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Rick Perry Treats Adult Women Like Stupid Children Who Must Be Controlled

11 August 2011 at 3:37:23 PM

Say what you want about whether you agree with women having abortions. There's a whole range of arguments, both pro and con, and I'm not getting into that now here except that Abortion at this point is not against the law, it is LEGAL. What I do want to talk about is whether women should accept being treated as 2nd class citizens who, after making a decision, must be forced into watching or hearing, against their will, an unnecessary medical procedure, sonograms.. and THEN have to pay for it, too. Why does Rick Perry think that it's acceptable to create coercive roadblocks on a woman? What woman agrees with that?

If you are a woman who believes that women must be subservient in all things to men, read no farther, because you and I aren't going to agree. If you, on the other hand, believe that it was not right that women ONLY got the vote in 1920, that women's rights to have an equal salary for the same job was a good idea, that women are not crazy, scatterbrained lesser folk who need to be Instructed By Men, then I suggest you do NOT even entertain any idea of voting for Rick Perry, should he choose to run.

I don't get angry about many issues, but I am about this one. You tell me one adult person, that, in making decisions, gets it right 100 percent of the time. And yet, Rick Perry thinks so little of the ability of an adult women to think and form a decision for herself, that he's going to but right in there and stop her. What other medical procedure creates so many legal roadblocks? What other medical procedure assumes a MAN can't make a decision without the government stepping in?

What's ludicirous also about Rick Perry is that he is also against Texting while driving, because he considers that Intrusive Government. Um, Why is this not?

I thought we had already fought these battles to be treated as equal although different to men. Really that we have to fight them all over? And to consider even one minute putting a man such as Rick perry in office ought to get every single woman who has self-respect OUT of her chair and onto the phone telling friends to shun this political candidated. He's a states righter-maybe he'll want to bring back slavery next. He sure has an affinity for the confederate flag! But I digress. This issue has made me mad and it will not stand.

My own Republicn House Rep Sid Miller is the one that pushed this. He gave one reason for doing so that was nonsensical. I couldn't decide if he was being disingenous or really didn't understand the issue.

I saw a great article in USNews from Laura Chapin about this.

As TWERP's organizer, I feel obliged to point out that on a practical level, Rick Perry has made it pretty lousy for women in Texas, especially for women at the bottom of the economic ladder. He's also made it pretty lousy for anybody who doesn't look like him. As Eileen Smith wrote in the Texas Observer, "In just one session, Republicans managed to screw children, women, gays, immigrants, teachers, the elderly, Hispanics, the unemployed and the uninsured. The only people who got off easy were white guys. Can't imagine why."

The numbers tell the tale. Texas is dead last in the number of non-elderly women without health insurance, and 6th nationally in the percentage of women in poverty, according to the Texas Legislative Study Group. One in five Texas children lack health insurance, the highest rate in the nation. And if that weren't bad enough, Perry tried to opt out of Medicaid, which provides healthcare to the most vulnerable Texas populations, including pregnant women and children.

When it comes to reproductive healthcare, the state budget guts family planning, leaving 284,000 Texas women without birth control or access to basic reproductive healthcare. This will also likely increase the abortion rate, sonograms or no sonograms. And of course there's the standard right wing assault on Planned Parenthood. Women needing prenatal care fare no better.

As reported in the Texas Tribune, "Texas has the worst rate of pregnant women receiving prenatal care in the first trimester, according to the report commissioned by the Legislative Study Group…And though Texas has the highest percent of its population without health insurance, the state is 49th in per capita spending on Medicaid, and dead last in per capita spending on mental health, according to the report." [See a collection of political cartoons on healthcare.]

So if you're a working class Texas woman, Rick Perry doesn't want you to have access to birth control or reproductive healthcare to prevent unintended pregnancy, but once you're pregnant the state mandates a sonogram and a lecture to convince you of the error of your ways. After that sonogram and lecture, if you need prenatal care, you're SOL. And once the baby is born, Texas is 47th in monthly benefit payments under the Women, Infants, & Children program, which provides nutrition assistance.

This is Rick Perry's vision for women in the United States. Limited healthcare, little birth control, low income women and kids left to fend for themselves, a bunch of bureaucrats telling you what to do—and the very real human suffering that goes along with it. TWERP might be an understatement.

Bravo. Does this make you angry? It does me.

As long as women want to be treated like children, Keep on Voting in Daddy Who Knows Better than you. For the rest of us who are adults, we want someone who respects women. That is NOT Rick Perry nor Sid Miller

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1 - humanbeing   11 Aug 2011 @ 9:44:57 PM 

I share your rage and disgust, salon.

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2 - pstern   12 Aug 2011 @ 8:29:52 AM 

I agree with you, Salon, except that I don't think Perry just treats women poorly.  Perry is a scoundrel to anyone who is different from him, man or woman.  He tries to control all of us.  However, I will say that he has been more blatantly in violation of women's rights with the abortion and PPV issues specifically.

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3 - bambi   15 Aug 2011 @ 12:37:03 PM 

As the old addage goes..'If you cannot trust me with a choice, how on Earth could you trust me with a child?'...  I don't believe ANY man, or woman for that matter has any right to decide what I do with my life, my body, most of all MY reproductive organs.  If I want you near my vagina/cervix/uterus or ovaries, I will  invite you, otherwise, mind your own damn reproductive organs.. 

Not to Mention..Rick Perry's EXECUTIVE ORDER to vaccinate all school age girls (not boys) ages 11 and 12 with the HPV vaccine,and preventing them from attending public schools, if not vaccinated..boy, aint that something!!!

4 - pstern   15 Aug 2011 @ 2:17:08 PM 

Hmm.  I never heard that addage before, bambi.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the abortion and HPV issues.

I love how Perry always says government should stay out of our affairs, but then he overextends on his Executive authority and pulls this crappola. 

Then Perry gallops around Texas and pushes for deregulation to cut costs he says, after which costs usually escalate dramatically, e.g., higher education tuition, electricity and communications sectors.

Even the farmers and ranchers got wise to former farmer James Richard "Rick" Perry regarding the poorly designed Eminent Domain bills that were signed and the big one that was not signed by him, the one that would have ensured a more reasonable and appropriate value reimbursement for taking a person's private property "for community betterment" projects, like the Trans-Texas Corridor.

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