Audio from City of Glen Rose Council meeting Nov 10, 2014


Audio from City of Glen Rose Council meeting Nov 10, 2014

9 December 2014 at 10:26:40 AM

Here is the link to the audio

Here was the agenda




Glen Rose City Hall, Council Chambers

201 N.E. Vernon • Glen Rose, Texas  76043



5:30 PM








Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call




The City Council is always pleased to have citizens attend its meetings and welcomes comments during the Citizen / Visitor Comments section of the meeting; however, pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act, Council cannot deliberate or vote on issues not posted on the agenda. Therefore, those types of items must be posted 72 hours prior to the City Council meeting. In addition, City policy requires that all items be placed on the agenda one week prior to the council meeting. If it is not posted, no deliberation between council members may occur. The Mayor or presiding officer may only respond with specific factual information or recite existing policy.  Citizens may also comment on agenda items after the council has debated them first. The audience members, one at a time, will then be allowed to speak.  The speaker will direct his or her comments to the Mayor who is the moderator. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. The speaker must approach the podium and state his name and address before he or she begins to speak. Negative or disparaging remarks will not be tolerated.  The City Rules of Decorum will be followed at all times. With the exception of these designated portions of the meeting, the Mayor will not be taking questions or comments from the audience.  We ask that the audience please turn their cell phones off or put them on vibrate and that the council do likewise.  The Mayor also advises the council that they not text or browse on their cell phones during the meeting.




The following items may be acted upon in one motion.  A City Councilmember may request items be removed from the Consent Agenda for individual consideration.


  1. Approval of the minutes for the City Council Regular Meeting on October 13, 2014.
  2. Approval of an expenditure of 4B Funds in the amount of $2400 for a grant request from the La Vita Italian restaurant.
  3. Approval of the City of Glen Rose Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for designated Historical Properties for Tax Year 2015.
  4. Approval of an Ordinance of the City of Glen Rose rezoning the land described from the zoning classifications of B-2 “General Business District” and R-1 “Single Family Residential District” to B-2 “General Business District.
  5. Ratify the Lease Agreement between the City of Glen Rose and Glen Rose Wrecker, LLC for the property located on 2.00 acres in the H M Harbor Survey, situs North Highway 56, Glen Rose, TX.




  1. Receive a Local Option Election Petition.
  2. Receive a presentation from the auditing firm of Patillo, Brown and Hill, LLC for the City of Glen Rose Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2013.
  3. Discuss and consider approval of the implementation of City of Glen Rose website development by CivicPlus.
  4. Discuss and consider approval of a Progressive CPI Rate Increase for trash services in the City of Glen Rose.
  5. Discuss and take possible action on the installation of a guardrail on Texas Drive.
  6. Discuss and consider approval of a request for a Specific Use Permit for the operation of a Bed and Breakfast at 304 SW Barnard Street.  Request submitted by Rayburn & Lila Carter.
  7. Discuss and consider approval of Capital Improvement Projects for FY15.
  8. Discuss and consider approval of a grant application for Hotel Motel Taxes from the Promise, LLC.
  9. Discuss and consider approval of a grant application for Hotel Motel Taxes from the Ultimate Cowboy.
  10. Discuss and consider approval of a grant application for Hotel Motel Taxes from the Dale McPherson Memorial Fiddle Contest.








  1. Public Works Manager Report
  • Update on progress of city projects
  1. CVB Director Report
  • Update on activities in community and projects to come
  1. Oakdale Park Supervisor
  • Update on activities from Oakdale
  1. Police Department Report
  • Animal Control report
  1. City Administration Reports
  • Fuel use report
  • Monthly Check Register
  1. Code Enforcement Report




The City Council reserves the right to meet in a closed session on any of the following items should the need arise and if applicable, pursuant to authorization by Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 (consultation with attorney), 551.072 (deliberations about real property), 551.073 (deliberations about gifts and donations), 551.074 (personnel matters), 551.076 (deliberations about security devices), 551.087 (economic development), 418.183 (homeland security).


Recess into Executive Session in compliance with Local Government Code:

  1. GC § 551.072 – Deliberation regarding the purchase of real property to be used for a park and drainage.
  2. GC § 551.074 – Personnel Matters
  • Public Works Advanced Skilled Leader
  • Parks Maintenance Manager





Take any action necessary as a result of the Executive Session.










I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that this NOTICE OF MEETING was posted in accordance with the regulations of the Texas Open Meetings Act on the bulletin board located at the entrance of City of Glen Rose City Hall, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public, as well as to the City’s at and said notice was posted on the following date and time:  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2014 by 5:00 PM and remained posted for at least two hours after said meeting was convened. 

This building is wheelchair accessible.  Any request for sign interpretation or other services should be made 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  To make arrangements call (254) 897-2272.




Angie Wade,

City Secretary








Certification of NOTICE OF MEETING was removed on:                                                                                    at             am/pm





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