Have You Been Turned Away from Being Treated at Pecan Family Medical Center (Granbury)? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Have You Been Turned Away from Being Treated at Pecan Family Medical Center (Granbury)?

26 November 2013 at 2:29:24 PM

Update 3/21/2015-Even Brian Birdwell jumps to conclusions.

Update: 12/19/2014- I continue to believe the exact same thing as when I first wrote this (and, for those who have trouble understanding that a picture of a female with the post means a FEMALE WROTE THIS, I, *salon* wrote this, NOT anyone else) , using the editorial *we* format. I do NOT understand why the Somervell County Hospital District will not spend one minute of time requesting an Attorney General opinion about this. As readers know, I sent in a complaint regarding this in August 2013 to Sheriff Greg Doyle, which was discussed with County Attorney Andy Lucas.  Here is that complaint and here are the emails between me, Greg and Andy. I also wrote a letter to the editor of the Glen Rose Reporter on Sep 13, 2013 with my opinion which has NOT CHANGED. 

I believe is dereliction of duty not to make sure, especially when there are so many compelling reasons not to spend one nickel of tax payer money in a different, discrete hospital district that pays no taxes but enjoys the benefits of being in a private, gated community that is not a public facility, much less to Somervell County needy. Seems to me that the district is scared to find out that they might, gasp, be WRONG. The attorneys for the hospital sent Andy Lucas a reply on Sept 17, 2013 regarding whether spending tax money in Pecan is legal, but it's, at least in my book, a poor argument. (Incidentally, I found this out not because Andy Lucas or Greg Doyle or anyone else bothered to tell me but because I did my own open records request asking about it-you'll notice on the email exchange link, above, that the replies from Andy Lucas are in November, AFTER I ASKED GREG DOYLE AGAIN ABOUT THIS.). 

If I am wrong in this, I'm willing to say so on the basis of a Texas Attorney General opinion. So, Pony Up, Somervell County Hospital District board members and FIND OUT IF WHAT YOU"RE DOING IS LEGAL!!!!! (Here are a lot of posts Somervell County Salon has written about Pecan Plantation, most by me, salon.) 


As we have repeatedly said, Pecan Family Medical Center is located inside private gated golf course community Pecan Plantation in Granbury, Hood County, TX. Although Hood County has its own hospital district for which residents pay ZERO taxes, Somervell County residents pay our taxes to support the clinic. We heard another story about someone turned away from Pecan Family Medical Center

I just learned the bitter truth that Somervell tax money is good enough for Pecan Plantation, but Somervell citizens aren’t good enough for Pecan Medical Clinic.

Recently, a friend called one night, riddle with arthritis pain and asked if I could take her the next day to Dr. Carpenter’s office in Pecan for a morning appointment.  All we had to say to the gatekeeper was we had an appointment with Dr. Carpenter and we were on our way.  I thought to myself that it must be true that anyone can go to our clinic in Pecan.

While the outside sign names the facility Pecan Medical Clinic, the receptionist confirmed it was Dr. Carpenter’s office.  My friend checked in and we sat to wait.  In a few minutes, she was called back to the receptionist and told that Dr. Carpenter only sees residents of Pecan.  With this my friend pointed to the large sign by the window and she replied, “but this sign says Glen Rose Medical”.   The receptionist confirmed we were at Glen Rose Medical Clinic, but this facility was just for residents of Pecan. 

I went to window to back up my friend and I asked why would they have scheduled an appointment if one cannot see a doctor.   My friend had even told them she lived in Glen Rose when she scheduled the appointment.    It was an error we were told and that we would have to go back to Glen Rose.    The receptionist was helpful and did call Glen Rose and scheduled a later appointment for my friend, who was in pain.

Leaving, my friend commented that she thought doctors were supposed to treat all people who came to them.  Yes, those were the days…….

IF Pecan Plantation was a public facility that was open to everyone, INCLUDING SOMERVELL COUNTY RESIDENTS, then we might feel differently about paying taxes for its support. Don't let the Somervell County Hospital District fool you into thinking that we don't support it. We do.

We'd like to hear your stories.

Update: 9/25/2014. I feel just the same way as I did when I wrote this last year. A couple of months ago I went over to Pecan Plantation, which I'd never been to before, on the spur of the moment on  a Saturday, just to see if I could get in. I couldn't. 

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1 - salon   29 May 2014 @ 8:32:41 AM 

I do not have the audio yet, waiting for it to be posted on the Somervell County hospital district website but heard second hand that Patrick Locke made a comment that the information posted here regarding use of Pecan Plantation is not true. That obviously contradicts the experience of the person who posted above AND contradicts two separate phone calls last year, one made by me directly to the clinic, where I was told that the clinic was only for Pecan Plantation residents. Will call later on today and add to this to see if the clinic and Dr Bruce Carpenter now see Glen Rose residents. Even if that has changed, that still has nothing to do with whether it is appropriate or legal to have tax money going into another hospital district, which hospital district pays NO taxes. If people want a private hospital so badly, then tell your board members to cough up an RFP.

Update: Called Pecan Plantation, was told that Pecan Plantation is not a *walk-in* clinic, that Dr Carpenter's patient list is full up, so he's not taking new patients, but Dr Peters is, that a person just needs to notify the gate that they have an appointment and they will be passed through. This is definitey a change, eh? Dr Peters has told me previously that Bruce Carpenter ONLY took Pecan Plantation patients. The problem with the reason that his patient list is full is that it can be viewed as a convenient excuse not to add Glen Rose patients. At any rate, have to wonder if the reason they have changed this is due, at least in part, to public complaints about the use of Pecan Plantation by Glen Rose residents. Also, just what IS the purpose of a hospital district? It's to service indigent and needy patients who cannot WALK UP into private gated community Pecan Plantation to use a clinic we pay for. 

As I've said repeatedly, there is more than one issue with spending Somervell County taxdollars which are supposed to be used IN THE DISTRICT in some other district that pays NO taxes. 

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2 - pecan   25 Jul 2014 @ 10:27:36 AM 

Dr. Carpenter not accepting new patients also applies to Pecan residents as well.

Dr. Peters is a wonderful doctor!

3 - salon   1 Aug 2014 @ 9:53:41 AM 

@pecan. The issue really has nothing to do with how good a doctor is or is not. Curious since you appear to be someone that lives in Pecan Plantation in Hood County. You are in Hood County's hospital district for which you pay NO taxes. Somervell County has its own hospital district and people in Somervell County DO pay hospital district taxes. Do you believe it is fair for Somervell County residents to be paying taxes for your clinic in your private gated community? 

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
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