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Do Republicans Think They're VICTIMS? Rick Perry Tells Them to Stop Apologizing

19 June 2011 at 7:50:46 PM

Um. I'm racking my brain trying to think of any occassion when I've heard a Republican apologizing for having some viewpoint. What would that viewpoint be? "Gee, I'm sorry that I'm trying to change the laws about illegal immigration". Or, maybe "I'm so sorry that I am trying to intrude into your private business by requiring that an adult women who decides to get an abortion must have and pay for a sonogram, and must either watch it or hear it described". "My bad. I know I don't want to be tolerant of other religions in this country so I want to have christianity taught to school children. Forgive me, please." "Can you believe that I'm against gay marriage, especially when it has nothing to do with me personally? I'm SOOOO sorry I feel this way".

Huh? Give me ONE example of a Republican apologizing. Okay, you can skip the times that a Repubilcan has apologized for being a skeevy immoral person, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or David Vitter, because whether those apologies were real or not, I hardly think any ethical person of any political party  wants those types of apologies to stop.

If you have one, please indicate the source and why a Republican was apologizing, in print or out loud, to someone else for some viewpoint he or she holds.

Nope. Seems to me this is playing into the "I Am A VICTIM" mode of the Republican political party. "Poor Poor Me that can't force everyone else in the world to adhere to my point of view". Just the fact, apparently, that there EXISTS people who differ from these extremists is enough to make them feel victimized. It isn't like any of them are really apologizing, they just feel stroked by Rick Perry evangelizing to them that they are downtrodden.

Or maybe, since Perry was playing the Elmer Gantry role of the Come-To-Jesus evangelist, he was playing into the role some evangelical christians like to have of themselves, that of the persecuted "world hates you because you're a member of a religion" baloney. I don't think every christian believes this, but Secessionist Rick's PR handlers must have told him there would be enough at the Republican Leadership Council for him to make that his schtick.I guess that must be a personality crutch.Reminds me of that old triangle game-The Rescuer, The Victim, and the Persecutor. Sometimes people just don't want to be adults but have someone rescue them, and it's comforting to play the victim and pretend that all forces are against you.

Maybe some Republicans feel like losers every day and need some Rescuer who Pretends He is Jesus to remind them they are VICTIMS but he will SAVE them! It's ridiculous and absolutely unappealing.

And worth laughing about.

One of the things Perry said was 'We need to stop apologizing for celebrating life'. Huh? Do you know ANYONE that apologizes for celebrating life unless they got drunk and wrecked their car because they were celebrating a little too much? Of course he was talking about abortion, where he is the ringleader in taking away personal freedom from adult women for a LEGAL procedure. But where's the outrage for war and killing innocent babies and children, much less adults? Where are the christians there? Oh, right there encouraging their children who *celebrate life* to go take the lives of others, more and more often through unamanned war machines that operate like video games. You don't hear ME apologizing for celebrating life since I am against these wars, and I haven't heard ONE christian person who is pro-bloody-war apologizing for helping their kid sign up. Where were the apologies for torturing people? Oh, that's right.

All right. I'm waiting. What are the examples of apologizng for celebrating life?

Update. Rick Perry just apologized for his attempted force mandate of Gardasil on little girls. FOUR YEARS LATER.

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1 - humanbeing   19 Jun 2011 @ 10:58:00 PM 

You are right on, salon. Idiot Perry's remarks are just more hate-driven propaganda spued forth for self-seving purposes. Any idiot, like Perry, can figure out that many Americans are filled with anxiety and insecurity these days and this is what a Fascist like him does to secure power. There's nothing meaningful coming from this man. He's an imposter. He will only secure the power he seeks if voters buy his crap. There is nothing Christian, Democratic or American about him. He will ultimately fail because he offers nothing for others.

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2 - pstern   20 Jun 2011 @ 12:51:06 PM 

A significant number of Republicans ARE victims... of their own stupidity and greed.

Today's GOP breed are not true Republicans.  We can look simply at the eras of Eisenhower and Reagan who were very different types of Republicans than we have today leading the GOP.

Perry and his brand of Republicans are little more than low-life scum sucking organisms, parasites who feed off the rest of us.  Unfortunately, Democrats today are not much better.


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