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Rick Perry To Meet with James *I Hate Public Education* Leininger

19 August 2011 at 9:25:12 AM

I noticed this morning via Texas Tribune from Politco  that Rick Perry is supposed to have a nice vacay in Texas at Leininger's posh ranch this month.Leininger calls it a *call to action* meeting, probably more like Can We Finish Killing Public Education?

Perry and his supporters are being careful with their language, but the hosts, Jim and Cecilia Leininger, are making clear to potential guests that the purpose for the Fredericksburg, Tex., get-together is to discuss the 2012 election and future of the country. There is no financial ask.

The event, to be held over the weekend of August 27th, is being co-hosted by a small group of other social conservatives, including Paul Pressler, a retired judge and prominent Southern Baptist, David Barton, an evangelical and founder of the group WallBuilders.

Right. David Barton that was part of the cult The Response, the prayer meeting that Rick Perry arranged as governor. Anyway, thought I would put some of the articles from Somervell County Salon up

Rick Perry has an OLD friendship with the Leiningers. Took trip to Bahamas in 2004.

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry and his wife spent Presidents Day weekend in the Bahamas, accompanied by major political sponsors James and Cecelia Leininger and John and Bobbi Nau, who together have donated more than $175,000 to the governor's campaigns. Also on the trip to the Abaco Islands were Perry's political adviser Dave Carney; Chief of Staff Mike Toomey; Deputy Chief of Staff Deirdre Delisi and her husband, GOP political consultant Ted Delisi; Perry's budget director, Mike Morrissey; Texas Public Policy Foundation President Brooke Rollins and her husband, Mark; and GOP anti-tax fanatic Grover Norquist.

When public interest groups complained about the unseemliness of the governor vacationing with deep-pocketed donors, spokesman Robert Black described the cruise as a "working trip" paid for by "campaign funds" and devoted to a discussion of "public school finance." That is, during a luxury retreat in the Bahamas, the governor discussed "public school finance" with a group of wealthy right-wing activists who have done everything in their power to undermine, or even abolish, public education. But we should be reassured by the knowledge that foxes paid for the chicken feed.

Gee. Bill Cerveha of the Texas Employment Retirement System purchesed stock in Leininger's Company. Then the stock plunged. That was 2006 which essentially screwed the TERS - Note that Bill Cerveha was treasurer for Tom Delay's TRMPAC. Also see the goofy cash rule from the Texas *Ethics* Commission  Later, hilariously, Tom Craddick tried to say the Teachers Retirement Fund was gutted due to 9/11.

What did Leininger do after that? He funded advertising to try to convince Texans to push school vouchers, even though Texans didn't want them.

So, heh, after this, Rick Perry tried to take those teacher retirement funds to invest in HIS handouts to businesses.

When Leininger's tactic to try to change the public's mind about school vouchers didn't work, he tried a NEW one in Dec 2006

Not the first time Rick Perry married church and state for his own campaign. IRS investigated.

After the TTC became so unpopular, James Leinginer's think tank, Texas Public Policy Foundation, tried to bring some warmth back for Republicans.

My state rep, Sid Miller, took money from James Leininger- connection with TRMPAC

One more -interesting that Austin Chronicle posits that Rick Perry won an election agianst John Sharp DUE to Leininger money.

John Sharp didn't loseto Rick Perry. Nor did Paul Hobby lose to Carole Keeton Rylander. Rather, it appears, the two Democrats lost their races to James Leininger's money.Leininger, a San Antonio multimillionaire with an ultra-conservative bent, helped guarantee two loans shortly before the November election -- $1.1 million to Perry on October 25 and $950,000 to Rylander on October 1 -- that likely made the difference in the races for lieutenant governor and comptroller. Those were the closest races on the statewide ballot. Perry beat Sharp by 68,700 votes. Rylander beat Hobby by just 20,223 votes in one of the closest statewide races in Texas history. In each race, about 3.7 million votes were cast. Sharp lost by 1.8% of the vote, Hobby by just 0.55%.

Handicapping political races is an inexact science. And there is no way to prove that Leininger's loans were the decisive factor in the two races. "It's almost impossible to narrow down the result to a single thing," says Bruce Buchanan, a professor of government at UT. "But when the races are as close as those two races, it's reasonable to suggest that money like that may have made the difference."

Leininger's money certainly provided critical ammunition to both GOP candidates. Consider these facts:

  • Over 10% of the $10.3 million that Perry raised before the election came from a loan guaranteed by Leininger and two other businessmen.
  • Nearly 25% of the $3.85 million that Rylander raised in the year prior to the election came from a loan guaranteed by Leininger and four others.


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1 - pstern   19 Aug 2011 @ 9:44:37 AM 

Nothing new here.  Leininger wants Perry's support for his School Voucher Program and Perry in turn want Leininger's support to become President.  A match made in Hell!

Anyway, there is a worthwhile site that posted quite a bit of info on James Leininger.  The article was written in 2005, but it is still appropriate to study the man's roots and how he developed his network of lobbyists and bought legislators to work on his behalf and self interests.



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