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Open Records Complaint to Texas AG-10/28/2014

28 October 2014 at 10:22:42 AM

Readers may remember that some years back, I requested salary information from various government entities. One of the ones I asked, Somervell County Hospital Authority (now District) didn't want to provide me with that information and contested it with the Texas Attorney General. They were told by the AG that that information is public (since, of course, taxpayers pay the salaries of all Glen Rose Medical Center personnel). I went in to Ray Reynolds office, where a stack of W2s were supplied and inspected the records. Then I posted the results as part of a database lookup page that I created.

I recently (October 10, 2014) did an open records request to the Somervell County Hospital District to ask again for salary information.

Hi, Sharla

I would like to see salary information for each and  all employees at all levels that work for Glen Rose Medical Center, to include any who also work at Pecan Family Medical Center. If there is additional monies going out to any employees such as bonuses or spiffs, please include that too.

I would like to come in and inspect the records in person at a mutually convenient time. 

.I have been told before by Sharla Collins that GRMC believes they can wait 10 days to give out public information. This time I was told by the board president that Ray Reynolds told him that GRMC was deliberately waiting until the 10th day to give me the information, although they definitely could have supplied it before.

From the Texas Public Info Handbook p 21

The officer for public information must "promptly" produce public information in response to an open records request. "Promptly" means that a government body may take a reasonable amount of time to produce the information, but may not delay. It is a common misconception that a governmen body may wait ten business days before releasing the information. In fact, as discussed above, the requirement is to produce information "promptly"...

Further, the board president said that Ray Reynolds said that he purposely deletes his email on a daily or regular basis to prevent it being available subject to a public information request and instructs others to do the same. On the 10th day, I got a PDF back via email despite my request asking to come in and inspect the records in person. I wrote back to Ms Collins on Friday 2 times.

(First email reply) This is not what I asked for. I asked for salary information, not an average hourly rate. I am asking for yearly salary information  rather than hourly rates, as I assume that at least some of the people on the list are salaried, rather than hourly employees. 

(Second email) To add, since this is not what I asked for. I several years ago asked for yearly salary information and it was provided to me in the form of W2s in Ray Reynolds office, which I inspected in person.

As you see below, I said I would like to come in and inspect the records in person at a mutually convenient time. Since the report you sent does not contain the yearly salary information for each person, I would still like to come in for a personal inspection.  

I got NO response from Ms Collins or Ray Reynolds, who was carbon copied, not that day nor on Monday (it's Tuesday now and I still have no response from either).

I decided to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General Open Records Division about this, did so last evening, and am waiting for a response. If it is true that the CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center is deliberately holding off from *promptly* providing the information, and instead deliberately waiting each time till the last possible legal day AND is telling people to erase any documents that the public has a right to know about, something is really off. Plus, I feel that what I received was a bait and switch, that is, what GRMC wanted to give me as opposed to what I asked for and HOW I asked for it.


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