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Happy Hill Farm aka North Central Texas Academy PR in Wake of Lawsuit

11 April 2013 at 12:55:46 PM

As mentioned yesterday by a commenter, this lawsuit against Happy Hill is apparently being appealed. The original case involved allegations that a school nurse was improperly prescribing medication to children-some details here. The case #, which can be read through open records in Somervell County courthouse (which is the county, not Hood, where Happy Hill is located), is C09983. I personally have no way of knowing if an appeal would be won, but just putting down what I see.

What I want to talk about here is not the lawsuit per se, but what an entity might do to counteract any rumblings about the lawsuit.

First, there is this PR piece by Lliorka Bomberouge  entitled "Beyond the Happy Hill Lawsuit"  The article is a piece written on Sep 25, 2012, which doesn't address what the lawsuit was even about, and is written by an "Internet Marketing Practitioner", undoubtedly to mitigate damage not only about the lawsuit but also by former employee Eric Grimes.

In the unfortunate event of the Happy Hill Farm Lawsuits, the North Central Texas Academy remains strong amidst the controversies. It is only right to fully look into the rich history of this private educational institution -with a critical eye and an open heart. The farm opened in 1975 with only 20 students in a mobile home.

This article about Happy Hill Farm Lawsuits was written by Lliorka Bomberouge; an Internet Marketing Practitioner who write on various topics related to business, money and finance, products, and services.

Here is her Google Plus profile which also leads to lots of articles she's written on a variety of subjects, presumably for a price. So what IS an *internet marketing practitioner"? No idea what company she works for (or if she's a real person) but definitely her job is to do spin for companies. Her Youtube account profile says she's from the Phillipines.

The second two articles I saw that were VERY similar to the one above were from a Barbara Johnson. The first link is here, compare it in layout and vagueness to the one written by L Bomberouge. What's interesting about this blog post is that it is the ONLY ONE *Barbara Johnson* has written. The date on that post is in December 2012.

UPDATE: 4/12/2013. Wrote that yesterday and MIRACULOUSLY, the blog post is GONE today!What should we think from this? That someone didn't really want the public seeing that Barbara Johnson blog post.

I did do a screen capture of the page from Google's web cache, from the commenter below, looking for barbarajohnsonsjournal.blogspot.com You'll notice in the URL that the whole reason I knew it was barbara johnson's was because that was (and is, at least until whoever made this figures out how to delete their blog Teacher's Bulletin Board) the name used to create the blog. Continues to be amusing.

There was a photo in "Barbara Johnson's" blog post that is labeled Guest Lodge, with some kids wearing what I guess are Happy Hill/North Texas Academy uniforms,  and looks like it has T Boone Pickens name on the building to the right.

Well, guess what. The photo, when you click on it from the cached URL, shows that it was uploaded BY Happy Hill Farms-the name of the photo is Guest_Lodge_cropped. jpg-Here's a screen shot of when I clicked on the photo-note the URLfrom August 2009 that comes from the HappyHillsfarm.org -what that looks like to me is that in 2009 Happy Hills made a directory on their web server for content and uploaded that file there.


and now there are NO posts for Barbara Johnson's blog, Teacher's Bulletin Board. Who knows but that even that blog will be gone before tonight!

Here is "Barbara Johnson's Google Plus account  and here's what she says about herself.

Barbara Johnson worked as a teacher in Granbury Texas. When news on Happy Hill Farm Lawsuits reached the news, she was worried because she has friends there. Hellen is a dedicated teacher; she spent most of her time attending to the needs of the students. She made sure her students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills once they completed that program and are set to go to big universities in different parts of the country. For her, to be successful in anything you do, you must first be an ethical, productive and informed citizen. 

Now, here's what is hilarious to me. I looked at that photo of "Barbara Johnson" and thought, that looks like a stock photo, ie not a real person but a photo for sale from a photography company that sells images. "Barbara Johnson" has that photo also on her twitter account. where she also says she worked as a teacher in Granbury, TX

Update: So far whoever is creating this *Barbara Johnson* stuff has not deleted her twitter account so I did a screen capture of the page. You'll see good ole Barbara Johnson at the top-at the bottom is her post that points to her blog post, created on Twitter on December 5. (Twitter uses shortened URLs for links)

Yup, this IS a stock photo.  Look at the 5th row down on this page, and also the one directly to the right of it. Both photos, which are being sold by this company, are entitled "Portrait of young woman at home working at table". So at the very least if there really is a "Barbara Johnson" who worked as a teacher in Granbury (at Happy Hill? Granbury ISD? Is she accredited in the state of Texas? Did she take the religious loyalty oath at Happy Hill?) then it's not her photo. I actually doubt this is a real person but, instead, an attempt to mitigate the damage from the bad publicity Happy Hill has received, especially since both accounts were apparently created about the time Happy Hill decided to change its name and focus.  If you know differently, then do write.

