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Well, you know he's Only the Governor

Clueless Rick Perry Does Not Know Creationism NOT Taught in Texas Public Schools

18 August 2011 at 11:21:38 AM

First, we read the other day that he doesn't even know that predator planes are ALREADY being used on the Texas/Mexico border.

Today, this from New Hampshire

NPR's Ari Shapiro who was covering Perry's campaign Thursday, reports that during the Texas governor's visit to Popovers coffee shop in downtown Portsmouth, a boy asked the Republican seeking his party's presidential nomination how old the world is.

Perry replied:

How old do I think the earth is? You know what? I don't have any idea. I know it's pretty old. So it goes back a long, long way. I'm not sure anybody actually knows completely and absolutely how old the earth is.

I hear your mom was asking about evolution and, you know, it's a theory that's out there. It's got some gaps in it, but in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools. Because I figure you're smart enough to figure out which one is right.

Rick Perry! Not only does Texas NOT teach creationism in Texas public schools, it is AGAINST THE LAW, but your own State Board of Education just made a decision to kick out ANYTHING that looks creationism related in proposed textbook changes. WHY DON"T YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN TEXAS AND QUIT SPREADING LIES???? 

From July 11 2011

Debate on the issue grew heated during a hearing on Thursday, even as board members sought to reassure the crowd that none of the supplemental materials currently being considered mentioned creationism.
"Do you also plan to start teaching the philosophy of Astrology as science?" retiree Tom Davis asked the board.
Does Rick Perry keep up with the news IN HIS OWN STATE? Apparently not, he's too busy telling bullchit to New Hampshire folks  TEA about creationism and evolution, August 11 2011
“I asked him how old he thought the earth was,” said Sam, a rising fourth grader, recounting the exchange. “He said he didn’t know.”

Ms. Bunce expressed frustration that Mr. Perry believed in teaching creationism, a theory that is not accepted by mainstream scientists.

“Evolution, I think, is correct,” Sam said, looking up at his mother.

Here's the video



P.P.S If Rick Perry knows of schools where creationism is being taught, how about he list them so that we can file lawsuits!

P.P.P.S More hilarity from Gawker. One of the prime arguments that was struck down in the Dover trial was that intelligent design wasn't *really* creationism. As Gawker points out, Rick Perry just shot himself in the foot.

Secondly, no one seriously—or openly, at least—advocates the teaching of Creationism in public schools anymore. Aware that Creationism is an avowedly theological and fundamentally unscientific precept, Christianist activists have concocted a pseudo-scientific-sounding "theory" called "Intelligent Design" as a sort of stalking horse to sneak their creation myth into the public education curriculum. Creationism is crude Biblical literalism; intelligent design merely takes into account the glory and complexity of the universe and deduces that something created it. Who? Oh, we don't want to get into teaching religion in public schools—that would unconstitutional!

Since teaching Creationism is an obvious non-starter, Christian activists have devoted a great deal of time, money, and energy into pushing the idea that intelligent design is an actual theory, independent of Creationism, with its own scientific pedigree. A federal district court judge in Pennsylvania dealt that notion a severe blow in 2005 when he found an intelligent design-based curriculum unconstitutional because "the evidence at trial demonstrates that ID is nothing less than the progeny of creationism." Rick Perry just dealt it a potentially more serious blow by admitting that even intelligent design's most vociferous proponents know it's just Creationism dressed up in a lab coat. Back to the drawing board.

In case somehow you were sleeping in 2005. It's because those creationists LIED when they tried to swap the term *intelligent design* and were caught at it.

P.P.P.P.S. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this.

... in 1987 the Supreme Court ruled that teaching creationism in public schools is an unconstitutional violation of the Establishment Clause.

The decision in Edwards vs. Aguillard helped inspire the Intelligent Design movement. In the 7-2 decision, the majority opinion contained a caveats: "We do not imply that a legislature could never require that scientific critiques of prevailing scientific theories be taught [and] teaching a variety of scientific theories about the origins of humankind to schoolchildren might be validly done with the clear secular intent of enhancing the effectiveness of science instruction."

Which, again, is why the creationist people dishonestly  tried to change the NAME to Intelligent design but were caught at it.

Update: I called TEA this morning to ask about this. The person that answered the phone told me that creationism was taught as an elective. (I'm sure she's wrong about that). DeEtta Culberson  told me that creationism is not part of the TEKS (standards for teaching) but that if a discussion came up about creationism, a teacher might not stop it.

“Our science standards require students to analyze, evaluate, and critique scientific explanations, so it is likely that other theories, such as creationism, could be discussed in class. Our schools can also offer an elective course on Biblical history.”

Except that creationism is not a theory on the same level as evolution AND it is illegal to teach it. Looks to me like Texas schools are trying to slide in under the radar. I said, well, what if a kid wanted to get particular about sex education, graphically, a science teacher wouldn't stop that/ I mean, teaching creationism is ILLEGAL. She said that it's not in the standards, but informally a teacher might do it. I said then,well, shouldn't a teacher in Texas be instructed that teaching creationism is illegal?  I said, is it then okay if a teacher initiates that conversation? She said it was more that a student would bring it up and the teacher would not stop it. The bottom line is that creationism as a formal part of teaching is NOT being taught and if a teacher veers from that, it's up to the parent to go to the school board and tell them to knock it off.

IF, as this Mother Jones article indicates, creationism IS being taught in schools, then Rick Perry is a lawless son of a gun with no respect for the law and parents need to actively stop in to have it stopped.

