So.. Has SR2O been playing Somervell County for suckers while putting pressure on Alvarado?Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


So.. Has SR2O been playing Somervell County for suckers while putting pressure on Alvarado?

21 March 2014 at 12:15:17 PM

As we've mentioned before, SR2O wants something for nothing. We saw in a previous artlce from the Cleburne Times Review that SR2O actually wanted to have their fuel company located in Alvarado because it's right off I-35. But there was apparently only one guy on the council there that wanted the deal.

From the Cleburne Times Review March 19, 2014

Davis said SR2O talked to Somervell County representatives in recent weeks about taking the deal there after Alvarado council members expressed reservations about having such a project in their back yard.

But after Monday’s city council meeting, it looks like SR2O and Alvarado have laid their mutual reservations to rest. 

So.. a number of people are right now questioning whether this activity with the misgotten deal with Somervell County was simply to get Alvarado to get off the fence. Guess it worked. But is this even a good deal for Alvarado?  Article points out, as we all know, that SR20 isn't putting ANY money into this, and won't be paying property taxes in Alvarado. They said so to Somervell County, same thing for Alvarado. And, like for Somervell County, they want revenue bonds sold, but aren't there consequences if things don't go as planned? Why, YES

“These are revenue bonds,” Davis said. “Legally our taxpayers are not obligated to pay them.”

But, he said, there are consequences beyond damage to Alvarado’s reputation if something went wrong: a lower bond rating, for example. 

As we noted before, SR2O came here because they said Somervell County is desperate for money. Clearly they also think Somervell County govt and others, such as Darryl Best and Larry Smith, are suckers, too.

TELL your commissioner to KILL this deal, and make sure to include Larry Hulsey in your list of people to call since if for some reason SR2O manages to keep on pitching this deal to everybody, it would be in Precinct 1




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1 - antitaxbrigade   23 Mar 2014 @ 6:40:05 PM 

Was on the internet late last night, looks like Wes the savior has been with the sr2o group at least a year , at that point they claimed to be able to convert cedar trees into biofuels i guess next year it will cure cancer and heal the lame. Thank goodness Larry ,Darryl and Darryl are looking out for us and have Wes the savior on the payroll. I am excited to see thier next caper maybe we can start a circus and travel the country and follow the sr2o sideshow.

2 - salon   24 Mar 2014 @ 1:49:02 PM 

@antitaxbrigade- link to your internet source? Wonder, is Sr2o paying the Center for Innovation to get them a freebie government that will pay their way? and then, Darryl Best and his bunch are also paying $25,000 to get the business? Boy, IF SO, Wes Jurie would sure be banking!

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
3 - antitaxbrigade   25 Mar 2014 @ 5:54:34 PM 

The article is a funny and worth a look. here is the link  from 09-16-2012

also look at , , ,for just a few places they have tried to set up shop.

4 - salon   25 Mar 2014 @ 6:17:03 PM 

Oh, you're right, Jurey right in there making the pitch in Hutchinson, KS. Was SR20 paying Wes Jurey?

Wes Jurey, president of the Center for Innovation (CFI) and the Arlington (Texas) Chamber of Commerce coordinated the presentation.

Clemmons said the biomass plant would process wood, primarily eastern red cedar trees provided by the National Feedstock Resource Center, and other waste materials into fuel. Eighty percent of the biomass would be converted into biofuel with about 50 percent processed into jet fuel and 30 percent processed into diesel fuel.

“We are not going into ethanol or corn, we are a totally different process,” said Clemmons. “We focus on woody biomass, trees.”

The proposed facility would process mostly eastern red cedar trees.

From Greensburg, KS minutes of 5/6/2013.

Trummel requested an update on Staff and Mayoral conversations with Wes Jury from the Center For Innovation. Staff assured Council that the Center provides monthly progress update phone calls on economic development . Dixson advised that SR20 has obtained non‐government grant funding and is ready to proceed. He plans to attend a Bio Productions Consortium Meeting in Arlington, TX in 1 week. SR2O is still committed to coming to Greensburg and is researching bio mass feed stock. Greensburg has also been invited to participate in a meeting with the Center For Innovation, Wichita State University, and Kansas State University to discuss unmanned aerial systems.

Who hosts the Bio Productions Consortium meeting?

Since SR20 said they don't have one of these facilities running yet and (Somervell) would be the first one to do it, presumably Greensburg isn't doing it.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
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