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Compare with Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry

Here Comes Questioning Obama's Love For His Country-The Fake Diatribe

24 August 2011 at 9:32:17 AM

Saw a letter to the editor in the Panama City News Herald this morning entitled What is Love?  Here it is with my comments and with a flip.

At a Republican Party event last week, a reporter asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry whether he was suggesting that President Obama does not love America. Perry responded by saying , "You will have to ask him."

Not only is that ungenerous and thuggish, but Rick Perry has his own skeleton in the closet that reporters need to ask him. Why, on at least two separate occasions, did Rick Perry tease secession of Texas from the United States? Does Rick Perry not love America? I'm not sure, will someone please ASK him if when he did that TWICE he was saying that he didn't love the United States, the UNION and why he would want to run for an office in an institution he doesn't want to be part of?

My answer to this question is to look at the evidence before us. What part of Obama’s love for America does the term "fundamentally change America" mean? If one loves this country would he not want to build on the last 200-plus years of being the greatest nation on the face of this earth?

One can ask the same thing of Rick Perry. Rick Perry believes that social security is unconstitutional, is against ALL regulations (um, food satety has regulations), ALL national labor laws, and wants to fundamentally change the way our American system with 3 separate branches of government.  His book Fed UP indicates he also wants to change the constitution and get rid of some amendments. Why does Rick Perry not want to build on the last 200-year of being the greatest nation on the face of this earth?

The country that has opened its arms to the masses of immigrants escaping from tyranny. Or does his love mean to bestow upon our shores a "tyranny of love"? Perhaps his love of our nation is evidenced by his refusal to admit his part in skyrocketing unemployment, closed businesses, and companies forced to send jobs overseas.

The *refusal to admit* is a false argument. If we want to fingerpoint, there are a lot of entities to look at-corporations did not suddenly start sending jobs overseas when Obama became president. For example, what was the year when Ford decided to send the car jobs up in Toledo down to Mexico?OH, 2006-WHO WAS PRESIDENT THEN? George Bush.   What did Obama say recently on August 15th? 

Obviously America has gone through extraordinary challenges over the last two and a half years.  We’ve gone through the worst recession since the Great Depression, dating all the way back to 2007, 2008.  But here’s the interesting thing:  If you ask people around the world, people would still tell you America has got the best universities, we’ve got the best scientists, we’ve got the best entrepreneurs -- we’ve got so much going for us that folks would gladly trade places with us.  (Applause.)  Around the world, people still understand the extraordinary power, but also the extraordinary hope that America represents.

        So there is nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed; what’s broken is our politics.  (Applause.)  Think about it:  Over the last six months, we’ve had a string of bad luck -- there have been some things that we could not control.  You had an Arab Spring in the Middle East that promises more democracy and more human rights for people, but it also drove up gas prices -- tough for the economy, a lot of uncertainty.  And then you have the situation in Europe, where they’re dealing with all sorts of debt challenges, and that washes up on our shores.  And you had a tsunami in Japan, and that broke supply chains and created difficulties for the economy all across the globe.

        So there were a bunch of things taking place over the last six months that were not within our control.  But here’s the thing -- the question is, how do we handle these challenges?  Do we rise to the occasion?  Do we pull together?  Do we make smart decisions?  And what’s been happening over the last six months -- and a little bit longer than that if we’re honest with ourselves -- is that we have a political culture that doesn’t seem willing to make the tough choices to move America forward.

        We’ve got a willingness to play partisan games and engage in brinksmanship that not only costs us in terms of the economy now, but also is going to place a burden on future generations.  And the question is, can we break out of that pattern?  Can we break out of that pattern?  Think about it:  We just went through this debacle with the debt ceiling -- an entirely self-inflicted wound.  It wasn’t something that was necessary.  We had put forward a plan that would have stabilized our debt and our deficits for years to come.  But because we’ve got a politics in which some folks in Congress -- not the folks who are here -- but some in Congress would rather see their opponents lose than America win, we ended up creating more uncertainty and more damage to an economy that was already weak.

        Now, we can’t have patience with that kind of behavior anymore.  I know you’re frustrated, and I’m frustrated, too.  We’ve got to focus on growing this economy, putting people back to work, and making sure that the American Dream is there not just for this generation but for the next generation.

Rick Perry wants to paint Obama as a *job killer*. The Washington Post gives him 2 pinnochios out of 4 for that one.

We gave Romney one Pinocchio because his statement lacked context even though it was technically accurate. Judging from Perry’s statements in his first week as a candidate, he doesn’t seem to care all that much about even technical accuracy; he just shoots from the hip.

Unless the economy turns around in the next 18 months, Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era. That would be an accurate statement. But he also became president in the midst of the worst recession of our lifetimes — and it seems a real stretch to make him personally responsible for every one of those lost jobs, without bothering to offer a shred of evidence for the claim.

