Petition for an election to dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District - Round 2

Round 2 for Citizens vs. Hospital District Board

Petition for an election to dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District - Round 2

18 November 2013 at 8:39:11 PM

Update Feb. 26, 2014

Round 1
Today, the Somervell County Hospital District declined our petition because 213 people did not have a city listed with their address. Not because those people were not registered, they were, but because they did not have a city on their address so the hospital district did not allow that registered voters signature to be valid. The hospital district board members are using this as an excuse not to have an election but they don't need a petition to call an election, they have the authority to do so without a petition, the petition just forces the issue as per the Texas Health and Safety Code:


Sec. 286.102. DISSOLUTION. (a) A district may be dissolved as provided by this section.

(b) The board may order an election on the question of dissolving the district and disposing of the district's assets and obligations. The board shall order an election if the board receives a petition requesting an election that is signed by a number of residents of the district equal to at least 15 percent of the registered voters in the district.

Don't let them lie and say they 'can't' call an election, yes they can, the law says they MAY do so if they so choose! The board members that are choosing to not have an election are:

  • Larry Shaw
  • Gary Whittle
  • Angie Robertson
  • Bob Lancaster
  • Walter Maynard
  • Karen Burroughs
  • Kenneth Ramsey


Round 2
Now we need to move forward and do it again because they choose not to respect the wishes of the registered voters! We have come up with a new petition similar to the old one but with a few changes. The biggest change is taking out the wording about transferring it to the county because their lawyers were saying they could ignore that and do what they want anyway so we just took that whole section out to prevent it from being another tactic they use this next round. The other change was the format size so that people can now print it on their home printer on a standard 8x11 sheet of paper.

We will update this post with the status of the new petition as we move along so stay tuned and thank you for your support!

This is the petition, you can print it and drop it off at one of the businesses below! Fill it out completely, NO P.O. Boxes and be sure to include the City.

Where to Pick up, stop by to sign, or drop off a petition:

Glen Rose Auto Parts off the square on Barnard
The Red Barn on Hwy 67

or mail it in to PO Box 2640, Glen Rose, Texas 76043

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1 - bamajam   18 Nov 2013 @ 9:17:31 PM 

The people have spoken once with the signatures, lets re-group and do it again in a "fashion" they can not deny!

2 - concernedcitizen   18 Nov 2013 @ 11:06:31 PM 

AGREE 100%!

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3 - pstern   18 Nov 2013 @ 11:08:58 PM 

Can people recall the Board Members?  If so, that would be my focus!  Get rid of those bums!

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
4 - WantJustice   18 Nov 2013 @ 11:31:08 PM 

About time "WE" clean up community politics! 

5 - bamajam   19 Nov 2013 @ 12:06:54 AM 

Justice and pstern, has anyone contacted the AG's office to see if there are any wrongdoings that can be proven? Ford and any board members should be held accountable. Salon has all the evidence on hand from what I have followed.

6 - concernedcitizen   19 Nov 2013 @ 12:59:38 AM 

There's only one incorporated town in Somervell County with street addresses.  Plus the voter registration number WAS on the petition. And Somervell county printed in blank .

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7 - antitaxbrigade   20 Nov 2013 @ 3:26:01 PM 


8 - salon   20 Nov 2013 @ 4:36:33 PM 

Hope all the *Mads* are energized into re-signing (and that they're all registered to vote)

Latest Blog Post by salon -Somervell County Jail/Sheriff Incident/FireEMS Logs - 4/19/2017- 5/18/2017
9 - concernedcitizen   20 Nov 2013 @ 9:03:48 PM 

Everyone has readily signed again!  Also they have taken me over to their neighbor/friends that were missed last time!  It's been great and refreshing to see people working together for a purpose!  People are really taking this seriously!  They are also double checking the blanks on entire sheet!  GREAT!  I'm proud now!  Word has really gotten around. 

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
10 - pstern   22 Nov 2013 @ 2:30:32 PM 

Why not start a class action lawsuit against the Hospital Board?  Even if you don't win you can get more publicity against the Hospital District and the Board to help with your petition.

Just a thought.


Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
11 - concernedcitizen   22 Nov 2013 @ 3:16:19 PM 

Pstern--Thank you for yor thoughts and suggestions!

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