Exclusive: Hospital Authority Board passed over 90+ extremely qualified candidates to select Ray Reynolds as CEO (Resume's included)

Hospital Authority at the lead of Larry Shaw continues to make poor decisions

Exclusive: Hospital Authority Board passed over 90+ extremely qualified candidates to select Ray Reynolds as CEO (Resume's included)

10 May 2013 at 12:50:40 PM

In August of 2011 when the new CEO was hired at the Glen Rose Medical Center by the Somervell County Hospital Authority, I decided to get copies of all the resume's of folks that applied for the job because everyone knew who they were going to pick even before the job was posted so I thought let's do a comparison of the person chosen versus those who applied in regards to education.

This was not a priority for me at the time so I did the open records request and after I received the records on CD, I put the CD on a shelf. I have now pulled it off the shelf since this seems like an appropriate time and uploaded ALL the resume's of folks that applied, any blacked out areas (or lack thereof) were done by the Hospital Authority, they are posted as received. There are so many that they were done in batches, here are the links to the resume's, recomendation letters, and an outline of degrees on those who applied for ease of comparison:

  • Applications 1-10
    • Michael Farley, Masters of Business Administration, B.S. in Health Care Management
    • Jo Burtrum, Masters of Science in Administration
    • Patrick Donovan, MBA in Marketing/Finance
    • Alan Fisher, Master of Business Administration, Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives
    • Arthur Frable, M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration
    • Todd Hallmark, Master of Science, Business Administration
    • Michael Huff, Masters of Healthcare Administration
    • James Janek, Masters of Business Administration
    • Victor Flores, Masters in Healthcare Administration, Masters in Business Administration
    • Jeffrey Lyle, Masters in Business Administration
  • Applications 11-19
    • Jim Jeansonne, MS Health Systems
    • Chris Mattingly, Bachelors of Business Administration
    • Ted Kubicki, Bachor of Science Degree Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
    • Jon Mackler, Master of Public Health Administration, Program in health Policy and Management
    • Jeff Messer, MBA health Organization Management, Greenbelt US Oncology PQE Program
    • Eric Mueller, Master in Health Administration
    • Reid Aaron, Masters in Health Care Administration, John Hopkins University
    • Randy Richards, Masters Degree in Hospital Administration, ISP
    • Pam Reynolds, Masters in Management, MBA Course Work, B.S. in Administration
  • Applications 20-29
    • Martin Rosenfeld, Master of Hospital Administration, Master of Business Administration
    • William Runkle, Master of Business Administration, Master of Healthcare Administration
    • Oswaldo Ruiz, Master of Science in Healthcare Administration
    • Sam Ruma, MSA Health Care Administration
    • Christopher Sizemore, M.B.A. Business Administration
    • Joseph Tempelburg, Program in Master of Business Administration
    • Jeff Thompson, M.S.H.A. Health Care/ Hospital Administration, M.S. Health Care Management/Business Administration
    • Robert Turner, PHD Public Health, MS Healthcare Management
    • Carl Walters, MA Orginizational Management, BS Allied Health Services Administration
    • Craig William, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration
  • Applications 30-39
    • Stewart McFadden, Masters in Health Administration
    • Anthony Molson, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Larry Thomas, B.S. in Accounting
    • Mary Jo Stedry, Master of Public Administration with a mnor in Healthcare Administration
    • William Bonnes, M.S. Educational Psychology
    • Shelly Zimmerman, Master of Public Administration, Masters certificate in Health Services Management
    • Donald Smithburg, M.S. Public Administration, Senior Policy Fellow NYU
    • Christopher Kenyhercz, MHA, DHA Candidate
    • Gunter Dymkova-Fuchs, Doctor of Health Science, Master of Public Health
    • Doug Bishop, Masters of Business Administration
  • Applications 40-49
    • Robert Solito, Business Administration Studies, Hospital Administration Studies
    • Joe Buckley, Master of Business Administration
    • Wendell Roberts, Masters of Science in Business Administration
    • Marjohn Riney, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • Patrick Auman, Credential of Advanced Studies (Hospital Administration and Services), Doctor of Philosophy (Community Health)
    • Matt Blevins, Juris Doctor, Master of Health Administration
    • Scott Brown, MBA
    • Joe Burtrum, PhD, MSA
    • Hugh Collins, Masters of Business Administration
  • Applications 50-59