P.S. I missed something else hilarious the first time I looked at this, so I did a screen capture. Look at the *Introduction" on the photo from *Barbara Johnson's* google account. Not only does she talk about herself in the third person, instead of "I was worried" but who the heck is Hellen? hahah. Clearly written by someone who not only does not understand social media but also forgot to make sure the same person is talking. (We might also snicker at the fact that "Barbara Johnson" of the bogus stock photo fame thinks it's important to be ethical.)

P.P.S. Since CLEARLY whoever created those bogus pages is reading this site, since the Barbara Johnson post got deleted, I invite anyone who knows the story behind this to come post a comment. We love a good mystery.

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1 - anonymousone   11 Apr 2013 @ 9:34:35 PM 

WOW!!! The Salon is mentioned in Barbara's HHF PR article:  "When news on Happy Hill Farm Lawsuits reached the NEWS, she was worried because she has friends there"!!  Only article I could find on the lawsuit was  The Salon articles (blogs)!   Not to mention how pathetic Barbara Johnson is (if she does exist!):  her only concern was for her friends and NOT the serious allegations of child endangerment, donor funding mismanagement, tax evasion, or how HHF / North Central Texas Academy handled the devastating suicide of a young student on its property in 2004 (to which no news stations, newspapers, or PR campaigns covered). 

While I doubt her existence, (if she does exist) she seemingly fits  in perfectly with those running Happy Hill Farm / North Central Texas Academy.  Wonder if she'll comment here one day?!?

2 - anonymousone   12 Apr 2013 @ 3:45:41 AM 

I just got off work and told a co-worker who was thinking about checking out HHF/NCTA that I would send her this blog link.  When she clicked the embedded links THE ARTICLES ARE GONE! So I just tried it, too, and NOTHING!!! Now it's 3am and we could just be deliarious.  Someone prove us wrong!  HMMMMMMM


How Happy Hill Farm Lawsuit's Absence Creates a Good School ...

Dec 3, 2012 – Way back in 1975, Happy Hill Farm was just a small of mobile home that caters to merely 20 students. However, within just a span of 2 years an ...

3 - salon   12 Apr 2013 @ 9:25:35 AM 

Woke up a while ago,saw your comment and took some screenshots before whoever is doing this removes it all-I am just laughing here at how ridiculous this all is. My guess is that whoever did this blog and twitter account was goofing around at the time Happy Hill decided to change its name and the forgot he or she made it, but them going back and removing the stuff shows whoever is worried about it still being out there under that fake name, perhaps because it looks, er, deceptive?

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4 - anonymousone   15 Apr 2013 @ 6:28:45 PM 

Seriously, if the reason for this deceptive PR campaign wasn't so disturbing (sucide, sex predator on staff, child endangerment, over-drugging kids without doctor diagnosis, tax fraud, etc) then this would be a hilarious "case study" for marketing majors everywhere.  Has the reader who wrote for "Barbara Johnson" (and removed it since reading your blog) commented yet?!?

5 - anonymous   11 Nov 2013 @ 12:34:07 PM 

I am a former student and have considerable knowledge of the goings on of this place. I went there from 2003 up until 2008 when they transitioned from an at risk home to an international boarding school. I witnessed and endured many of the allegations that HHF is refuting. I was hoping I could be put in contact with either a lawyer or news source interested in following up on this. I really would like to see the people who manipulated and decieved so many parents, students, and donars shoved into the spotlight for their misconduct. You can email me at (EDITED OUT EMAIL) p>


6 - Anon   19 Mar 2015 @ 9:30:48 PM 

So I just read for the first time about the lawsuit against HHF, and I can not believe how unjustly the court ruled.  This article is so interesting, thank you for posting it.  I am a former Happy Hill Farm student and know firsthand how damaging the school is to both its staff and the students.  There are issues far more controversial and damaging than this that have been paid off by the Farm.  It is a horrible place with a closet full of secrets.  Also, if my memory serves correctly Barbara Johnson is a member of the staff that lives on-site, and most certainly does not resemble the stock photo. 

7 - salon   20 Mar 2015 @ 9:17:42 AM 

Mentioning that if anyone reading this that wants to talk offline can send email to talk@glenrose.net 

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8 - salon   19 Oct 2015 @ 11:39:19 AM 

Just looked at the 10th court of appeals website for status on this case.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Trump Snorting Adderroll -Podcast interview with Noel Casler who worked on The Apprentice
9 - Anonymous   1 Nov 2015 @ 12:20:11 AM 

And apparently another lawsuit...


10 - salon   1 Nov 2015 @ 10:55:14 AM 

@anonymous-Thanks Looked it up and posted about that new case here.  Byron v Happy Hill Farms Childrens Home 

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