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Secessionist Rick Perry's Jobs Jobs Jobs! What Are They & How Are they Created?

14 August 2011 at 8:40:59 AM

Businesses are all for Rick Perry's jobs, Why? Houston Chron  Few Government Regulations, Severe Limitations on the Right to Sue and Low Taxation

Perry said in a recent interview on Fox that it’s a simple formula: Few government regulations, severe limitations on the right to sue and low taxation. Again, Perry’s right. Do those things and businesses will come to the state and create jobs. What he didn’t mention was what, other job creation, happens when you give business everything it wants.

Of course tax breaks for multi-billion dollar corporations incentivize businesses to expand. They also cost the state money that it needs for schools. Given a choice, Rick Perry’s Texas went with tax breaks. Now the state’s laying off as many as 100,000 teachers. That’s not likely to help Texas improve its current high school graduation rank of 36th in the nation.

The reason he did this was in order to balance the budget. Except the budget wasn't really balanced, Rick Perry kicked the can down the road.

If chemical companies didn’t have to comply with both state and federal regulations, they could hire thousands of people. So Perry’s administration not only refuses to regulate them in any meaningful way, but attacks the federal government when it does. Texas now has a thriving chemical industry and the largest levels of airborne carcinogens in the nation.

That's one main reason why he has been fighting EPA regulations tooth and nail (he actually prays for dirty air and water) Here's a Texas example where local citizens do not want a strip mine that Rick Perry approves

Corporate responsibility and compliance with law are inconvenient. Making a mistake and getting sued for it is expensive. So Perry, his appointees and allies have enacted tort “reform” so draconian that now, businesses are free to do whatever they want to their employees and consumers literally without consequence. New laws and radical right-wing judges (many of them appointed by Perry) have not “limited” lawsuits, but effectively prevented entire classes of people from seeking justice of any kind.

Today, even if a jury awards you damages against a corporation, there’s about an 87% chance that the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court (five of whose nine justices were appointed by Perry) will take it away from you, regardless of what the law says.

You could better characterize his Loser Pays to Winner Could Pay.

The article goes on to talk about arbitration clauses. If you agree to work at a place with an arbitration clause, you give up your right to go to court.

Having a governor who does whatever businesses want — including appointing compliant judges who will freely disregard the law to serve the interests of large corporations regardless of what they do to people like Cathie Williams makes Texas extremely attractive to business. Corporations don’t generally care about miscarriages of justice. They care about being given free passes so they can earn more money. So Perry has made Texas a state with lots of new jobs because it has a court system weighted in favor of corporations against its citizens.

Rick Perry’s secret to job creation is no secret at all: It’s the same recipe used in places like Mexico and Malaysia. Here, companies save millions they would otherwise have had to spend on responsibility. It’s a tradeoff: Give up on public schools, healthy air, and your Constitutional rights and you can have a job.

So let's put these misleading figures from Rick Perry another way that also include the Barnett Shale gas fields.

Gov. Rick Perry delivered his signature anti-Washington, states’ rights rhetoric to a packed theater at the National Conference for State Legislatures in San Antonio Wednesday, lauding Texas as the “epicenter of job growth,” pointing to 40 percent increase of new U.S. jobs created in the state as proof.

Perry has been fond of peddling that figure on his way to a likely presidential bid, but as the Texas Independent has previously reported, it’s a misleading measure of Texas’ jobs.

While the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has said the state accounted for 37 percent of net U.S. job creation since June 2009, the number of the lowest-paying jobs in Texas has jumped drastically. The state is home to the greatest number of employees working at or below the federal minimum wage compared to any state; in 2010 about 550,000 Texans were working at or below minimum wage ($7.25 per hour in 2010). California — which Perry often is fond of comparing Texas against — has among the smallest number of minimum wage workers at less than 2 percent.

So are we saying that if Texas is stealing jobs from California,one reason might be that  businesses don't want to pay a good wage for workers?

Perry’s job growth argument accounts for no state income tax, but fails to include central economic factors that influence the Texas economy such as Texas’ rich natural resources, energy and high-tech industries and successful Gulf port businesses. Also missing from his speech was mention of the structural deficit built into Texas’ budget, including the one he pushed this Legislative session that cut billions to social services, health and nursing care and public education and has left thousands unemployed.

Texas Enterprise Fund- What if you can get the taxpayers to fund large corporation giveaways while stealing jobs from other states?

But Perry will come under scrutiny for the massive, largely unsupervised funds that he has used to lure businesses to Texas. Various investigations have shown that these funds have moved millions of dollars to Perry donors and to companies associated with individuals nominated by Perry to run the funds. At the same time, the companies subsidized by the funds have shown only modest success in creating jobs.

The largest fund, the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), was created in 2003 and has awarded some $412 million in subsidies to companies nominally to create jobs. A Dec. 2010 analysis by the Texas Comptroller found that $119 million of that money went to companies that didn’t deliver on the jobs they promised. The governor’s office only took back $21 million, often choosing instead to define down the job-creation requirements.

Fellow Republicans have been critical. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a GOP Senator from Texas, called for an independent audit of the TEF and said of the investigations into its performance, “Texans have been offered a disturbing glance into the activities of the Texas Enterprise Fund. For the first time, we have learned of taxpayer-funded contracts being canceled, changed to redefine ‘success’ and actually sending our money overseas to create jobs. This is unacceptable.”

That also applies to the Texas Emerging Technology Fund

The second major fund under Perry’s control, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) has also proven controversial since it was created in 2005. It has spent some $320 million on tax credits and other subsidies for high tech companies willing to move to Texas. An October 2010 investigation by the Dallas Morning News found that $16 million of that money was awarded to companies with investors or officers who are large campaign donors.

Perry denied that politics influenced the awarding of money from the funds. As the News puts it, “The governor’s office administers the tech fund, and the governor must approve each award – a system that most other states with tech funds avoid to guard against political influence.”

Funny. This sounds exactly like what some Republicans are criticizing Obama for. Rick Perry's government stimulus to create jobs is different than Obama's TARP how? From Time

Frazier says there’s a larger purpose served by the funds. “Companies that receive taxpayer dollars are creating and pursuing technologies that are not only going to be good for our state but for the nation and the world in terms of emerging technologies and [for example, cancer] treatments that are going to be essential to improving lives all across the globe,” says Frazier. “Texas is creating a model for the rest of the nation to follow, both on the state level and the federal level,” she says.

To boil it down, Perry is arguing that the proper model for job creation nationwide includes funneling taxpayer money to companies not only to create jobs but also to develop technologies that will better the world, even if that money has a negligible affect on the unemployment rate or overall per capita prosperity. Which sounds a lot like what the rest of the Republican presidential field is criticizing Barack Obama for doing.

So let's say that you're a business that doesn't happen to be one of Rick Perry's campaign donors, and you didn't get any TEF or TETF funds. You still might want to come here because Texas is not a union state and you'll be able to pay minimum wage or lower for jobs and not have to supply benefits.

If you are, on the other side, someone who needs a job, any job, be aware that Rick Perry's model for Americans is not for the people who actually live in Texas- Read TExas on the Brink

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