    • Rick Daugherty, Master of Science Health Care Administration
    • Steven Duckett, Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Divinity
    • Albert Esparsen, Doctor of Health Care Administration, Master of Public Administration
    • Barry Ewy, Masters in Healthcare Administration, Juris Doctor with Honors, Doctor of Pharmacy
    • Lance Gatlin, Master of Science in Clinical Practice Management, Fellow of the American Colege of Healthcare Executives
    • Nancy Herman, Masters in Business Administration
    • Scott Koenig, M.S.
    • Dennis Nehls, Masters of Science in Health Services Administration
    • Sidney Ono, Masters of Public Administration - Helath Services Administration Certification, M.P.A., M.B.A.
    • Nathan Johnson, Doctor of Philosophy/Toxicology, Master of Science, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Applications 60-69
    • Brian Roland, B.A. Accounting, Master of Business Administration
    • Jim Rush, Bachelors in Public Administration major Healthcare Administration
    • Michael Zuckerman, M.D.
    • Chris Schultz, Masters in Healthcare Administration
    • Don Smithburg, duplicate of resume #36
    • Randy Thompson, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor in Healthcare Management
    • Chris Williams, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Health Services Administration
    • Asa Wilson, DHA major Health Administration, MSA major General Administration, Ph.D. Psychology
    • Lawrence Schindler, Master Degree - Healtch Care Management
    • Scott York, Master, Healthcare Administration
    • Joseph Kennedy, Master of Business Administration, Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Applications 70-79
    • Michelle Ingmire, Masters in Business Administration
    • Gary Jordan, MBA, BS, Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives
    • Larry Beam, Master of Science in Health Professions: Healthcare Management
    • Barbara Butler, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
    • Jonathon Clontz, Master of Public Administration
    • Charles Johnston, Master of Business Administration
    • Denise Krajewski, MSN/Business Administration, Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives
    • Trevor Lacombe, Masters in Business Administration
    • Linda Rasor, MA-Management, Health Care Specialty, BS Nursing
    • Ed Yoder, MBA, MS(HSA), FAHRA, CRA, RT(R)
  • Applications 80-89
    • Heather Smith, Masters of Public Health, Masters of Health Administration.
    • Travis Roderick, Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration.
    • Heather McClane, MBA Healthcare Management
    • Karen Davis, no degrees documented
    • James Morford, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Sam Kohan, MBA Business Administration, concentration Healthcare Administration. LLM, Master of Laws, Health Care
    • Heinz Dommert, Masters of Science, Healthcare Financial Management
    • Ray Reynolds, M.S. in Economics/Accounting (the one chosen out of ALL the candidates)
    • James McClung, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science
    • Steve Martyak, M.D. cum laude Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Applications 90-97 (they screwed up the numbering on this set)
    • Henry MacFarland, Master of Health Administration
    • George Terrazas, M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration
    • Edwina Henry, Masters of Healthcare Administration
    • David Mier, no degrees documented
    • Nathan Tudor, M.P.H. Heathcare Administration and Policy
    • Betty Scriber, Bachelor of Science - Medican Records Administration, Master of Arts - Human Relations and Supervision
    • Mia Johnson, Master of Business Administration - Health Services Management

Now think about ALL the extremely qualified people that were passed over for this very important position. If the hospital district and the new property tax is approved (you can still vote against it on Saturday the 11th, sample ballot and voting infomration here) then these same people on the current hospital authority board who made this decision will be in charge until the election and you know they will choose the same status quo again when it comes to selecting the CEO. A reminder that the choice the hospital authority board made last time (Ray Reynolds who has NO degrees in healthcare) was so much better in their opinion than the rest of the folks on this list that they had to keep Gary Marks on the payroll for another 9 months therefore paying two CEO's at once for 3/4 of a year...all with our tax dollars!

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Incidentally, per Larry Shaw, one of the main reasons Reynolds was hired was because the board wanted someone from Somervell County... but Reynolds lived in Stephenville and didn't move here till months later.

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