BEST vs. HARPER - Updated 9/4/2016


BEST vs. HARPER - Updated 9/4/2016

29 September 2014 at 11:45:55 AM

In a lawsuit filed by George Darrell Best on August 27th, 2014 in District Court, Best is asking a court to remove me from the office I was duly elected to hold by the registered voters of the District! I have hired a law firm to represent me in this matter and I intend to FIGHT to keep doing the people's business because we still have an agenda to accomplish, the reason the people put me here to start with! To all the people that voted for me to be in this office you can rest assured I will not back down from threats or intimidation tactics, I will press on to work for YOU the taxpayers until my elected term expires by law, not by a frivolous lawsuit!

Documents pertaining to lawsuit, will be updated as items are filed in court:

249th District Court - Somervell County

8/27/2014 - George Darrell Best Petition for Removal of Officer.
8/29/2014 - Judge Wayne Bridewell recuses himself from hearing this case, because of a possible conflict of interest.
8/29/2014 - District Court Citation for Personal Service , delivered 9/4/2014.
9/26/2014 - Paul Harper Original Answer
9/29/2014 - Notice/Appearance by State of Texas & request hearing to suspend officer from office.
10/1/2014 - State of Texas first supplemental petition for removal of officer.
10/2/2014 - Order setting hearing on state's motion, set for 10/20/2014 9am.
10/16/2014 - Request/Subpoena from County Attorney - subpoena issued for Ray Reynolds, given to constable.
10/20/2014 - Subpoena/Ray Reynolds served 10/20/2014.
10/20/2014 - Hearing is held, court orders Mr. Harper to fill out the Medicaid PIF-2 form within 10 days. Mr. Harper is suspended from hospital board until ruling is received from Medicaid. Board can operate with 6 people. Judge Kit Cooke.
10/27/2014 - Defendant's Anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss
11/5/2014 - Letter from Office of Inspector General - Texas Health & Human Services Commission showing Mr. Harper PIF-2 application was APPROVED
1/8/2015 - Hearing to revoke temporary suspension since Medicaid approved Harper and hearing on Anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss
1/8/2015 - Judge signs Order Reinstating Paul Harper as Director of the Somervell County Hospital District and rules against Anti-SLAPP motion.
1/15/2015 - Judge DENIES Andrew Lucas Application for Emergency Restraining Order and Hearing for Temporary Orders, included is Ron Hankins affidavit
1/15/2015 - Transcript of the hearing for the Temporary Restraining Order where Judge DENIED request (link added 7/16/2015)
3/11/2015 - Judge signs Order denying Defendant's Anti-SLAPP Motion to Dismiss

10th Court of Appeals Case #10-15-00105-CV

3/19/2015 - Notice of Accelerated Appeal filed with Clerk of the Court. This appeal is taken to the Tenth Court of Appeals District of Texas in Waco.
3/24/2015 - Requests for Court Reporters Record from Robin Howe, Court Reporters Record from Notarius Reporting, Inc., and Request for Preparation of Clerk's Record
3/26/2015 - Letter to Court of Appeals received from District Clerk
3/27/2015 - Letter from Tenth Court of Appeals that Notice of Appeal has been filed, Court of Appeals Number: 10-15-00105-CV, 3/30/2015 - Docketing Statement submitted to Appeals Court
3/31/2015 - Extension of time to file reporters record filed
4/2/2015 - Clerks record filed
4/8/2015 - Extention of time to file reports record disposed 
4/9/2015 - Supplemental clerks record filed
4/15/2015 - Extension of time to file reporters record filed
4/21/2015 - Reports record filed
4/22/2015 - Extension of time to file reporters record disposed
5/11/2015 - Brief filed - oral argument requested by Appellant
6/1/2015 - Brief filed - oral argument not requested by Appellee
6/1/2015 - Case ready to be set
6/22/2015 - Notice filed of additional attorney added to case by Appellant
6/22/2015 - Reply brief filed by Appellant 
10/8/2015 - Set for submission on oral argument on 11/4/2015
11/2/2015 - Supplemental clerks record filed
11/4/2015 - Oral arguments heard, Submitted
4/21/2016 - Opinion Issued - Reversed and Remanded
4/21/2016 - Judgment Issued against State of Texas for Harper's fees
05/04/2016 - Motion for rehearing filed by Appellee
05/17/2016 - Notice filed by Appellee
05/19/2016 - Order entered by court requesting response from Appellant
05/20/2016 - Objection to notice filedby Appellee filed by Appellant
06/09/2016 - Response filed by Appellant
06/14/2016 - Response filed by Appellee
07/13/2016 - Order entered by court  - Motion for rehearing by State denied

Texas Supreme Court case # 16-0647

08/26/2016 - Motion for Extension of Time to file Petition for Review filed on behalf of State of Texas on the Relation George Darrell Best.
08/26/2016 - Amended Motion for Extension of Time to file Petition for Review filed on behalf of  State of Texas on the Relation George Darrell Best.
08/26/2016 - Court sent email to respondent's counsel to inquire whether a response to petitioner's motion will be filed or not. No response will be filed.
08/29/2016 - Motion for Extension of Time to file Petition for Review is granted, as amended. Petition for Review is due September 28, 2016.



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1 - DAmico   23 Oct 2014 @ 10:13:34 PM 

I had no idea someone could sue an elected official because they disagreed with them!  How was a law like that ever passed?  Disgraceful law and disgraceful to take advantage of it.

2 - concernedcitizen   24 Oct 2014 @ 2:16:05 PM 

D'Amico---I believe you call this a frivolous lawsuit--NO basis or fact, just aggravation !  I, as many others in the community cast our votes. These individuals we elected represent US. Disgruntled individuals want to change the election SIMPLY by filing a lawsuit which is very very wrong. May THEY get their just reward---nothing! 

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
3 - salon   27 Oct 2014 @ 7:19:56 PM 

Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. … To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker-Frederick Douglas 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Reserving Judgement about the Mueller Report Until It's Publicly Released
4 - salon   21 Nov 2014 @ 8:22:21 AM 

On that last document you posted, interesting on the dates. When did this get turned in? 

Updated comment:  "As my staff discussed with you on November 4, 2015, this information was submitted directly to TMHP and the application was approved". Harper sent in the application on October 23rd, 2014. The application HAD to have been approved before November 4, 2015 and Ray Reynolds would have known that it was approved on that date. (Had been told by TMHP on Friday that the PIF-2 app went in on Oct 9th, called again this morning because that was confusing and found that the rep had misread the information in the file-good because it made NO sense that the PIF-2 app could be approved before it had even been turned in)

Latest Blog Post by salon -Reserving Judgement about the Mueller Report Until It's Publicly Released
5 - pstern   21 Nov 2014 @ 9:58:54 AM 

This is one of the reasons good people usually don't go into politics on any level.  Who needs this crap in their lives?

I wish you good luck with this case and trust your attorneys will either counter sue and/or get paid for court and attorney expenses.

Sorry you must go through this, but welcome to American politics.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
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