What honest readers need to do is look at HOW Rick Perry creates jobs in Texas, WHAT TYPES of jobs they are, and in return, what type of environment it is for people that live here. If you like minimum wage jobs with no benefits, in a state run by a man who wants to get rid of minimum wage and labor laws, then Yeah, export that all over hte country. Texas is at the bottom for education, and Rick Perry wants creationism taught in science classees. You for that? If you are, then you really do NOT care about American exceptionalism, so knock it off.

How about Rick Perry's participation in attempting to create a Trans Texas Corridor leg of the NAFTA Superhighway that would bring cheap goods from China into the United States? He eventually had to stop the concept and break toll roads into chunks because even the Texas Republican party was against the TTC. I haven't heard him say anything to be sorry about how he attempted to steal private property, tear Texas in half and do so for the sake of foreign corporations. Have you?

How about the new idea that increased food stamp and welfare recipients improve the economy, as his agriculture secretary and Nancy Pelosi claim? Or the push for the Marxist ideology (which has historically failed time after time)of redistributing wealth and class warfare?

In Rick Perry's Texas, a lot of people have to be on food stamps and as of 2010, Texas ranked last in the nation because of their worst performing program.  Does Rick Perry hate the poor? I think it's a christian and ethical value to care fo the needy; not everyone can be rich or have better jobs. Rick Perry is rich, so he doesn't have to worry about food stamps to feed his family. I particularly feel this way because of Somervell County's food bank program-if there weren't those in this county that needed food, the program would not exist. Same with food stamps. I like it that Obama said he would cut defense before food stamps. Talk about your big government! Ask Republicans why they are for bloated big government in that case!

I don't even know where the *Marxist idealogy* comes from. If someone can find one instance of where Obama or any Democrat currently in office calls him or herself a Marxist, please post the source link. Otherwise, it seems to be a smear designded to create a knee-jerk reaction without any example to tie it to. Redistribution of wealth? Could that be for asking corporations to pay taxes or the wealthy to pay fair share? Heck, Rick Perry said he doesn't think the middle class are paying enough taxes and wants them to pay more-Is Rick Perry a Marxist?

Perhaps other shining examples of his love of our nation could be his apology tours in other countries. And finally, nothing makes an American more proud of his president than to look back at his past and see him lovingly embrace the church that he spent 20 years in, or his dear friends like Bill Ayers (a known domestic terrorist). Gosh, there are just so many choices. I don’t know where to start.

The term *apology tour* is a made up term that doesn't pass the smell test. Obama has never used the word apology-makes you wonder why a part of America wants to try to paint Obama this way.

"I'm enormously proud of my country and its role and history in the world." Obama continued: "If you think of our current situation, the United States remains the largest economy in the world. We have unmatched military capability. And I think that we have a core set of values that are enshrined in our Constitution, in our body of law, in our democratic practices, in our belief in free speech and equality, that, though imperfect, are exceptional."

Also, if this type of standard is being used, then Rick Perry is also on his own apology tour since he has, without saying I'm sorry, said he made a mistake to try to force Gardasil shots on little girls through an executive order that bypassed the legislature (of course, his new thinking came 4 years later in his first week of running for president)

ON churches. If Obama should be judged by attending a church that, at least on one occasion, had a fierry pastor, then the same standard needs to be held to Rick Perry. Instead of Rick Perry merely being a participant in a church where some weird cult members were attending, Perry, as governor, initiated The Response, his event. It's the difference between you going to a birthday party where some objectionable people are, and it being YOUR party. One of Rick Perry's endorsers said he believes the Statue of LIberty is demonic-why did Rick Perry have that person as an endorser? Certainly doesn't sound patriotic to me!

Why not ask why Rick Perry is a friend of Muslim Aga Khan, why Rick Perry is okay with bulding a mosque at Ground Zero, or worked to pass the Texas Halal law?

It is time to take back America, restore the shredded Constitution and reverse this destructive course that this man and this administration have set us on.

Nonsense. If the idea is that Rick *secessionist* Perry is the one to *take back America*, the whole premise of this letter has failed, as Rick Perry also intends to further shred the constitution. Rather than reverse any course taken, he would bring his Texas style government to the United States. That government is one that relies on government handouts and subsidies, all while saying "No No, I don't Take Them!), giving Texas taxpayer money to the cronies that have contributed to one's campaign, cutting regulations that keep water and air clean (and even praying to god that he would do away with the EPA-how foolish), cutting public education, taking people's private property for toll roads to be run by foreign entities and attempting to force things such as vaccinations on families just because you have a pharm donor you're trying to please. Texas largest employer is the military, Fort Hood, gee, that's federal the last time I looked. Rick Perry gave a lot of money to Countrywide. remember them? Rick Perry says "Only God Can Help", frankly I'd rather have a president that rolls up his sleeves and works instead of throwing up his hands saying god will fix the problem while looking for handouts and cutting services for citizens.


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