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Somervell County Hospital District- Bite Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

2 May 2013 at 10:17:05 AM

When Glen Rose Medical Center was a private non profit hospital, it made some sense for GRMC to be in competition with Lake Granbury for medical business. When GRMC was private, they also created a contract to lease space in Pecan Plantation and had physicians from GRMC there.

But things changed. GRMC ceased to be a private non profit. Somervell County took over the running of the hospital and *appointed* a board to run it. Who at that point was actually paying for the hospital? You and me and, for the indigent, the federal government. And yet, despite the fact that GRMC was now part of Somervell County taxpayers tax burden, GRMC continued to send doctors over to Pecan Plantation, which is in... wait for it... Hood County. Was there ever a discussion of this at the county commissioners meeting? No. Was there ever a vote or decision in which Somervell County taxpayers decided if they wanted their resources to go to another county? No.(Do not forget that there is an arrangement between Somervell County Commissioners Court and the doctors to pad their salaries in order to keep them in this locality; these doctors are not being paid salaries strictly from their patients). So why is that Somervell County resources are being sent to Hood County to service those people? Because, frankly speaking, Pecan Plantation is a cash cow for the hospital. Look at where the APPOINTED hospital authority board wanted to put their money in 2010-bit of a shell game, eh? "Oh, we don't want to borrrow money for the clinic at Pecan Plantation, instead we''ll just take money out of GRMC operations." HUH?  Is there actually some debt that GRMC took out that they have to pay back? (Besides the 14.4 million bucks plus interest that we got stuck with?)

Now, let's think about this. If the only way, really, that GRMC can, at this time, at least try to avoid circling down the drain more quickly is to get that easy cash from Pecan Plantation, then what happens if for any reason, Pecan Plantation gets taken out of the picture with being SUBSIDIZED by Somervell County citizens (For that matter, if by some godforsaken reason the District does get passed, will the new board just keep on shlepping resources to Hood County?)

Now a second point and the main reason I wrote this. I don't understand the current animosity over Lake Granbury or Cleburne or Stephenville hospitals. Again, IF GRMC was still a private hospital, then hey, competition ahoy! But it's not. (I also don't understand all these so-called tax conservatives that want to make a wink and a nod at the hospital, but no one ever said there are no hypocrites). Some of you may know that my hub had a heart attack over a week ago. We went immediately to Lake Granbury Medical Center which has a superb cardiac unit, he had a stent put in and all is well. It took about a half an hour to drive there and the care was excellent. Had we gone to GRMC, hub would most likely have had to be taken by ambulance to, say, Harris Methodist or the mid-cities. So, there would have been the time to come get him had we stayed home or the time to get flown (assuming we had air ambulance insurance) or driven to Hurst-Euless-Bedford or Hughley, and then, imagine the time to go visit the person by his or her loved ones. I don't know about you, but it takes me a good hour to get to HEB in good traffic. Now, how long did it take me to drive to Granbury to visit? I want to extend this to Pecan Plantation. Suppose someone has a doctor at GRMC- guess what. The same air ambulance that contracts with HEB is going to take that Pecan Plantation person there. Now, Pecan is probably about 15 minutes away from Lake Granbury by car. Does this strike YOU as absurd as it does me? 

I saw that someone wrote a letter to the editor of the Reporter a week or so ago saying that she would like GRMC to be a full service hospital. And I wish I had unicorns in my back yard. Where would the money come from to MAKE GRMC a full service hospital? Why, from you and me! And, if Somervell County Hospital AUTHORITY has its way, we would elect a board to go spend that kind of money, maybe borrow some more money and then, no worries, the taxpayer will pay it back. Do some people just have too much money burning a hole in their pocket?

Instead of having some kind of animosity towards other local hospitals, including Lake Granbury, how about people being for PEOPLE instead of an institution that seems to want to exist just because (protecting jobs maybe since GRMC PAC is using groundless scare tactics to try to say BOO!!!! The hospital is closing, The hospital is closing! Unless you vote for the district! Boo! (Anyone else a little offended at what appears to be a blatant lie? Photo at left from the Glen Rose Reporter 4/18/2013). We've mentioned here before that Gary Marks could not get money from the federal govt when GRMC was private because there are too many hospitals close to us. Well, then, what the heck is the problem with going to one of those local hospitals?

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