P.P.P.P.P S Apparently the next day affter New Hampshire, Rick Perry was in South Carolina.

When a woman in South Carolina congratulated him for his remarks Friday, Perry replied “Well, God is how we got here. God may have done it in the blink of the eye or he may have done it over this long period of time, I don't know. But I know how it got started."

No science for THIS guy. Same guy that prayed for rain in TExas in April-we have had a crippling drought that is still not over. Same guy that said Only God Can Help, so why the heck is he in office?

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1 - Betty G. Withers   18 Aug 2011 @ 3:27:01 PM 

My first thought was Perry lied to the boy.  But I guess the comment above is correct and Perry just didn't know.  Hard not to know as it was very controversial and the fight was very recent.  But Perry is definitely not the sharptest blade around; everybody is going to find that out and Texas will be an even bigger laughtingstock than we already are.

2 - salon   18 Aug 2011 @ 3:31:17 PM 

@Betty-He just needed to stay in Texas and not get on the national scene. What gets me is that he appointed Gail Lowe, who is a creationist, to head the SBOE. Is he just too busy to make sure of things like LAST WEEK the SBOE ruling on evolution for textbooks? I don't know if you're from Texas or not, I am, Somervell County, but i wish there was a law that said you can't go abandon your own state until AT LEAST the same year as the election you're running for. I was really irritated at his comments, as he was dodging questions, about how nice the weather ws in New Hampshire. Yeah, I'll bet it was. Here, although we did have rain for a day and a half last week, it's again triple digit temps and the drought continues.

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3 - humanbeing   18 Aug 2011 @ 9:38:34 PM 

Perry couldn't care less about what's taught in the schools. He's got his eyes on the Prize!

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4 - pstern   19 Aug 2011 @ 8:21:37 AM 

More importantly, Perry and his cronies do NOT want public education.  They support private and charter schools.  

School Voucher Program:  good or bad?

In fact Perry and others like multi-millionaire, San Antonio resident and long-time radical right Republican benefactor James Leininger support a voucher program so that parents who can afford private and charter schools for their children will receive money they otherwise would pay to finance public education via their property taxes to help pay their childrens' private education.

Part of me believes that a voucher program is a good idea because why should parents who send their kids to private school also pay for public education.  On one level parents should have the right to choose what type of education their children should have without paying twice for their education.  On the other hand, all Texans benefit from an educated work force and paying for a quality public education would better ensure that.  Also, without a voucher program poorer Texans could never send their kids to private or charter schools.  However, if vouchers were approved what would that do to financing public education?  In other words, would a voucher program actually kill public education due to lack of financing?

Every 2 years when the Legislature convenes Leininger and his cohorts attempt to get the voucher program, but so far it has been defeated.  Millions have been spent already pushing for vouchers.  Like vultures waiting for a meal, they will continue to do so until the voucher program is approved and passed by the voters.  Instead of improving the public school system, big money is thrown at the proposed voucher program.

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5 - salon   19 Aug 2011 @ 9:32:23 AM 

Yup. Did you see that Rick Perry, according to politico, is meeting with Leininger again at the end of the month? Vote for Rick Perry if you don't want your kids educated, Texas is ONLY for business and needs your and your kids dumb and willing to accept minimum wage jobs.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Did we elect a monarch? Bah to the Constitution? Trump and the Ukraine
6 - pstern   19 Aug 2011 @ 9:47:13 AM 

Sorry, for some reason the Leininger link did not work.  I'll try it again here:


Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
7 - Juanita   19 Aug 2011 @ 5:33:35 PM 

Two comments:

1. Yes, I agree he (and those like him) want to keep people dumb.  They don't want us to know that we don't have to accept dirt, and if by chance people decided they wanted to rise up, we need to be kept too ignorant (or afraid) to know how.  Also makes me think of tort reform, making it even harder for common people to stand up to powerhouses who don't care what they're doing because they know they don't have to.  If by chance someone is smart enough and driven enough to stand up, they are still stopped.

2. Yes, I think the rest of the country might actually be realizing he's not so wonderful.  You mention us being even more of a laughing stock.  I don't like that, but I guess, as a state, we deserve it--no one has forced us to keep electing him.  If he is finally revealed for what he is, his presidential run could be a very good thing: he will finally no longer be our governor.  Surely after an unsuccessful run for the White House (and all that will come to light during that run), we won't elect him again.  That's the good that I hope comes from this.

8 - pstern   19 Aug 2011 @ 6:11:31 PM 

I fully agree with your first comment, Juanita.  Very good points.

Tort reform has been a big deal for Perry, millionaire Leininger and Senator Jeff Wentworth who is another legislator who does so little for the average Texan yet gets elected year after year.  In fact, last election no one ran against Wentworth.  Wentworth is an attorney who lobbies for attorney lobbists, if that makes sense.

I wish your summation in the 2nd comment were true, but I just don't believe that Texans will get smarter about Perry or other officials.  After Perry loses the GOP Primary, which he will, he will still be our Governor.  I would also hope that it would humble Perry to lose, but I don't think it will.  Humility is NOT one of his strong points.

The problem with gubernatorial races here in Texas is more a problem with the Democratic Party and  the Independents.  They are terrible candidates and if they are the best that Texas has to offer we are all at a new low in our development.

We need to search out honorable and dedicated individuals for various legislative and state offices.  We have NOT be able to do that for the most part.  There is no one to look out for the majority of Texans.  Here, the special interests like Leininger, the builder Bob Perry, other individuals and the corporate sector rule over all of us.  Unless Texans work together to stop that rule, it will continue.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
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