, it would be a lease purchase agreement with Prometheus until the building it paid off in 20 years I have not been privy to what the county has been doing with PRometheus. Probably the first meeting we were at when they introduced themselves to the city and county.

Was McCain at that private meeting Ford attended that Darrell Best set up?

I know at that time .. the state has several different programs and several of the programs require certain things. One of them does not allow for start up industries which is  what this is, and I think that was one of the things that they were going for. They don't know what they can get until the state tells them, this is what you qualify for and this is what you don't. They've eliminated the other possibliities and this is the one ... because this is a start up company this is what the state would allow. 

Martin: It makes me a little nervous that their grant writer quits and they can't get another one. 

McCainl It wasn't really a grant writer. I'm not sure exactly what his position was.

Then why did he just say it was a grant writer? 

I know he did a lot of meetings with the county and I truly do not know what happened with him, where he went or what their falling out was. Do not have that information at all. 

Martin: Evidently he wasn't having any luck giving him money.

Mccain; They may not have been doing anything either and I think that's part of it, They were expecting him to be doing certain things and he wasn't doing anything and that's where their falling out was

Bryant: But as we stand right now, this is just an idea, a contract that's going to guarantee a lot of sales, that's not even in place yet. 

Jones: Reviewing original contract, once Prometheus built the building, county would deed over land to them at that point

McCainl First 7 1/2 acres has already been deeded to them. If they deed it to the city they will do it with the county's blessing. This meeting is to inform you what's out there and inform you what it's about. State does most of the checking up on these people. 

Jones made a motion. No second. Motion failed for lack of a second.


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When Local Government Possibly Violates the Texas Open Meetings Act # 5(Somervell County)
On Difficult Navigation of the Somervell County website at
State Tax Lien of $8779.32 against Somervell County Hospital District (Feb 2019)

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salon > Hi, Peter. Long time no hear. The theme of my post, above, is about religous people who believe that god put trump in office. Do you have a specific opinion on that?  On your general comme.... (What is WRONG with ANY Religion that believes a god put a man like Trump in power)

pstern > What a nation of lost souls we have. Determined people are doing whatever they want...which is to create chaos and to bring down our government. While our government is a mess, it's still the b.... (What is WRONG with ANY Religion that believes a god put a man like Trump in power)

salon > From the Dallas Observer in 2015 Prestonwood Baptist Church and its supporters have never liked talking about the convicted pedophile who once worked there and have let that be known in very pointe.... (Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Back in the News-Internet Sex Sting with Pastor)

salon > Saw this video today   (Pesky Black Buzzards)

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